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Thursday, June 3, 2010

G21: 1250080

1250080. Nicholas Aucher

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~1340, Nicholas born in England, s/o §Thomas Aucher.

Nicholas married the daughter of Oxenbridge of Brede, Sussex.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P249. (S) A Gen. and Heraldic …, Burke, 1835, P27.

Family notes:
• Losenham, … situated within the township of Newenden, within the hundred of Selbrittenden. The seat of a branch of the family of Aucher, deriving their origin from Ealcher, or Aucher, the first earl of Kent, who had also the title of Duke, from being intrusted with the military power of the county. His descendant Walter Fitz Auger, flourished at the time of the conquest, and was a benefactor to the monks of St. Saviour's, Bermondsey. His descendant Thomas Fitz Aucher was possessed of the manor of Losenham, with other lands in Essex, in the reign of king John. (S) The township and parish of Newenden, The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent: V7, 1798, pp. 163-172.
• 1241, Thomas Aucher founded a priory dedicated to the Virgin Mary for friars Carmelites, who had come the previous year from Palestine. Thomas is buried in the choir of the church.

Children of Nicholas and ?:

i. Henry Aucher (625040), born ~1370 in England.

ii. William Aucher, born in ? in England.
Christina Aucher, born ?.
Christina married Arnald de Alkham.

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