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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

G21: 1247280

1247280. Lord Thomas Denebaud

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~1320, Thomas born in England, s/o 2494560. William Denebaud & 2494561. Joan Stocklinch.

5/1349, Thomas, Lord of Stoclynche Ostrizer, presented William de Foston , priest, to the hospital of St. Katherine near Bristol. (S) The Register of Ralph of Shrewsbury, Bishop of Bath and Wells.

3/22/1360, Commission to … levy the said moiety … Thomas Denebaud, … in the county of Somerset, to deposit the money in Glastyngbury abbey. (S) CPRs.

1361, Thomas, of Somerset, died holding half of Chaffcombe in right of his mother Joan Stocklinch. (S) UKNA, IPM. “Thomas Denebaud held a watermill, a fulling-mill and a carucate of land of the same inheritance by knight’s service, and died seised thereof on Saturday the feast of the Circumcision, 33 Edward III; after whose death they descended to John his son and heir, then aged 12 years and 12 weeks.”

Child of Thomas and ?:

i. John Denebaud (623640), born 1349 in England.

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