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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

738770 Mowbray-Fitzalan

738770. Duke Thomas de Mowbray & 738743. Elizabeth Fitzalan & 738742. Sir Robert Goushill

1360-65, Robert born in England, heir & s/o 1477484. Nicholas de Goushill & 1477485. Joan ?.

3/22/1366, Thomas born in England, s/o 1477540. John de Mowbray & 1477541. Elizabeth Seagrave.

1366, Elizabeth born in Arundel, Sussex, England, d/o 1477486. Richard Fitzalan de Arundel & 1477487. Elizabeth de Bohun.

1372, “writ of intendendo directing Ralph Basset to deliver John and Thomas, sons of John Mowbray in ward to Blanche Wake.” (S) UKNA.

Bef. 12/1378, Elizabeth 1st married Sir William Montague. [No children.]

Thomas 1st married Elizabeth le Strange, d/o John, s/o John, s/o 2955026. John le Strange & 2955027. Ankaret le Boteler.

8/6/1382, Sir William Montague killed at a tilting match at Windsor.

2/12/1382, Thomas created Earl of Nottingham after the death of his unmarried brother John.

1383, Thomas heir to his older brother John.

5/8/1383, Thomas de Mowbray, earl of Nottingham, granted a market and fair at Epworth, Lincolnshire. (S) Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs in England and Wales to 1516.

1383, Thomas invested as a Knight of the Garter.

8/23/1383, Elizabeth le Strange died.

[–––Thomas & Elizabeth –––]

12/9/1382, Licence for William de Monte Acuto, earl of Salisbury, to enfeoff … manor of Mertok, co. Somerset, … to grant him the reversion, on the death of Elizabeth daughter of Richard, earl of Arundel, of the manor of Kynnynghale, co. Norfolk, held in chief, she holding the same, for life, by demise of the said earl of Salisbury … remainder to John de Monte Acuto, knight, in fee simple. (S) CPRs.

7/1384, Thomas married Elizabeth Fitzalan.

1384, Thomas with the Earl of Northumberland and 2000 lances and 6000 archers marched by Berwick and Roxburgh into Scotland, “leaving nothing unmolested as far as Edinburgh.”

3/12/1385, the King orders the arrest of Sir Nicholas Goushill the elder and his son Robert Goushill to answer the suit brought by William Birkes accusing the Goushills of threatening him with the loss of life and limb.

6/30/1385, Thomas, 6th Baron Mowbray, created Marshal of England for life by Richard II.

1386, Richard II created Thomas Mowbray as Earl Marshall and made the office hereditary. [The 1st use of the title “Earl Marshall”.]

3/24/1387, Thomas, in the fleet of his father-in-law Admiral Richard Fitzalan, defeated a combined Flemish, French, and Spanish fleet.

1387, Nicholas Goushill knight of Hoveringham and his son Robert Goushill owe a debt of 22 pounds to Robert Wells of London.

Robert Goushill employed by Thomas Mowbray as his esquire and attorney [until the Duke’s death.]

1390, Robert Goushill receives the King’s pardon for alleged outlawry and other felonies through the supplication of Thomas Mowbray.

1390, Thomas competed in a well-documented tournament in Calais, France against French knights.

1391, Thomas Governor of the Castle of Werke in France.

1393, Thomas named King’s Lieutenant of Calais. [Eventually named Governor of Calais.]

1393, Thomas participated in a tournament at Smithfield, near London, against Scotish knights.

1394, Thomas accompanied the king to Ireland.

Aft. 8/1395, Robert 1st married Joan, widow of Sir Ralph Bracebrugge.

9/29/1396, Thomas created Duke of Norfolk and Knight of the Garter [His grandmother Margaret Plantagenet, was the same day created Duchess of Norfolk.]

1396-97, Robert Goushill Sheriff of Warwickshire.

1397, King Richard II appointed Sir William Bagot and Robert Goushill to seize into his hands the goods and chattels of Thomas the late Earl of Warwick.

1397, Thomas gave Robert Goushill a £20 annunity for life from his manor of Willington. [11/1399 the grant confirmed by King Henry IV.]

9/21/1397, Thomas, as Earl Marshall, executed his father-in-law at the Tower.

1398, The Duke of Hereford accused Thomas of uttering treasons.

9/16/1398, Thomas and the Duke of Hereford met at Coventry to settle their quarrel. Richard II stop the match and banished both men. (S) Shakespeare’s Richard II. [Robert Goushill appointed Thomas’ attorney.]

10/1398, Thomas left England.

10/15/1398, Robert de Goushill named an attorney in a writ of banish Duke of Norfolk. (S) Shakespeareana Genealogica, French, 1869, P75.

9/29/1399, Thomas, Earl of Nottingham, Duke of Norfolk, died of the plague in Venice, Italy. [In 1533 his ashes were returned to England.]

[–––Robert & Elizabeth –––]

10/13/1399, at the coronation of King Henry IV, Robert Goushill pleaded for the return of the banished Duke Thomas. [He did not know that the Duke had already died.]

12/18/1399, Commission of array … Thomas, earl of Warwick, William de Clynton, ‘chivaler,’ William de Asteley, Thomas de Asteley, ‘chivaler,’ Robert Goushill, Thomas Syvill, … county of Warwick. (S) CPRs.

1400, Joan, wife of Robert Goushill died.

2/23/1400, King Henry IV made a grant on Feb. 23, 1400 to his kinswoman Elizabeth, the wife of the late Duke of Norfolk, of the remaining goods of the late Duke as well as clearing the debts that the Duke had owed to the deposed Richard II. [Robert Goushill also stated to share in the goods of the deceased Duke.]

Elizabeth married 3rd Robert Goushill without license.

8/19/1401, King Henry IV seized the lands of Elizabeth for her illegal marriage.

9/28/1401, Elizabeth pardoned for her marriage and her lands restored.

7/21/1403, Sir Robert slain at the battle of Shrewsbury; buried at Haveringham, Nottingham. (S) [Sir Robert was wounded in the battle and murdered for his purse and ring. The culprit was later captured and executed. The arms of Sir Robert Goushill would be placed in the Shrewsbury Battlefield Church, erected as a memorial by King Henry IV for whom Robert fought.]

8/6/1403, IPM of Robert: heirs are his daughters Joan and Elizabeth, aged 2 years and 1 year respectively. [A 3rd daughter, Joyce, was born after his death as identified in a 1407 lawsuit.]

Bef. 4/18/1411, Elizabeth married 4th Sir Gerard Ufflete. [No children.]

Aft. 10/13/1415, Elizabeth coheir to her brother Thomas.

1420, Sir Gerard died.

7/8/1425, Elizabeth, Countess of Norfolk, died; buried with Sir Robert at Haveringham, Nottingham.

(S) Transactions, Leicestershire Arch. And Arch. Soc., 1874, P309. (S) A Royal Descent …, Sharp, 1875, P5. (S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P338, P602.

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth:

i. Margaret Mowbray (369385), born 1388 in England.

ii. Isabel Mowbray, born ? in England.
Isabel married Henry, s/o 156168. Lord William Ferrers & 156169. Phillippe Clifford.
Isabel married 2nd James, 6th Lord Berkeley.

Children of Robert and Elizabeth:

i. Joan Goushill (369371), born 1401 in England.

ii. Elizabeth Goushill, born 1402 in England.
Elizabeth married Sir Robert Wingfield of Letheringham, Suffolk.