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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

738762 Cogeshale-Hawkwood

738762. Sir William de Cogeshale & 738763. Antiocha Hawkwood

Bef. 1358, William, born in Little Stamford Hall, Essex, England, heir & s/o 1477524. Sir Henry de Coggeshall & 1477525. Joan de Welle.

Antiocha born in Milan, Italy, d/o 1477526. Sir John Hawkwood.

1376, Willima heir to his father.

William traveled to Milan, Italy.

Bef. 1379, William married Antiocha in Milan. (S) Gen. … Chicheley, Letter preserved in Venice.

3/3/1379, letter from Sir John Hawkwood to Louis de Gonzaga of Mantua requesting safe conduct for ‘son-in-law Sir William de Coggeshall’, who had been for some time residing in Milan.

1379, William returned to England, made formal proof of his majority, and took livery of his estates. (S) UKNA.

1391, Sir William High Sheriff of Hertfordshire.

1391-1422, Sir William Knight of the Shire for multiple parliaments.

1404, Sir William “Cogeshale” Sheriff of Hertfordshire.

1406-07, “William Coggeshale, knt., son and heir of Joan daughter and heiress of William de Welle.: Manor of Great Sampford, sometime held by the said William de Welle of King Edward III. in chief, and now in the King's hands.: Essex.” (S) UKNA.

6/1408, William Coggeshale, John Basset and John Aleyn, pi. William Gretford of Wytham, … (S) Feet of Fines, Essex.

4/1411, William Coggeshale, knight, John Hankewode, esquire, … The manor of Graveshales … quitclaimed to pi. and the heirs of John Hankewode [Hawkwood]. Cons. 200 marks. (S) Feet of Fines, Essex.

1411, Sir William High Sheriff of Hertfordshire. [The Rev’d William Monard requested Sir William recover £12 owed to him by Thomas Kebbyl of London.]

1414, “Hugh Burnell, knight, lord of Holdgate and of Weoley … Witnesses: William Bourghchere, Gerard Braybrook, William Coggeshale, knights, of Essex, …” (S) UKNA.

1417, … William Coggeshale, knight, and … manors of North Bemflete, Hakevvelle, Pakelesham … advowsons of the churches of North Bemflete, Hakewelle … William Coggeshale and his heirs male by Margaret his late wife? … (S) Feet of Fines, Essex.

~1423, Sir William died.

(S) The Hist. Antiq.’s of Hertfordshire, Chauncy, 1826, P45. (S) Gen. Memoirs of the Extinct Family of Chester of Chicheley, Waters, 1878, P308.

Children of William and Antiocha: [4 daughters]

i. Blanche de Coggeshall, born ? in England.

ii. Alice Coggeshall (369381), born ~1390 in England.