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Saturday, May 1, 2010

High Sheriff William Newenham Esq. & Margaret Mauntell

65966. High Sheriff William Newenham Esq. & 65967. Margaret Mauntell    

~1420, Margaret born in Northamptonshire, England, coheir & d/o 131934. John Mauntel & 131935. Elizabeth Lumley.

8/31/1422, Henry VI (an infant) succeeded Henry V as King of England.

~1425, William born in Thenford, Northamptonshire.

[––Margaret & Thomas––]

Margaret 1st married Thomas Bernard of Little Brington, born ~1395.

3/14/1448, Surrender of Annuity: William Tryst of Maydeford, co. Northampton, to John Tryst, son and heir of William Tryst and Elizabeth Mychell, lately of Dodeford: surrender of an annuity of 5 marks, 6 shillings and 8 pence issuing out of the manor of Maydeford made to the said William Tryst by Thomas Byllyng and William Newenham of Thenford … (S) Leicester and Rutland Record Office.

1450, “Grant: William Chattok, … co. Northampton … Witn: William Newenham, …”. (S) UKNA.

11/9/1452, Grant: John Michell of Dodford, co. Northampton, gent., to John Schytford, Robert Bobyngton, clerk, and William Muscote: all goods, chattels, moveable and immoveable, within the realm of England: Witn: William Newenham, esq.; Thomas Newenham, gent.; … (S) Leicester and Rutland Record Office.

2/3/1456, Feoffment (Entail). (1) William Hancock … To (2) Robert Catesby of Newenham - esq. & Letice his wife. Of all lands etc. in the town & fields of Newnham which (1) had from (2). To descend in due order respectively to John Newenham, Edmund Newenham, Nicholas Catesby, Wm. Catesby, Eleanor Wyrley, Letice Wallwyn, & Wm. Newenham. (S) UKNA.

3/13/1458, Grants: Thomas Byllyng, senior, and William Newenham of Thenford to John Tryst, … the manor of Maydeford … John Tryst and Elizabeth & their heirs and in the event of their death without issue to the right heirs of the said William: … [Leicester] (S) UKNA.

8/10/1462, Farthinghoe. Indenture : Grant in Fee simple. … To Walter Mauncell, esq. [brother of Margaret], and Joanna his wife. Manor called "Nethercourt", … Thomas Wake, esq, William Newenham of Thenford, … [Northamptonshire] (S) UKNA.

By 1463, Thomas Bernard died.

11/24/1463, To the escheator in Northamptonshire. Order to take of Margaret who was wife of Thomas Bernard an oath etc., and in presence of John Bernard son and heir of her husband, or of his attorneys, to assign her dower. (S) CCRs. [Apparently no male heirs by Margaret.]

[––William & Margaret––]

“Margaret, his widow, remarried with a neighbor, William Newenham, of Thenford, Northants, Esquire.” (S) The Bernards of Abington and Nether Winchendon, Higgins, 1903, P12.

11/5/1464, William, escheator of Northamptonshire and Rutland.

5/9/1468, [N’hamp.] “Feoffment by Edmund, earl of Kent, … Witnesses: … William Newenham, esquires …”. (S) A descriptive catalogue of ancient deeds, 1902, P313.

1469-70, William, High Sheriff of Northamptonshire.

4/6/1474, Quitclaim from John Polle … to: Thomas Billyng, chief justice, Wm Newenham, Richard Clarell, … of: all right to the lands and tenements which were of Alice Cambyle in Syresham [Leicester]. (S) UKNA.

6/28/1474, William, commitment of the keeping of the hundred of Sutton, Northamptonshire.

6/16/1475, John Wodhull and Joan his wife gave the under-mentioned manors and advowson, whereof they were seised jointly in fee, to William Newenham, of Thenford, co. N’hamp, esq., …, to hold for the term of the lives of them the said John and Joan, with remainder to Fulk, son and heir of the said John in tail, … (S) IPM of John.

1476-1486, William 16 times on commissions of the peace for Northamptonshire.

1477, Indenture betw. John Wodhull of the co. of Bedford, esq. and Johanne his wife and William Newenham of Thenford, com. Northamptonshire, … “remaynder to ffouke Wodhull …” (S) Misc. Gen. Et Heraldica, 1886, P49.

1479, William, High Sheriff of Northamptonshire.

1485, Betweene John Wodhull Lord of Wodhull, esq. … and ffulke Wodhull his sonne and heire … goods and chattles of Will’m Newenham. (S) Misc. Gen. Et Heraldica, 1886, P50.

Bef. 2/3/1486, William died – Writ of diem clausit extremum, “Of William Newenham, in the counties of Northampton and Rutland.” (S) Materials for a Hist. of the Reign of Henry VII, P613.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P188. (S) The Benards of Abington and Nether Winchedon, Higgins, 1903. (S) Hist. of Bedford, V3, 1912, Odell.

Family notes:

·         [Undated] Plaintiffs: William Newenham and Margery, his wife. Defendants: John Danvers. Subject: The manor of ... and land in Thenford and Pruston, late of Margery, daughter of Margery, granddaughter of Margery, wife of Thomas Langport. Northamptonshire. (S) UKNA.

·         6/14/1444, Thomas Wykeham and Agnes, his wife, querents, and William Newenham and Margery, his wife, deforciants. The manor of Thenford' with appurtenances in Thenford' and Purston'. Plea of covenant. William and Margery have acknowledged the manor to be the right of Agnes, as that which Thomas and Agnes have of their gift. For this, Thomas and Agnes have granted to William and Margery the manor and have rendered it to them in the court, to hold to William and Margery and the heirs of their bodies, of Thomas and Agnes and the heirs of Agnes for ever, rendering yearly 1 rose … remainder to the heirs of the body of Margery, … In default of such heirs, the manor shall revert to Thomas and Agnes and the heirs of Agnes … [Northamptonshire] (S) Feet of Fines.

·         1/23/1495, IPM of William Somerton. Edmund, late Earl of Kent, being seised of the under-mentioned manor, messuages, and rent in fee gave them to him, and Agnes his wife, who survives, with remainder to the heirs of his body, with remainder to the right heirs of William Newenham. He died 22 June last without issue. Elizabeth, wife of William Cowley, aged 29 and more, is cousin and heir of the said William Newenham, viz. daughter of his daughter. Northamptonshire: Manor of Thenford in Thenford, worth £10, 2 messuages, worth 2s. 8d., and 24d. rent, in Purston, … (S) CIsPM.

·         Many genealogies give William married to Margaret, d/o Thomas Lamport due to Burke – 1831. There was a Thomas Lamport, and wealthy merchant William Newenham, in London at about the same time this William was living in Northampton.

Child of William and Margaret:

i. Anne Newenham (32983), born 1464 in Thenford, England.

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