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Sunday, May 23, 2010

625026 Hardreshull-Stafford

625026. Sir John Hardreshull & 625027. Margaret Stafford

1294, John born in England, s/o 1250052. William de Hardreshull & 1250053. Juliana de Haech.

1304, John, age 10, heir to his father.

John’s marriage granted to Nicholas Malemeyns, a servant of the king.

1313, John, of age, took livery of his lands.

1314, John attended the king on his expedition into Scotland.

6/24/1314, John captured at the battle of Bannockburn by the forces of Robert Bruce. It was the largest loss of English knights in a single day.

1317, John in a suit involving the presentation of nuns to the house of Polesworth.

1320, “Sigil. John. De Hardreshaul” of Hartshill conveyed lands in Annesley; witnessed by his cousin Philip de Hardreshull of Clavord.

1322, John, knight, appointed with Nicholas de Grey to govern the castles of Melburn, Derbyshire, and Dunington, Leicester.

6/15/1324, John sent to “the Duchy of Aquitaine” on the king’s service. King Edward began the “War of Saint-Sardos” with his brother-in-law King Charles of France. (S) CPRs.

8/1324, John sent to Gascony on the king’s service. King Edward began the “War of Saint-Sardos” with his brother-in-law King Charles of France.

1326, Philip de Hardreshull of Clavord purchased the manor of Hartshill from John; but resold it back to him the same year.

1327, John obtained a licence for a priest to celebrate divine service within his manor of Hardreshull.

1327, John appointed governor of the castle of St. Briaval, and ward of the forest of Dean in Gloucester.

9/3/1327, John, by fine of 100£, sold his manor of Hardreshull to Philip de Hardreshull of Clavord.

~1330, Margaret born in England, d/o 1250054. James de Stafford. (S) Old Swinford, A History of the County of Worcester, V3, 1913.

1330, John de Hardreshull rebuilt the stone castle of Hartshill, Warwickshire, enclosing the bailey with an irregular polygonal curtain wall, pierced by cross-shaped loopholes.

1341, John de Hardreshull levied a fine of the manor of Ashton, Northamptonshire, which he purchased from Philip de Hardreshull of Clavord. (S) A Short History of Ashton, Russell, 2002.

3/15/1343, John summoned to parliament at Westminster.

1347, John de Hardreshull held a fourth part of a knight’s fee of the manor of Ashton, of William Mauduit. (S) A Short History of Ashton, Russell, 2002.

1349, “Johannes de Hardreshull dominus de Salebie” with a charter of Adee de Welle.

8/16/1349, John presented to the church of Ashene of the rectory of Rode.

1351, “S. Joans de Hardredishull, Dominus de Hardreshul et Anseley” conveyed lands in Annesley.

John married 2nd Margaret.

1360, Sir John Hardreshull of Hardreshull, Warwickshire, gave the manor of Great Paxton to Robert Spigurnell.

5/1361, John levied a fine and settled Hardreshull and Onsle on Margaret and himself and their issue.

Margaret died.

1366, John resettled Hardreshull, Onsley, and Monewood on trustees.

~1368, John of Hardreshall, co. Warwick, Militis, died; buried as Ashton church. The manor of Ashton went to Elizabeth,eldest of his 3 daughters.

(S) 1619 Visitation of Kent. (S) A Hist. of the co. of Warwick, V4, 1947. (S) A History of the County of Huntingdon,V2, 1932. (S) Manduessedum Romanorum, Bartlet, 1791, P55.

Family notes:
• John Colepeper, esq. the son, kept his shrievalty at Bayhall in the 39th, 40th, and 43d years of king Edward III. and married Elizabeth, daughter and coheir of Sir John Hardreshull, of Hardreshull, in Warwickshire. (S) The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent, V5, 1798.

Children of John and Margaret:

i. Elizabeth Hardreshall (312513), born ~1355 in England.

ii. Joan Hardreshull, born ? in England.
Joan married Sir James Burford.

ii. Margaret Hardreshull, born ? in England.
Margaret married Sir John Talbot.