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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sir Anthony Cooke & Anne Fitzwilliam

59422. Sir Anthony Cooke & 59423. Anne Fitzwilliam

~1505, Ann born in England, d/o 118846. William Fitzwilliam & 118847. Anne Hawes.

1505, Anthony born in Essex, England, s/o 118844. John Cooke & 118845. Alice Saunders.

10/10/1515, Anthony’s father John died in London; raised by his uncle Richard Cooke.

1515-1518, Margaret, late the wife of John Coke, of Romford, and Antony, his son and heir. v. John Josselyn and Humphrey, son and heir of John Gatton.: A messuage and marsh in Chadwell, late of Thomas Coke, knight, deceased, grandfather of the said John Coke.: Essex. (S) UKNA, Kew. [Margaret is Anthony’s stepmother.]

8/28/1516, Anne left in her maternal grandfather’s will: “a cup of silver gilt”, to be delivered when she turned 21 or married.

1517, 2 years after his father’s death, Anthony succeeded to the family title.

1520, Anthony heir to his greatuncle Edward Belknap, Knt.

10/5/1520, IPM of Edward Belknapp, Knt. Coheirs, sisters Anne wife of Robert Wotton, knt.; Mary wife of Gerard Bennett; Alice wife of William Shelley; and great-nephew Anthon Coke, esq., son of John, son of Elizabeth, another sister of E. B., aged 16 and more. (S) Sussex Inquisitions, V14, 1912, P21.

Bef. 2/4/1523, Anthony’s marriage to Anne arranged.

2/1531, King Henry, failing to receive from the Pope a declaration of nullity regarding his marriage, declared himself Supreme Head of the Church in England.

1532-39, Letter of Sir Anthony Cooke to the King, with his translation of a sermon on prayer by St Ciprian. (S) UKNA.

5/28/1534, Anne named in her father’s will; her husband Anthony named an executor.

1534, King Henry ordered an inventory of the endowments, liabilities and income of the entire ecclesiastical estate of England and Wales, including the monasteries.

1535, Parliament enacted the “Dissolution of the Lesser Monasteries Act”. [243 houses were dissolved.]

1537, Anthony JOP of Essex.

1539, Anthony appointed at court as one of the newly-formed corps of ‘spears’, or royal bodyguard.

1544, Margaret, widow of John Cooke [Anthony’s step-mother] received a life interest in the manor of Magdalen Laver, with remainder to Anthony Cooke. (S) Hist. of Essex, V4, 1956, Magdalen Laver.

1544-45, Anthony sheriff of Essex and Herts.

11/25/1545, Anthony arranged for the marriage of his daughter Mildred. (S) UKNA.

1546, Presentation by Anthony Cooke to the church of Lambourne, Essex. (S) Hist. of Essex, V4, 1956, Lambourne.

1/28/1547, Edward VI, age 9, succeeded Henry VIII as King of England.

2/19/1547, Anthony, Preceptor of the King, made Knight of the Bath at the coronation of King Edward VI.

3/1550, Anthony of Gidea Hall, Romford, Essex; Preceptor to Edward VI. [King Edward VI wrote that sir Anthony Cooke spoke “weighingly”. ‘Preceptor’ is a teacher.]

1/26/1552, In the hand of Edmund Farrer, from the Lord Keeper's Book of his lands, the settlement of the manor and advowson of Ingham made in contemplation of the marriage of Nicholas Bacon and Anne, daughter of Sir Anthony Cooke of Romford, Essex. (S) UKNA.

7/10/1553, Anthony, a protestant, supported Lady Jane Grey’s claim to the throne.

7/19/1553, Queen Mary came to power. [Mary assembled a force in East Anglia and deposed Jane, who was beheaded. ‘Bloody Mary’ had over 280 religious dissenters burned at the stake.]

1553, Anne died.


7/25/1554, Queen Mary married Philip of Spain, s/o Emperor Charles V. [Philip could not speak English.]

By 1555, Anthony went into exile at Strasburg [a center of Protestant reformation].

