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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

738798 Tunstall-Harrington

738798. Sir Thomas Tunstall & 738799. Isabel Harrington

~1370, Thomas born in England, s/o §William Tunstall & §Alice Lindsey.

~1380, Isabel born in England, d/o 1477482. Sir Nicholas Harrington & 1477483. Isabel English.

Bef. 1392, Thomas of Thurland, Lancaster married Isabel.

10/10/1399, Thomas one of those commissioned to deliver all the fruits and profits pertaining to the alien priory of Lancaster.

1402, Sir Thomas founded Thurland castle when King Henry IV granted him license to crenellate the manor.

1403-04, “The King to Thomas Tunstall, knight: indenture: setting out the conditions of the retainer of the grantee's services in peace and war for life as from 1399 (23 Ric.II): the grantee to receive 50 marks a year, rents secured on lands at Hest, ….” (S) UKNA.

1403-04, “Grant: Thomas de Tunstall knight to William de Tunstall his son …” (S) UKNA.

1404-05, “Bond: William de Thornton de Staynforth Brigg … bound to Thomas de Tunstall knight in £400.” (S) UKNA.

12/1400–6/1407, Thomas married 2nd Joan Mowbray, d/o 1477540. John de Mowbray & 1477541. Elizabeth Seagrave.

6/8/1407, Writ commanding the escheator of Northumberland to inquire into the ages of Johanna and Elizabeth sisters and heirs of William son and heir of the late Sir Henry of Heton knight, …; and to cite Sir Thomas of Tunstalle knight, and Johanna his wife, executrix of the late Sir Thomas Gray of Heton, to appear in Chancery for their interest, Sir Thomas Grey and Johanna having the ward of the late Sir Henry's lands. Westminster.

1407, Thomas Tunstall, Knt., and wife Joan, sued the abbot of Alnwick regarding cattle worth £100.

3/24/1411, “Alice widow of Sir Thomas de Musgrave … Land … for her life on condition she enfeoff Sir Thomas de Tunstall and Richard de Musgrave for £20 rent.” (S) UKNA.

7/9/1413, Thomas Parr’s wardship [born 1407] surrendered to Sir Thomas Tunstall of Thurland Castle and others for 200 marks. [Future son-in-law, probably date of marriage arrangement to Alice.]

1414, Thomas a justice of the peace for Westmorland.

4/1415, Thomas to serve King Henry V for one year in France. (S) UKNA.

10/25/1415, Thomas fought at the battle of Agincourt, supplying 6 men-at-arms and 18 horse archers.

Thomas granted the town of Ponthieu, France.

11/5/1415, Sir Thomas died.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P643. (S) Of Sceptred Race, Watson, 1910, P187.

Family notes:
• 1384 William de Tunstall obtained the reversion of two messuages, an oxgang of land, &c., in Arkholme from William de Austwick and Joan his wife. The Tunstalls afterwards held land in the township of the lord of Hornby, but the tenure is not specially defined. (S) Arkholme with Cawood, A History of the County of Lancaster, V8, 1914.

Children of Thomas and Isabel:

i. Sir Thomas Tunstall, born ~1396 in England.
1425-6, Thomas heir to his older brother William.
1418-26, Thomas married Eleanor, d/o Henry, 3rd Lord Fitzhugh, widow of Sir Philip Darcy.
2/18/1426, Thomas and Eleanor pardoned for marrying without permission.
1426, Sir Thomas knighted after the battle of Verneuil.
5/4/1431, Thomas on a commission of array for West Riding, Yorkshire to prepare to go to France.

ii. Margaret Tunstall, born ? in England.
Bef. 1428, Margaret married Ralph de Pudsey [his 2nd, 6 children].
Margaret died.
1468, Ralph died.

iii. Alice Tunstall (369399), born by 1407 in England.