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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lord Thomas Denebaud & Jean de Brent

1247280. Lord Thomas Denebaud & 1247281. Jean de Brent

~1320, Thomas Denboud born in England, s/o 2494560. William Denebaud & 2494561. Joan Stocklinch.

~1325, Jean born in England, d/o 2494562. Robert de Brent & 2494563. Clarisa de la Ford.

1/24/1327, Edward III succeeded Edward II as King of England.

By 1346, Thomas succeeded his father at Hinton.

5/24/1346, Thomas Denebaucl, assessed at 2 hobelers in the county of Somerset, and discharged by the council from 1 of the 2 ; for 5 marks for the expenses of the 1. (S) CFRs. [The King, crossing beyond seas, reduced the commitments due to hardship conditions throughout England.]

1346, De Thoma Denebaud pro quarta parte un. f. in Suth Hilleye et Knolle … Somerset. (S) Feudal Aids, V4, 1906, P338. [Also: Johannes Dennabawd tenet di f.m. in holbrok et Moore quod Thomas Dennabawd quondam tenuit ibidem.]

1346, De Thomas Denebaud et comitissa Marescalla pro de. f. in Henton … (S) Feudal Aids, V4, 1906, P339.

6/17/1347, Thomas Denebaud presented to the chantry of Stokelinch Otrizer.

5/1348, William Touke, chaplain, instituted to the chantry in the church of Stoke Lynche Ostrizer, presented by Thomas Denebaud, lord of Stoclynche Ostrizer. [Edmund Barlich, priest, to the perpetual chantry, also by Thomas in the same month.]

12/18/1348, Thomas Denebaud associated with the room of Humphrey de Kayl (deceased) in collecting taxes in Somerset. (S) CFRs.

6/1348, The Plague reached Dorset, and had spread across England by the end of 1349.

1/1349, Edmund Barlich, priest, to the church of Stoke Lynche Ostrizer at the presentation of Thomas.

2/25/1349, Commission to … reciting that the king appointed John de Poulet, … to levy in the county of Somerset for the 1st year the 10th and 15th for 3 years … and afterwards associated with them … Thomas Denebaud … (S) CFRs.

5/1349, Thomas, Lord of Stoclynche Ostrizer, presented William de Foston , priest, to the hospital of St. Katherine near Bristol.

1349, John Warre died holding 4 virgates of Thomas Denebaud by knight’s service and rendering 10s yearly. (S) IPM of John Warre.

10/18/1349, Thomas held court at Henton, Somerset. Joan, in her ‘childbed’, was visited by William Major and Walter Davy. (S) Proof of age of son John.

7/20/1350, Commission to levy in the county of Somerset the 10th and 15th … Thomas Denebaud … (S) CFRs.

1351, Margaret, widow of John de Beauhamp of Somerset, grants a tenement in Shepton Beauchamp ... Witnesses – Thomas Denebaud, ... (S) Proc’s Somerset A&NH Society, 1891, P42.

1/26/1352, We [Bishop of Bath and Wells] enjoin you by the bearer of these our letters patent levy the 15th granted to us for this 2nd year, &c. To our dear and trusty Walter de Rodeney, knight ; … Thomas Denebaud …

1/26/1353, We enjoin you by the bearer of these our letters patent levy the 15th granted to us for this 2nd year, &c. To our dear and trusty Walter de Rodeney, knight ; John de Ralegh, of Netilcomb, Thomas Denebaud and John Milbourn. (S) CFRs.

5/20/1354, Writ of plenius certiorari to ..., escheator in co. Somerset, on the complaint of Thomas Denebaud that, whereas John le Warre on the day of his death held two messuages and four virgates of land in Henton St. George of him by knight’s service ..., the said messuages ..., by pretext of an inquisition taken by Robert de Hadham ..., had been taken into the king’s hand by way of custody by reason of the minority of the said John’s heir, praying the king to remove his hand from the aforesaid .... (S) IPM of John Warre.

3/22/1360, Commission to … levy the said moiety … Thomas Denebaud, … in the county of Somerset, to deposit the money in Glastyngbury abbey. (S) CPRs.

4/2/1360, To the sheriff of Somerset. Order, to Thomas Denebaud, Robert de Shippele, Edmund de Lyouns and Henry de Forde, collectors in that county, to levy and collect the 10th and 15tn granted for the expenses ... for defence of the realm, and to command them on behalf of the king, under the like pain, to be attendant without delay or excuse ... [Apparently the collectors in the counties were not collecting the funds as quickly as the King desired.]

7/10/1360, To Thomas Denebaud, ... in Somerset, to deliver £260 at the receipt of the exchequer, to keep 100s., pay 24s. to Edmund de Glendon one of the arrayers, and 12s. to a man who came to Westminster, and repay £210 75s 5d ... by view of the abbot of Glastonbury, John de Clyvedon and Walter de Rodeneye. (S) CCRs.

1/1361, Thomas, of Somerset, died holding half of Chaffcombe in right of his mother Joan Stocklinch. (S) UKNA, IPM. “Thomas Denebaud held a watermill, a fulling-mill and a carucate of land of the same inheritance by knight’s service, and died seised thereof on Saturday the feast of the Circumcision, 33 Edward III;  after whose death they descended to John his son and heir, then aged 12 years and 12 weeks.”

[––Post Mortem––]

1/23/1361, Order to the escheator of Somerset to take into the king’s hands the lands of Thomas Denebaud who held in chief, was seised in his demesne as of fee on the day of his death. (S) CFRs.

2/14/1361, IPM of Thomas Denebaud. Somerset: Henton Seint Jorge. The manor (extent given, including a pasture called ‘Syndre Assh’), held of Isabel the king’s daughter, as of her manor of Hampstede Marchall, by knight’s service. Stokelynch. A messuage, a carucate of land and 53s. 4d. rent, held of Thomas de la Bere by knight’s service; and 20a. land, held of the heir of John de Bello Campo, a minor in the king’s wardship, by knight’s service. He died on the feast of the Circumcision last. John Denebaud his son, aged 12 years and more, is his heir. (S) Cal. IsPM.

1362, Survey of the Denebaud estate: There were 180 a. of arable, of which two-thirds were sown each year; 20 a. of grassland in severalty for hay and thereafter in common, common of pasture worth 12s., and some additional pasturage, together with a little wood. The manor complex was not described, but there were 2 dovecots, and 2 gardens were worth little in that year because the apple trees had been blown down. There was also a mill on the estate.

(S) Hist. of the County of Somerset, V4, 1978, Hinton St. George. (S) Register of Ralph of Shrewsbury, Bishop of Bath and Wells.

Children of Thomas and Jean:

i. John Denebaud (623640), born 1349 in England.

ii. Thomas Denebaud, born ? in England.

7/15/1391, … at his death John Denebaude tenant in chief held …  that Geoffrey le Frye deceased granted the premises in Nethedoun in the hundred of Crukerne to Thomas Denebaude and John Denebaude his brother, both deceased, for their lives and the life of the longest liver, … (S) CCRs.

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