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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bond 78082 & 78083

78082. Sir Walter Moyle & 78083. Margaret Graunt {Bond}

~1420, Walter born in England, s/o 156164. Henry Moyle.

~1425, Margaret born in England, d/o 155954. William Graunt.

Walter of Eastwell, Kent; and Stevenstone, Devon by right of his wife.

1441–2/14/1443, Walter reported in cases of Gray’s Inn.

1442, Walter Moyle, of Stevenston [and of Grimsborough], knight of Henry VI. (S) The Note-book of Tristram Risdon, P174.

1454, Walter a commissioner of Kent to raise money for the defence of Calais; and a King’s serjeant.

1454–1471, Walter a judge of the Common Pleas.

1460-65, “Walter Moile, William Roosmoderas, and John Monke, and Margaret, Alice, and Thomasine their wives, and Elizabeth Devyok, heiresses of William Graunte. v. William Whitefeld, feoffee of the said William Graunte.: Messuages and land in Stevenstone, St. Giles's, and Sebhanger.: Devon.” (S) UKNA.

1461, Walter, Justice of the King’s bench,

3/20/1465, “Letter of attorney 1 Henry Bodrugan, esq. … 2 John Trenowyth … 2 to deliver seisin to Thos. Tregarthen sen. and Joan his wife of manor of Trethek with … Witnesses: Nicholas Aysshetone, Walter Moyle, judge of Kings Bench; Hugh Courtenay, kt., …”. (S) UKNA.

12/18/1469–2/18/1471, Walter “Moile”, knight, on Commissions of Peace at Westminster for Corwall. (S) Calendar of Patent Rolls.

12/11/1479, Walter wrote his will in which he founded charity: “two acres of arable land were to be delivered in fee simple to ‘three or four honest and trusty men,’ to the use of the church of Eastwell.” (S) Black’s Tuide to Kent, 1874, P160.

Bef. 7/31/1480, Walter, Knt., died; buried at Mary of Eastwell. (S) Will probated.

1/20/1491, [Abstract] Margaret, relict of Walter Moyle, Knight, directs that her body be buried in the quire of the blessed Mary of Estewell, close to the sepulture of the said Walter Moyle, bequesths 40s. to the fabric of the steeple of Charyng, and mentions Richard and John Moyle, her sons, and Lucia Clerke, her daughter. (S) Nicholas’ Testamenta Vetusta, V2, P402.

Bef. 6/1/1493, Margaret died.

(S) Plantagenet Ancestry, P534. (S) NEG&HR, 1874, P74. (S) The Judges of England, Foss, 1851, P445.

Child of Walter and ?:

i. Lucia Moyle (39041), born ~1450 in England.

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