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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Robert Bykcombe of Somerset & Joan Bere

79384. Robert Bykcombe & 79385. Joan Bere 

1451 Robert born in Somerset, England, s/o 158768. Hugh Byccombe & 158769. Elizabeth Gillingham.

~1455, Joan born in Huntsham, Co. Devon, England, d/o 158770. John Bere.

1475, Robert entered as tenant of a fee at Biccombe and Broomfield. “When the holding of courts of the Barony of Dunster was discontinued, a feodary rent of 1s. 6d. was charged upon Broomfield, in lieu of the old Candlemas rent of 6d. therefrom and the customary fine of 1s. for respite of suit for Biccombe.”

3/13/1498, Robert mentioned in the will of Joan Sydenham: “There beyng present at makyng of this my last wille John Sydenham of Brympton, Thomas Tylly, Reginald Hody, esquyers, Robert Byccomb, gentilman, sir John Evan, preest, Nicholas Cutter, William Beruyle, Robert Bernevyle ….” Proved 28 June 1499. (S) Somerset Medieval Wills, 1383-1500, Publ. 1901, PP363-366.

1499, Robert did homage and fealty to Hugh Luttrell, who was put into possession of Dunster soon after the accession of Henry VII, for Broomfield and Biccombe.

6/1505, Robert was 54 years of age.

9/12/1506, Robert enfeoffed Geo: Soeke Esqr. And John Sop Gent: with ye Mannor of Bromfield. (S) Note and Queries for Somerset and Dorset, V5-6, P 54.

5/20/1513, “John Poundsefforde of Crowcomb, county Somerset to Giles Hille esquire, …; power of attorney to Richard Byckeham, Baldwin Malet Gentleman, John Slocum, John Saffyn and John Whytte. 20 May 5 Henry VII”. (S) Wells Dean and Chapter 739, Wells Cathedral Library.

1513, Grant by Robt. Biccombe to 20 named trustees of his moiety of a house 40’ long and 26 ½’ wide opposite the churchyard and abutting on the pound belonging to the prioress of Stoodleigh in trust to permit the churchwardens to dispose of it to the greatest use of the parish church, conditional upon the building or re-building of a house there within 2 years.

9/22/1515, “Rob. Bykcombe, Rich. his son and Eliz. his dau.”, Quticlaim of rights in the manors of Nettlecombe, rowdon, Woodadvent and Old Knowle and the advowson of Nettlecombe …

11/1515, “Rob. Bykcombe, Rich. Bykcombe & Elizabeth dau. of Rob. def. Fine on 2 messuages and 4 carucates of land in Nettlecombe and Rowdon and the advowson of Nettlecombe.”

4/4/1523, Robert died, and left Richard his son and heir of the age of 49 and years and more. (S) Note and Queries for Somerset and Dorset, V5-6, P 54. [His son Richard would die 7 months later.]

(S) Historical Notes on Some Somerset Manors, Maxwell, 1931, P291.

Family notes:
• In 1460, James Luttrell had granted, or sold, his wardship and marriage, and the custody of the lands which he held of him, to John Sydenham the younger. A shield in one of the windows of Broomfield church, showing the arms of Biccombe impaling those of Sydenham, suggests that he married a daughter of his guardian. It is more certain that he married Joan, daughter of John Bere, of Huntsham, Co. Devon. Robert may have married both, Joan being the likey mother of his children.

Children of Robert and Joan:

i. Richard Biccombe (39692), born 1474 in Somerset, England.

ii. Elizabeth Biccombe, born ~1477 in Somerset, England.
1515, Elizabeth mentioned in land records with her father and brother.

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