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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sir John Hody & Elizabeth Jewe

950558. Sir John Hody & 950559. Elizabeth Jewe

~1395, John born in Dorset, England, s/o 1901116. Thomas Hody & 1901117. Margaret Cole.

By 1398, Elizabeth born in Somerset, England, d/o 1901118. John Jewe & 1901119. Isabella Mallet.

1415-16, Elizabeth’s father died.

By 10/18/1416, Elizabeth an orphan with her sister Joan and 3 brothers, John, William and Thomas. [Elizabeth became sole heir.]

1421-23, John a MP for Shaftesbury.

8/31/1422, Henry VI (an infant) succeeded Henry V as King of England.

4/1425, John Hody an arbitrator in the Court of Common Pleas. (S) CP40/657, rot. 407.

1427, … Thomas Carrewe, chivaler, … John Hody, cleric, … Thomas Hody, … and John Hody querents; and Reginald Molyns esquire and Alice his wife deforciants … manor of Stawell [Stowell] and the advowson … (S) Feet of Fines, County of Somerset. [‘John Hody, cleric’: 1422 a guardian of the temporalities of the bishopric of Chichester; 1435 the Chancellor of Wells.]

5/14/1427, Commitment to Thomas Broke,'chivaler,' by mainprise of John Hody of the county of Somerset, 'gentilman,' … (S) CFRs.

7/28/1428, Indenture of defeasance of a recognisance for 200 marks made by Robert lord of Ponynges … his feoffees shall abide and perform the award of John Hody and Thomas Cokayn chosen … arbitrators … (S) CCRs.

4/1429, ..., William Carent, John Hody, ..., John Twyneho ..., querents; and Nicholas Edmond and Margaret his wife deforciants; for 11 messuages, a mill, ... in Feltham and Frome in Selwood ... 300 marcs of silver.

~1430, John married Elizabeth.

10/6/1430, William Carent, esquire, John Fauntleroy and Thomas Hody, querents, and John Hody and Elizabeth, his wife, deforciants. A moiety of the manor of Berhall' in the county of Devon, and a moiety of the manors of Estwhitfeld' and Westwhitfeld' … in the county of Somerset, and a moiety of the manors of Pillesdon', Westchikerell' and Putton' … in the county of Dorset. … In default of heirs, remainder to the right heirs of Elizabeth. (S) Feet of Fines.

5/1/1431, Commitment to John Assh and John Hody … county of Devon … of the keeping of the manor of Whitewell, … (S) CFRs.

10/26/1431, Pardon for £20 … to William Carent esquire, Thomas Hody, John Hody, Thomas Husee, John Tyrell, … for acquiring … from John Stourton, knight, … the manor of Eyston atte Mounte, Essex. (S) CPRs.

11/26/1431, Commitment of the office of the escheatry in the counties of Somerset and Dorset to John Hody during pleasure, so that he answer at the Exchequer for the issues thereof. (S) CFRs.

1433, John a knight of the shire for Somerset. (S) CFRs, 12/27/1433.

12/27/1433, William Botreaux, ' chivaler', John Paulet, esquire, John Hody, esquire, to distribute £142 7s in the county of Somerset. (S) CFRs.

1434, John a member of multiple inquisitions: Hampshire, Dorset, Suffolk. (S) Cal. of IsPM.

1434-5, … William Carent and Thomas Hody, Alexander Hody, … querents ; and John Hody and Elizabeth his wife deforciants ; for a moiety of the manors of Estwhitfeld and Westwhitfeld [Wootton Glanville] … (S) Feet of Fines, County of Somerset.

11/8/1434, Commitment to John Stourton and John Hody, … county of Somerset … of the marriage of John the son and heir of John Hill, … a minor in the king's ward, … (S) CFRs.

7/12/1435, Writ to John Hody, to hold an inquisition concerning the lands in Devon and Cornwall of John Arundell, knight. … (S) CFRs.

10/18/1435, “John Hody and Richard Waleys, receiver-general of Katherine duchess of Norfolk. … John has received from Richard 20s. for the Michaelmas term of his fee.” (S) UKNA.

1436, John called upon to contribute towards the equipment of the army against France.

5/20/1437, The abbot of Glastonbury, John Hody, Alexander Hody, to distribute £142 7s in the county of Somerset. (S) CFRs.

5/27/1437, John Hody and Alexander Hody, knights coming to Parliament for Somerset. (S) CFRs. [At parliament, John selected to notify the House of Lords of the election of a new Speaker.]

1438, John presented to the rectory at Pillesdon, Somerset, in right of Elizabeth, his wife, ‘dau. and h. of John Jewe deceased’.

7/1/1439, “… John Hody, serjeant at law, …” (S) UKNA.

1439, John purchased the manor of Long Critchell in Dorset. [Multiple records in Patent Rolls.]

1440, John, Knight of the Shire for Somerset.

4/13/1440, John named Chief justice of the King’s bench, and given 40 marks a year for life. [Served 2 years until his death.] (S) CCRs.

