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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lord William Roos & Margaret de Arundel

738810. Lord William Roos & 738811. Margaret de Arundel

1370, William born in England, s/o 1477620. Sir Thomas de Roos & 1477621. Beatrice de Stafford.

6/21/1377, Richard II, age 10, succeeded Edward III as King of England.

By 1379, Margaret born in England, d/o 1477626. Sir John de Arundel & 1477627. Eleanor Mautravers.

5/1383, William’s father died, his brother John the heir.

8/6/1393, William age 24, heir to his brother John, 5th Lord Roos of Hemsley. [John died at Paphos, Cyprus.] (S) CIsPM.

1393-94, William knighted.

2/11/1394, Order to the escheator in the county of York to cause William de Roos, 'chivaler,' brother and heir of John de Roos of Hamelak, ' chivaler,' to have full seisin of all the lands which his brother held of the king in chief or was seised of in demesne as of fee on the day of his death, saving to Mary late the wife of his said brother her reasonable dower thereof ; as the king has taken his homage and fealty. (S) CFRs.

1394, John’s wife Mary died.

8/30/1394, Order to escheator(s) in the counties: York; Lincoln ; Nottingham and Derby ; Leicester ; Northampton ; Norfolk and Suffolk ; Cambridge ; Essex; to take into the kings hands the lands of Mary late the wife of John de Roos of Hamelake, ' chivaler '. (S) CFRs.

1394, William received the lands held in dower for John’s wife Mary after her death. [Some of her non-dower lands descended to her heir Richard, s/o John Corbet.]

1394-1413, William summoned to parliament.

1396, William attended the King’s wedding in Calais, France. [Queen Isabela was only 7 years old.]

[––William & Margaret––]

10/9/1394 at Sterborough, Surrey, William married Margaret, who had been receiving 40 marks annually as a member of recently deceased Queen Anne’s household. [His marriage also connected him to Margaret’s brother, Richard Fitzalan, earl of Arundel.]

11/1/1398, William de Roos granted the manor and advowson of Eakring, Nottingham, to Richard Shropshire. (S) IPM of his mother.

1399, William present at the Tower of London when King Richard II abdicated.

9/30/1399, Henry IV succeeded Richard II as King of England. [Richard II died a prisoner in the Tower.]

12/4/1399, William a member of the Privy Council. (S) Proceedings and Ordinances of the Privy Council, 1834, P99.

7/25//1400, William, with 20 men-at-arms and 40 archers, attended the King on his invasion of Scotland. [No major battles.]

2/16/1401, “William Roos, lord of Helmsley, … manor of Orby. Rent: 20 silver pounds.” (S) UKNA.

1401, William a supporter of the King who was attempting to increase his revenues due to altercations with Scotland.

7/1403, William created Baron, Knight of the Garter (S) The Order of the Garter, Collins, P292.

1403, William, with the Ralph de Neville, earl of Westmorland, suppressed the rebellion of Henry de Percy, earl of Northumberland.

7/21/1403, Battle of Shrewsbury in Shropshire. The first occasion where massed troops armed with the longbow were pitted against each other on English soil. The Percys had about 14,000 men, King Henry is believed to have had more. Henry “Hotspur” Percy and his brother Thomas were killed. [7000 horse were said to be looted after the battle.]

9/9/1403, Commitment during pleasure to William de Roos of Hamelak, ' chivaler,' of the office of treasurer of the Exchequer with all things pertaining thereto. (S) CFRs.

2/12/1404, at Boston, … gild of St. George in the parish church of Boston, co. Lincoln … letters patent of William Ros, lord of Hamelak, William Wylughby, lord of Frisby, … they had been chosen by them as arbitrators … (S) CPRs.

1404, William granted an annuity of 100 marks for continued royal support.

6/1405, William on the commission in charge of the Scrope trial.

1406, William an auditor of war accounts.

7/10/1407, Grant to Henry Redford, ' chivaler,'—with the assent of the king's council, and by mainprise of William lord de Roos of Hamelak of the county of Lincoln … (S) CFRs.

5/2/1409, Grant to William de Roos of Hamelak of the keeping of all lands late of John Tochet, ‘chivaler,’ deceased, tenant in chief, during the minority of James his son and heir with the marriage of the latter without disparagement, and so from heir to heir, rendering to the king £2000. (S) CPRs. [William married his daughter Margaret to John Tuchet’s son.]

3/1/1410, William a member of the commission at Friars-Preacher House in London that condemned Joh Badby of Evesham, a Lollard, to burned in a barrell.

