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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bond & Bell 369348 & 369349

369348. Henry Fulford & 369349. Wilhelmina ? {Bond & Bell}

~1380, Henry born in Great Fulford, England.

~1385, Wilhelmina.

Henry married Wilhelmina.

7/8/1402, Bishop Stafford granted a licence to Henry Fulford and Wilhelmina his wife for the performance of Divine Service “infra mansionis suas de Ffoleford et Morton.”

1413, Henry escheator for Devon and Cornwall.

1417-18, Henry, Sheriff of Cornwall. (S) UKNA.

1419-22, Henry Fulford, Devon, Cornwall, Exchequer. (S) UKNA.

(S) Devonshire Wills, Worthy, 1896, P423. (S) Devon and Cornwall Notes & Queries, 1901, P1.

Family notes:
• There are two distinct genealogies for Henry & Wilhelmin, both giving different sets of parents. Henry s/o John or s/o Henry; Wilhelmina d/o Philip Bryan or d/o John Langdon.

Children of Henry and Wilhelmina:

i. Katherine Fulford, born ? in England.
Katherine married Ralph Prye.
Katherine married 2nd John Glynn of Morvell.

ii. William Fulford, born ? in England.
1462, William the Archdeacon of Barnstaple.
1475, William died.

i. Baldwin Fulford (184674), born ~1415 in England.

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