2/18/1441, Edmund earl of Dorset, Eleanor his wife, John Talbot knight lord Talbot, Margaret his wife, George Neville lord Latymer and Elizabeth his wife shall abide and perform the award of John Hody knight chief justice appointed to hold pleas before the king. (S) CCRs.

6/29/1441, Award of John Hody, knight, chief justice of the Kings Bench as umpire … (S) CCRs.

12/17/1441, Sir John Hody wrote his will: directs that his body be buried in the church of Woolavington in Somerset near the body of Magister Johannes Hody, his uncle. … bequests to the Chantry Priests of Woolavington “for the love that he hadde to hyt, for ther he begane hys fyrst lernyng” … lands so excepted as aforesaid were to be settled on Elizabeth his wife for her life, with remainder to his son John in fee. He directs that the agreements made on the marriage of Johanna his daughter with Nicholas, son of John Latimer, esq., should be fulfilled. To his wife Elizabeth he gave £200 in gold, and 12 silver vessels called ‘a dozein garnisshed’, 6 of which he had lately bought in London, and the other 6 was a legacy from his said uncle; also 12 other silver dishes, together with one charger, …, and 2 basons of silver with lavers, in the centre of one of which was a rose, and of the other a shield of his arms. To Thomas Hody his father a silver-gilt cup, … To Alexander, the testator's brother, a silver-gilt covered cup ‘called a goblett’, and to Margaret, wife of the said Alexander, a silver-gilt covered cup, … To William Carent a silver cup parcel gilt. To Nicholas Latimer and to Johanna his wife, a piece of silver with a cover. To Richard Hygon and Elizabeth his wife a covered piece of silver. To John his son that half dozen of silver vessels which he had as a legacy from his uncle aforesaid, and 1 silver bason with laver, engraved in the middle with his arms, and he directs that the said John should be under the guardianship of his executors. To his cousins Richard Skey, and Alice sister of the said Richard, 25 marks each ... executors the said Elisabeth, William Carent, Thomas Hody and Alexander Hody. (S) Collectanea Topographica et Genealogica, V7, 1841, P23-26. (S) Jewe Family of Dorset. [The manor of Stowell was held by Executor William Carent, reconveyed to Elizabeth for her life, remainder to her son John Hody.]

12/1441, John died at Stowell manor.

1/1/1442, Grant to Edmund Hungerford, knight … John Hody (who is now deceased) … (S) CFRs.

[––Elizabeth & Robert Cappes––]

1447-48, Wlater Moreton ... querents; and Robert Cappes esquire and Elizabeth his wife deforciants, for the manors of Estwhitefeld and Westwhitefeld ... (S) Feet of Fines, V22, 1906, P200.

By 1448, Elizabeth married 2nd Robert Cappes, Esq. [1 son, James Cappys.]

1454, Robert Cappes, esq. presented at Pillesdon, Somerset, in right of his wife, dau. and heir of John Jewe.

5/1/1455, John Hody, Elizabeth’s son and heir, released the manor of Stowell, Somerset, to Robert Cappes and Elizabeth for their lives.

6/28/1461, Edward IV, age 19, replaced Henry VI as King of England in London.

4/22/1469, John Hody, her eldest son, released of all his right and interest in diverse manors in Somerset to Elizabeth. Elizabeth then settled the manor of Pillesdon on herself and Robert for life, with remainder to her son William Hody in tail. (S) Coll. Topo. et Gen., 1834, P27.

1473, Robert Cappes and Elizabeth his wife presented at Pillesdon, Somerset.

8/3/1473, Elizabeth died in Wiveliscombe, Somerset.

11/30/ 1473, IPM at Bridport, Dorset, of Elizabeth. (S) Coll. Topo. et Gen., 1834, P27.

(S) Delineations of Fonthill and its Abbey, Rutter, 1823, P118. (S) Proceedings, Somerset Arch. and Nat. Hist. Soc., 1898, P8. (S) The Lives of the Chief Justices of England, V1, Campbell, 2008, P144. (S) DNB, 1908, P972. (S) Collectanea Topo., V7, 1841, P23.

Children of John and Elizabeth:

i. Joan Hody (475279), born ~1430 in England.

Heraldic shield representing this marriage survives in Fonthill Abbey, Wiltshire, showing the arms of Latimer impaling Hody: ‘Argent, a fess per fess indented or and sable between two double cotices of the last.’

ii. Margaret Hody, born ? in England.

11/17/1441, Margaret married Thomas Bainham of Deans, Gloucestershire.

iii. Mary Hody, born ? in England.

1453, Mary married Robert Bond.

iv. John Hody, born ~1435 in England.

John, of Stowell and Netheway,married Elizabeth, d/o John Thornbury.

5/16/1461, John the heir of his uncle Sir Alexander Hody, who had been attained.

1498, John died, his son Andrew, aged 28 and more, his heir. (S) IsPM.

v. William Hody, born 1437 in England.

1475, William left a silver cup and other articles in the will of his stepfather.

William married Eleanor Malet of Curry Pool, Somerset.

William the Attorney General of England & Chief Baron of the Exchequer.

1489, 1508, 1516, William Hody, knight, presented at Pillesdon, Somerset.

1498, William named in the IsPM of his brother John.

6/18/1524, William died.