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G20: 624684 & 624685

624684. Baron Henry le Scrope & 624685. Joan ?

De controversia in curia militari inter Ricardum Le Scrope et Robertum Gro

9/29/1312, Henry born in England, s/o 1249368. Geoffrey le Scrope & 1249369. Ivette de Roos.

5/1333, Henry knighted at the siege of Berwick in Scotland under the Earl of Northampton.

7/20/1333, Henry fought at the battle of Halidon Hill.

1335, Henry participated in Edward III’s invasion of Scotland.

1336, Henry at the siege of Dunbar.

6/24/1340, Henry at the battle of Sluys, France.

7/1340, Henry at the siege of Tournai, France with his father and brother William.

1341, Henry succeeded his father.

10/16/1342, Henry called to a Great Council at Westminster.

10/1343, Henry at the sieges of Vannes and of Morlaix in France.

8/1344, Henry ordered to array 4 men-at-arms and 260 archers in Richmondshire to repulse the Scots.

8/26/1346, Henry a knight banneret at the battle of Crecy with his brothers William and Stephen. [See King Edward III.]

10/17/1346, Henry in the vanguard at the battle of Nevill’s Cross.

8/1347, Henry under the Earl of Northampton at the siege of Calais when it fell.

8/29/1350, Henry at the sea-fight with the Spaniards at Winchelsea.

11/25/1350, Henry created 1st Baron Scrope of Masham. [Henry 1st cousin of Richard le Scrope, 1st Baron Scrope of Bolton.]

1350-91, Henry summoned to parliament.

1350, 1353, 1354, Henry on commissions to treat with the Scots.

8/28/1354, “Henry de Scrope Lord of Clifton” an ambassador to the Pope as an arbitrator between the kings of England and France.

11/1355, Henry landed at Calais with King Edward when he devastated the countryside.

1/1357, Henry at the siege of Berwick, Scotland with his brother Stephen.

10/3/1357, Henry a commissioner of the articles of release of Bruce settled at Berwick-on-Tweed.

8/25/1359, Henry as a knight banneret of John of Gaunt went to France prior to the arrival of King Edward.

2/18/1361, Henry named Governor of Picardy, receiving £100 per quarter to be paid in advance; and also named the Captain of the castle of Gusines. [He held this appointment until 1367.]

1362, 1363, 1364, Henry returned to England for parliaments where he was a Trier of Petitions.

7/20/1364, “Henri le Scrop Gouverneur de noz Seignuries de Calsys et de Guynes” and the Earl of Salisbury to arrange a contract of marriage between Edmund of Langley [the King’s son] and Margaret, Duchess of Burgandy.

9/1366, Henry accompanied the Duke of Lancaster into Spain.

4/3/1367, Henry the battle of Najara, Spain with the Black Prince.

8/1369, Henry a banneret in the retinue of Duke of Lancaster landed at Calais and fought at the battle of Balingham Hill.

11/26/1369, Henry by indenture to the Duke of Lancaster took the office of Captain of the town and castle of Calais with 50 men-at-arms and 50 archers; and supported by 80 men-at-arms and 200 archers of the King.

7/1370, Henry appointed Steward of the King’s household.

1373, Henry, Trier of Petitions at parliament.

10/30/1374, Henry granted 200 marks annually by the king inconsideration of his services as a knight banneret.

1377, Henry, Trier of Petitions at parliament.

8/4/1377, Lord Henry le Scrope summoned to the 1st parliament of Richard II.

Aft. 7/6/1383, Henry 1 of 9 Resident Councilors to King Richard II.

1383, Henry served with John of Gaunt in Scotland.

8/1385, Henry with King Richard in Scotland.

7/31/1391, Henry died; buried at York Cathedral.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P740. (S) The Controversy Between Sir Richard Scrope and Sir Robert Grosvenor, Nicolas, 1832.

Children of Henry and Joan: [5 sons, 2 daughters]

i. Joan le Scrope (7605713), born ~1343 in England.

ii. Stephen le Scrope (312342), born ~1345 in England.

iii. Richard le Scrope, born ? in England.
Richard, Archbishop of York.
6/8/1405, Richard beheaded for his opposition to Henry IV; buried at York Cathedral.

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