5/1/1411, “Mayor, citizens and commonalty of Lincoln … request that the king issue a commission to Roos and Beaumont that they summon Tailboys and Lutterell to keep the peace … William [de Roos], Lord Roos of Hamelake; Henry [de Beaumont], Lord Beaumont.” (S) UKNA.

1411, William complained that a Puisne Judge of the King’s bench had unjustly deprived him of lands in the county of Lincoln. The title to the lands was settled by Chief Justice William Gascoigne (1477128).

1412, William wrote his will.

3/20/1413, Henry V succeeded Henry IV as King of England.

3/22/1413, Writs issued for a parliament to meet at Westminster on Monday 15 May. Lords spiritual … Lords temporal: The earls of Devon, Arundel, Westmorland, Salisbury, and Warwick, and the earl marshal; Hugh Stafford, Edward Charlton of Powys, William Clinton, Thomas de la Warre, John Oldcastle, Henry le Scrope of Masham, William Roos of Helmsley, Henry Fitzhugh, William Ferrers of Groby, Thomas Morley, Hugh Burnell, Thomas Berkeley, John de Welles, Ralph Cromwell, Ralph baron Greystoke, Thomas Dacre of Gilsland, John Harrington, Robert Willoughby, John Lovell of Tichmarsh, Richard Grey of Codnor, Reginald Grey of Ruthin, Peter Mauley, Thomas Camoys, William la Zouche of Harringworth, Henry de Beaumont, William de Botreaux, John Latimer, Richard Strange, Robert Poynings, Gilbert Talbot, John Clifford, and John Talbot of Furnivall. [47 ‘spiritual’, 38 ‘temporal’, 73 knights, 178 burgesses.] (S) Parliament Rolls, Henry V, May 1413.

1413, “Appointment of attorney. William Lord of Roos, Lord of Hamelak, knight, …” (S) UKNA.

1/1414, William added a codacil to his will.

2/19/1414, “Petitioners: Edward [of York], Duke of York. Addressees: King. … Thomas Arundel, Archbishop of Canterbury; William Roos, Lord Roos of Hamelake; …” (S) UKNA.

9/1/1414, William, Lord Roos, died at Belvoir castle, Liecestershire; John, his son and heir age 17. (S) Bib. Topo. Brit., Antiq. of Leicestershire, V8, P831.

9/14/1414, Order to the escheator in the counties of Lincoln ; York ; Leicester ; Nottingham and Derby; to to take into the king's hand and keep safely the lands of William Roos of Hamelak, ' chivaler '. (S) CFRs.


12/12/1414, “Margaret, widow of William de Roos of Hamelake.” (S) UKNA.

1433, Margaret, widow of Lord Roos, received a book of Gospels in French from Alesia, Lady Deyncourt. (S) Growth of English Schooling, Moran, 2014, P155.

6/14/1434, To the escheator in Yorkshire. Order to remove the king's hand and meddle no further with the manor of Nayburne, delivering to Margaret who was wife of William de Roos of Hamelake knight any issues thereof … (S) CCRs.

7/3/1438, Margaret died; both buried at Belvoir Priory: Roos, Margaret, who was the wife of William, kt: IsPM at Lincs, Yorks, Northants. (S) UKNA.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P704.

Child of William and Margaret: [5 sons, 4 daughters]

i. John de Roos, born 9/1398 in Hamelak, England. [Heir]

7/12/1415, Writ for IPM for Beatrice [John’s grandmother], widow of Thomas de Roos of Helmseley, Knight. York: She held £100 yearly from the fee farm of the city of York, payable by equal parts at Easter and Michaelmas by the bailiffs, by the grant of Hugh earl of Stafford and others, to Thomas and Beatrice and the heirs of their bodies, made with royal licence. She died on 14 April last. John son of William late Lord de Roos is her heir, aged 18 years and more. (S) CIsPM.

7/8/1419, Grant to John son and heir of William de Roos of Hamelak, ‘chivaler,’ … inheritances specified in inquisitions taken on the deaths of the said William and Beatrice late the wife of Thomas de Roos of Hamelak, ‘chivaler,’ his mother, … (S) CPRs.

8/23/1419, To the escheator in [multiple counties] … Order to give John son and heir of William de Roos of Hamelake knight livery … after the death of his father and after the death of Beatrice who was wife of Thomas de Roos of Hamelake knight, mother of the said William, who at her death held in dower and otherwise …  he came of age at Michaelmas day last … (S) CCRs.

1421, John and his brother William died in service in France.

ii. Margaret Roos (369405), born ~1410 in England.