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Monday, June 14, 2010

G21: 1477426

1477426. Sir Paon de Roet

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Paon, baptized “Gilles”, born in Hainault, Belgium, s/o Jean de Roët, s/o Huon de Roët.

1305, Paon heir to his father.

12/1327, Payn of the entourage of Philippa of Hainaut as she traveled to England to marry King Edward III.

1/24/1328, Paon at the wedding of Philippa and King Edward.

After the wedding, besides a few ladies in waiting, only Paon and Walter de Mauney, Philippa’s carving squire, remained in England.

1332, Queen Philippa gave a present to ‘Panetto de Roed, de Hanonia.

1334, Paon created Guienne King-of-arms. [Guienne a part of the Duchy of Acquitaine.]

1345, on the death of Philippa and Margaret’s older brother, Margaret became soverign Countess of Hainault.

8/26/1346, Paon with King Edward at the Battle of Crecy in France.

1346-47, “Sir Panetto de Roët” at the siege of Calais, France.

8/1347, Paon the Marshall of the Household of Queen Philippa.

1347, Paon and Walter de Mauney, knights of Queen Philippa, escorted the 6 burghers from Calais, France, who had given themselves up as hostalges to the Black Prince, and were spared at the request of the Queen, to visit her in her chamber.

1349, a year of the Black death, Paon returned to Hainault.

Aft. 7/27/1349, a “noble adolescent, Elizabeth de Roët, daughter of my lord Gilles, called Paonnet, de Roët” was nominated as a prebendary of the Abbey of St. Waudru in Mons by Queen Philippa’s elder sister Margaret, soverign Countess of Hainault and Empress of Germany. [Mons is close to the former Roeulx estates – again showing a possible link to this ancient family – as claimed by Katherine.]

5/11/1350, Paon preparing to accompany Duke Albert, Duke William and Duke Otto, sons of Countess Margaret, on a pilgrimage to the church of St. Martin at Sebourg near Valenciennes.

1351, Paon, Knight Master of the Household of Countess Margaret in Hainault.

12/1351, Paon with Countess Margaret, her lands under attack by her 2nd son William, when she went to England to get support of King Edward III.

[Likely Katherine’s mother died at this time.]

1352, Paon placed his 2-year-old daughter Katherine under the Queen Philippa’s care.

3/1352, Paon returned to Hainault with Countess Margaret.

[1355] Paon died in England, buried in Old St. Pauls’s Cathedral.

(S) Mistress of the Monarchy, Weir, 2007.

Family notes:
• Paon’s death in 1355 is based upon his lack of appearance in records after 1352; and his son being called to England in 5/1355.
• 1411, Paon’s grandson Thomas Swinford would pursue claims to lands in Hainault inherited through his mother.
• The question of Paon’s royal linkage is unresolved; but he did place his 4 children in royal courts – a sign that their marriages were of importance to the royal family, and one daughter, Katherine, was considered marriable by John of Gaunt.
• St. Waudru was a prestigious and influential abbey linked to the royal family of Hainault. Elizabeth was even accepted as an “adolescent”, not yet of age 13, the normal age for acceptance.
• Paon’s tomb inscription [from 1631]: “Here lies Paon Roet, soldier, Guienne King of Arms, father of Catherine, Duchess of Lancaster.”

Children of Payn and ?:

i. Elizabeth de Roët, born 1336-37 in England.
Bef. 7/24/1368, Elizabeth died in the convent in Mons.

ii. Walter de Roët, born 1338-39 in England.
1355, Walter initially in the service of the Duke of Albert, s/o Margaret, Countess of Hainault.
5/1355, Walter a Yoeman to the Chamber of the Prince [the Black Prince.]

ii. Katherine de Roët (738713), born ~1350 in Hainault.

ii. Philippa Roet, born ~1352 in England.
Philippa married to Geoffrey Chaucer.
9/2/1366, Philippa, demoiselle of the Queen’s Chamber to Queen Philippa; Geoffrey a Yeoman of the Chamber of Edward III.
3/1/1360, Geoffrey Chaucer ransomed in France by King Edward III for £16.
1370, Chaucer wrote “The Boke of the Duchesse”, in honor of John of Gaunt’s deceased wife.
8/1372, John of Gaunt granted Philippa Chaucer £10 a year.
6/13/1374, John of Gaunt granted Geoffrey Chaucer £10 a year.
6/20/1367, Geoffrey granted a pension of 20 marks a year by Edward III.
7/17/1368, Edward III sent Geoffrey to France on official business.
5/10/1374, Geoffrey given lifetime, rent-free lease of a property that straddled Aldgate in London by John, Duke of Lancaster. [Geoffrey would soon after be given lucrative offices in London and a pension of £10 yearly.]
1387, Philippa, lady to Queen Constance, died in Leon [Spain]; Geoffrey surviving.

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