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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

G21: 1055434

1055434. Sir Thomas Charnel & 1055435. Maud Garnet

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~1310, Thomas born in Lincolnshire, England, eldest s/o 2110868. Sir Nicholas de Charnel.

~1330, Maud born in England, coheir & d/o 2110870. Sir Henry Garnet & 2110871. Joan ?.

1343, Thomas Charneles represented Leicester in parliament. (S) A Topo. History of the County of Leicester, Curtis, 1831, P-XXIV.

1344, Thomas Charneles represented Leicester in parliament. (S) The House of Lords, 1879, P139.

1345 Humphrey de Bohun appears as overlord of a manor of Hinxworth which was held of him by Henry Gernet and Joan his wife. Henry and Joan were to hold for life with reversion to John Darcy le Fitz and his wife Margery, to Thomas de Charnels and his wife Maud, and to Margaret sister of Maud, successively, Margery, Maud and Margaret being daughters of Henry and Joan.

Bef. 3/31/1347, Thomas de Charnels, chivaler, and others charged with having “arrayed in a manor of war … within the Hospitium of Lionel the King’s son [Lionel was present when the raid occurred], … had feloniously broken by night into the manor house of Beaumes, near Redyng, and had killed Michael de Poynges, the uncle, and Thomas le Clerk, of Shipton, and had forcibley abducted “rapuerunt” Margery, formerly wife of Nicholas de la Beche, at that time wife of Gerard de L’Isle, … (S) Collections for a History of Staffordshire, V14, 1893, P72. [John married Margery the same day.]

6/8/1347, Thomas pardoned “on testimony by Henry, Earl of Lancaster” because he was “wholly innocent”. [John Dalton had implicated several innocent men. John was eventually pardoned by the King “for good service”.] (S) Calendar of Patent Rolls, V22, P544.

1/30/1349, Sir Thomas de Charneles, of the retinue of Henry, Earl of Lancaster, given protection for lands in cos. Leicester and Warwick for service in France.

1350, Sir Thomas Charnels, Knt. released to Ralph Lord Stafford all his interest in the manor of Rokeby, Leicestershire. (S) The History of the Town and School of Rugby, 1826, P18.

1352-63, " Thomas Charnels, knight … Charnels requests that he might be granted protection for the time that he is in the king's service in the company of de la Vach.” (S) UKNA.

6/30/1361, Thomas Charnels, ‘chivaler,’ going to Ireland, has letters nominating … for one year. (S) CPRs.

Thomas of Elmesthorpe, Leicestershire, died.

1366, Maud sold her half of the manor of Wennington to Sir John Gildesborough, husband of her sister Margery.

Maud [apparently] instituted lawsuits in support of her daughter’s inheritance.

2/10/1370, St. Peter’s, Rome, “To the archbishop of Canterbury. Mandate to summon those concerned, and make order touching the legitimacy or illegitimacy of Matilda called ‘Charnelles,’ of London, who falsely asserts that she is the legitimate daughter of the late Thomas Charnelles, donsel, eldest son of the late Nicholas de Charnelles, knight, of the diocese of Lincoln, whose lawful heiress Joan, wife of Robert called ‘Charnelles’ alias Mariscall, has, with her husband, petitioned the pope touching the inheritance, Matilda being too powerful to be cited in the lay courts of the city and diocese of London.” (S) Calendar of Entries in the Papal Registers, V4, P84.

1377, John Charnels states that a Maud Charnels sued by writ of scire facias in Common Bench against John Marchal to recover the manors of Elmesthorpe, Bilton and Swepstone, … to disinherit John Charnels in future; the manors still being in the king's hand. He asks that he might be called to hear Maud’s suit … order to proceed to execution of judgments in favour of Maud, daughter of Thomas Charnels, notwithstanding the malicious suggestion by John Charnels that he had enfeoffed the Black Prince with these manors. (S) UKNA. [John ‘Charnells’ was of Bedworth.]

9/29/1409, Maud died.

(S) Victoria County History of Essex, V7, P182.

Child of Thomas and Maud:

i. Maud Charneles (527717), born ~1360 in England. [Heir]

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