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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cox 65802

65802. Thomas Kyrkeby Esq. {Cox}

Pleadings and Depositions in the Duchy Court of Lancaster: Time of Henry VII and Henry VIII

~1480, Thomas born in England.

1530, Thomas Halsall and Others, Tenants Halsall versus Thomas Kyrkeby, priest, re Charge of Extortion for Spiritualties. Thomas was accused of coercing sick people into donating to the church. (S) Pleadings and Depositions in the Duchy Court of Lancaster, 1896.

1545, Thomas Kyrkeby, priest, claimed against Richard Smyth …(S) Inventories of Goods in the Churches and Chapels of the Hundres of Salford, John Eglington Bailey, 1888, P103.

1547, Dom. Thomas Kyrkeby a Chantry Priest of Sephton. (S) A History of the Chantries Within the County Palatine of Lancaster, F. R. Raines, 1862. Thomas was the only Chantry Priest of the rector of Sephton, created in order that the priest should “celebrate ther for his soule”; being granted a yearly pension by the King for the rest of his life. (S) Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire, 1896, P64.

(S) 1623 Visitation of Gloucester by Henry Chitty.

Family notes:
• Undated deed from the reign of Henry VIII [1509–1547]: Brian Morcroft, priest, advanced a claim agains Thomas Kyrkeby, priest, … the matter being a debt oupon obligation … (S) Inventories of Goods in the Churches ….
• A clerk also named Thomas Kyrkeby, likely an ancestor – and possibly the father of our Thomas, is well documented in the reign of Henry VI [1422–1471].

Child of Thomas and ?:

i. Ffrancis Kyrkeby (32901), born ~1500 in Gloucester, England.

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