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Sunday, May 16, 2010

John Heneage

263808. John Heneage  

~1310, John born in Lincolnshire, England.

1336, John living.

1342, John, of Hainton, Lincolnshire, died.

(S) Lincolnshire Pedigrees, Maddison, 1903, P480. (S) Burke’s Genealogy, 1847, P559.

Family notes:

·         John, the grandson of Sir Robert Heneage, who held large estates in co. Lincoln in the reign of Henry III [1216–1272].

·         (S) Burke’s: This John had a son William, married to Grace Stamford, who then had son William (131904). The lineage would still be intact if this is correct.

·         The family of Heneage was originally of Hainton, near Wragby Co. Lincoln, and its pedigree which dates from the Norman Conquest, has been traced from Sir Robert Heneage who lived in the reign of Henry I. [1100-1135]. John Heneage, his direct descendant living in the middle of the 15th century had two sons, William who, settling in East Sussex established a family there, which is now extinct, and John who, remaining at Hainton had by his wife, Catherine Wimbish, four sons, and died in 1530. (S) UKNA, Walker-Heneage and Button family and estate papers.

Child of John and Alice:

i. William Heneage (131904), born ~1340 in England.

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