1/10/1556 from Strasburg, Letter of Sir Anthony Cooke to Sir Wm. Cecil. “Has received Cecil's letter of the 12th Dec. Is glad to hear his daughter is well delivered, … no good tidings from hence, has been very ill with a colick. …”

3/27/1557, from Strasburg, Letter of Sir Anthony Cooke to Sir Wm. Cecil. “… God send you and my daughter much comfort … My mind touching my daughter M. … for my son Richard. Would to God his sickness improved ! … My being here is not pleasant, but necessary. God amend the starving that has already begun in England and turn away the threatening of the sword, removing the cause of these and the like plagues, our disobedience to His word and will.”

5/17/1557, from Strasburg, Letter of Sir Anthony Cooke to Sir Wm. Cecil. “… I have written my mind to my son Bacon, … For your friendly care of me at this time, … Thither I cannot yet come, …”

1/23/1558, England’s last foothold in France, Calais, fell to a French siege. [Sir Anthony had mentioned the siege in one of his letters.]

11/17/1558, Queen Elizabeth I succeeded Queen mary as Queen of England. [Prince Philip wrote to his sister about Queen Mary, “I felt a reasonable regret for her death.”]

12/12/1558, Letter, Sir Anthony Cooke to Cecil. “… the Queen that now is faithful service at this time of need; of whose proclamation with such great joy and gladness, all true Englishmen have much cause to rejoice and give most earnest thanks to Almighty God; … cause to doubt to travel at this time of the year, but is so desirous to return that (God willing) within these eight days both Mr. Wroth and he will depart from hence homewards.” (S) Cal. of State Papers, V1, Elizabeth, 1863.

1558-59, Anthony returned to England.

2/9/1559, Bill to restore the Supremacy of the Church of England, to the Crown of the Realm, was read the first time, and committed to Mr Cooke, [Sir Anthony Cooke, ‘Mr’ is given to Knights.] (S) Journal of the House of Commons, Reign of Queen Elizabeth, 1682.

4/26/1559, Letter from Mundt to Cecil. “… on great and weighty matters concerning the Queen … Sends the articles of the peace made now in Dutch, which Sir Anthony Cook can interpret.” (S) Cal. of State Papers, V1, Elizabeth, 1863.

6/19/1560, The appeal or protestation made John Goodman, dean (as he asserts) of Wells. He protests against the decision of a commission—consisting of …, archbishop of Canterbury, Anthony Cooke, knt., …, doctors of laws—in the suit brought by William Turner for reinstatement in the deanery. (S) Cal. of the Dean of Wells, V2, 1914.

9/1562, Letter to Sir Anthony Cooke, from "Caelius Secundus Curio". Bale. (S) UKNA.

4/1567, Final concorde. Anthony Cooke, pl. … 10 acres pasture in Yoxford. (S) UKNA.

3/15/1569, Anthony Rodolph Chevallier D.D. presented to the 7th Prebend, Canterbury, by “Sir Anthony Cooke, patron hac vice by virtue of queen’s gr.” (S) Fasti Ecclesiae, V3, 1974.

5/28/1570, Certificate by Sir Anthony Cooke of the sums collected and expended in equipment of soldiers, and provisions of armour, weapons, &c., for the Liberty of Havering-atte-Bower, co. Essex. (S) Cal. of State Papers, 1547-80, 1856. [Associated with a force sent against rebels in the North of England.]

8/12/1571, James Altham to Sir Anthony Cooke, Thomas Pawle, Edward Barrett, … : Has imparted the Council's letter to lords Ryche and Darcye who intend to hold a general assembly of the Justices. (S) UKNA.

3/14/1572, Edward Barrett, sheriff of Essex, to Sir Anthony Cooke, Thomas Powle, … to assemble in Beckentre division for carrying out the Council's order of appointments of the watch; Bellhowse. (S) UKNA.

1/19/1574, Covenant to stand seised to uses (1) William Cecill, Lord Burghley, (2) …, Sir Anthony Cooke, …, William Cooke, … Manors of Burne and Moreton next to Burne. [Wilts] (S) UKNA.

