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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lord Walter Goddard & Catherine Denver

131906. Lord Walter Goddard & 131907. Catherine Denver   

~1355, Walter Godard born in Snettisham, Norfolk, England.

~1365, Catherine born in Walpole, Norfolk, England, gd/o §Sir John de Denver.

6/21/1377, Edward III succeeded by Richard II as King of England.

6/3/1380, Thomas Howard', clerk, Nicholas Godard' and Walter Godard', querents, and William Howard' of Wygenhale and Elizabeth, [his] wife, deforciants. 78 acres … county of Suffolk. Plea of covenant. … (S) Feet of Fines, Norfolk, Suffolk.

1382, Walter, “of Snettisham”, co. Norfolk married Catherine, the heiress of Denver, and held the manor of Denver in Walpole. (S) Norfolk Archaeology, 1895, P11.

1382-83, Walter Godard held Denver manor with Catharine his wife, with 2 messuages, 140 acres of land, 4l. rent per ann. &c. in Walpole, Tilney, Walton, Well, &c. and the advowson of Walpole chapel.  (S) Essay  Towards …. Norfolk, V9, Freebridge Hundred: Walpole, PP99-121.

1391-02, Philip de Tylneye and John Ingaldisthorp, knights, …, John de Brunne, …, Walter Godard, …, clerks, …, to grant the manor of Histon, the advowson of the church there, and messuages and land in Waterbeach and Denney to the abbess and convent of Denney … (S) UKNA.

9/1392, A grant made by John Ingaldisthorp knight, John de Brunne and Walter Godarde (yet living in 10/1400) and John Tilneye knight (now deceased) to James de Roos knight, … (S) CCRs, 10/4/1400.

1392-93, Walter Godard of Tyryngton and Katherine his wife v. Adam de Clyfton, knight, and Margery his wife, … the advowson of Denvere. (S) Short Cal. of Feet of Fines, Norfolk, 1886, P385.

1393, Walter Godard of Terrington, Norfolk, grant to the prior and convent of the Holy Trinity, Norwich, Norfolk. (S) UNA.

5/20/1395, Thomas Cursoun of Folsham to … Walter Godard … Quitclaim with warranty of the manor of Folsham … Norfolk … (S) CCRs.

1395, Walter presented to Denvers church. (S) Hist. of Norfolk, Blomefield, 1808, P110.

4/1397-1398, Nonparish leaseholds in Common Pleas, Denver manor in Norfolk, 2 yrs., £19.5. (S) The English Parish in Law, Commerce, and Religion, 1350-1550, P259.

9/30/1399, Henry IV succeeded Richard II as King of England.

10/2/1399, Grant by John the prior, and the convent of St. Pancras at Lewes to John de Rochefort, Walter Godard and Richard atte Boure, of land in Walple, …

1402, Grant by Sir John Colvile … witnesses, Walter Goddard, … (S) Hist. of Norfolk, V9, 1808, Walpole.

3/26/1406, A mainprise, mutatis mutandis, made by Robert Kervylle under a pain of £100, … and of a like … under a pain of £500, in regard to John Gauthorp, Walter Godard of Tiryngton, … shall do or procure no hurt or harm … (S) CCRs.

1406, … Henry Rocheford, knights, … Laurence Trussebut, …, Walter Godard, …, Thomas Halle, … to grant half a messuage in Lynn to the prior and convent of Augustinian friars there, retaining land in Walsoken, Ingoldisthorpe, Walpole, … (S) UKNA.

8/1/1411, Walter Godard, …, William Champeneys, … to John Ingaldesthorp knight, …. Recognisance for £1,000, to be levied etc. in Norffolk. (S) CCRs.

1412, Walter Goddard, …, John Heyneye, and Alice his wife, and John Frith, grant by fine, to John de Birston, or Briston, and Margaret his wife, the manor of Rusteyn's, with lands in North Lenn, &c. settled on John and Margaret, and Alice, for life; remainder to John and Margaret. (S) Hist. of Norfolk, V10, 1809, Snettsham Lordship.

Walter died.

(S) Lincoln Pedigrees, Maddison, 1903, P480.

Family notes: (S) BHO, Essay  Towards …. Norfolk, V9, Freebridge Hundred: Walpole, PP99-121.

·         1250, Walter de Denver, and Alice [de Walpole] his wife, sued James de Creik and Sarah his wife, Henry de Walpole having granted to her the wool of his stock of 300 sheep in his manor of How, by East Derham, in Norfolk, till the marriage of Alice; and was detained from her.

·         1257, A fine was levied between Isabel, and Walter de Denver, and Alice his wife, tenents of a moiety of 2 carucates of land, 4l. 11s. 0½d. rent, with the moiety of the rent of 8000 turf in Walpole, Tylney, Well, and Lynn, which Isabel claimed as her part of the inheritance of Henry, son of Osbert de Walpole [Denver], nephew of Isabel and Alice, which Isabel released to Alice, with the land which William de Wendling held for life, of the said inheritance in Wisbeach Littleport and Crekemere, in Cambridgeshire, and which Robelina, widow of the said Henry, and Sarah, widow of Osbert de Walpole held in dower. Osbert was son of Sir Walter de Denver.

·         1293, John Walpole/Denver, son of Osbert and Egelina, his mother, and Sir Robert de Hackbeach held also some of these lands.

·         1346, Sir John de Denver, Knt. de Hakebeche, &c. died holding half a fee of Denvers manor, Norfolk. [s/o Osbert & Egelina.]

·         Catherine gd/o §Sir John de Denver.

Child of Walter and Catherine:

i. Robert Goddard, born ? in England. [Heir]

1448, Robert burine in Tirington church. (S) Hist. of Norfolk, V9, 1808, Tyrington.

ii. Alice Goddard (65953), born ~1390 in Snettisham, Norfolk, England.

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