5/22/1576, Anthony wrote his will: … I Anthony Cooke, of Guydy Hall in Haveringe in the countie of Essex, knight … to be buried at Romforde … to my sonne Richard, my best bason and Ewer of Sylver, … to my daughter of Burleighe, one other Neste of Boles, gilte, … to my daughter Bacon, one other Neste of gilte bolles, … to my daughter Russell, my seconde gilte Salte, … to my daughter Killegrew, one Neste of White Bolles, … to my sonne William, my second Bason and Ewer, … my daughter Killegrew shal have other twoo Volumes [books] in Latine, and one in Greeke, to my sonee Richard, and Anthonie his sonne, … Lease of my ffarme in mynster, in the Isle of Tenett, … to my sonnes Richard and William, Jointlie … Executors … Honoble Sr Nicholas Bacon, Kinghte, Lord keeper of the greate Seale …

6/11/1576, Anthony died, buried at Romford old church, N.E. chapel [Essex].

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P797. (S) Archaeologia, Or, Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity, 1817, P99. (S) Hist. of Parliament. (S) 1558 Visitation of Essex. (S) Cal. of Cecil Papers, V1, 1883.

Family notes:

·         Anthony is particularly remembered because he educated his daughters in both Latin and Greek. Anthony could also read and write in Dutch, and speak and read in German.

Children of Anthony and Anne:

i. Mildred Cooke, born 1526 in England.

11/25/1545, 40 years or one life, (1) William Cicill, the younger, and Mildred Cooke,daughter of Anthony Cooke, esq., (2) Richard Cicill of Little Burghley, Northants, esq. Manor of Essendine, Rutland and Lincs. (S) UKNA.

1546, Mildred married William Cecil, Lord Burleigh, Lord Treasurer of England.

Mildred Cecil was especially praised for her knowledge of Greek.

4/22/1566, “…I asked Secretary Cecil if the Queen was going to despatch the new man whom she had appointed to go to the Emperor. … Cecil's wife tells me that the French Ambassador says that if the Archduke comes hither he will cause discord in the country, … She thinks that the Queen will never marry Lord Robert, or, indeed, anyone else, unless it be the Archduke, which is the match Cecil desires. Certainly if anybody has information on the matter it is Cecil's wife, and she is clever and greatly influences him. …” (S) Cal. of State Papers, Spain, V1, 1892.

1589, Mildred died; buried in Westminister Abbey.

ii. Anna Cooke, born ~1529 in England.

Anna married Sir Nicholas Bacon, Lord keeper of the Great Seal. [His 2nd marriage.]

Anne Bacon published works by Ochino and Jewel in translations from Italian and Latin respectively.

Anna Governess to Edward VI.

2/1579, Nicholas died.

1610, Anne died.

Child: Sir Francis Bacon, born 1/22/1561 in England. Known as the catalyst of the scientific revolution. 1603, he was knighted. 1618, King James appointed him Lord Chancellor. 4/9/1626, he died. [No heirs.]

iii. Richard Cooke, born 1531 in England.

Richard married Anne, d/o John Cawton, Esq.

10/1579, Richard died.

iv. Elizabeth Cooke, born ~1533 in England.

Elizabeth married Sir Thomas Hobby.

Elizabeth married 2nd Lord John Russel.

1584, Elizabeth erected a monument in Westminister Abbey to her husband John.

1605, Elizabeth published her translation of a Latin treatise on the sacrament.

1609, Elizabeth died.

v. William Cooke, born ? in England.

1569, William married Frances, d/o John Lord Grey of Pergo in the Liberty of Havering. [Frances a cousin of Lady Jane Grey.]

1570, William’s father settled the of Magdalen Laver, Essex, on William for life.

1589, William died.

vi. Katherine Cooke (29711), born ~1540 in Essex, England.

v. Margaret Cooke, born ? in England.

Margaret became a maid-in-waiting to Queen Mary.

1558, Margaret married Sir Ralph Rowlett.

1558, Margaret died.

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