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Friday, June 18, 2010

Lord John Stanley & Isabel Lathom

1477480. Lord John Stanley & 1477481. Isabel Lathom

1353-54, John born in Cheshire, England, s/o 2954960. William de Stanleigh & 2954961. Alice de Mascy.

1360, John’s father died, his older brother William the heir, Lord of Hotone.

1364, John’s mother died.

~1365, Isabel born in England, 2954962. Sir Thomas de Lathom & 2954963. Joan Venables.

Robert de Workesely states that he has wardship of Elizabeth, daughter of Geoffrey de Workesely and Isabel de Lathom, ....” (S) UKNA.

7/16/1377, Richard II crowned king of England.

Isabel 1st married Sir Geoffrey de Workesley of Lancanshire. [Marriage eventually declared unlawful.]

1378, John pardoned in the death of Thomas de Clotham [cousin of Isabel], at the prayer of Sir Thomas Tryvet, knt., “in consideration of the good service the said John done, and to be done, in Aquitaine”. [John about to depart with Sir Thomas.]

11/15/1379, Articles of agreement. Nicholas Wareyn, ... Mayor [Bristol] seal of John Stanley added at request of William Pounham. (S) UKNA.

1381, Isabel’s father died, her only brother Thomas the heir.

1382, Settlement of Huyton manor … remainders to Margaret daughter of Thomas and Joan, and her heirs male; to Isabel sister of Margaret; to Cecily sister of Isabel; and to Katherine sister of Cecily; then to Joan and her heirs for ever. (S) A Hist. of the County of Lancaster: V3, 1907.

[––John & Isabel––]

1383, John married Isabel.

1385, Sir John Stanley put forward a suit to possess the manor of Lathom in right of his wife Isabella on a plea of intail. [In 1383, Isabel’s older brother and family heir died, leaving only a daughter who was born after his death.]

1385, John, Lord-Deputy of Ireland to Robert de Vere, Earl of Oxford, with a grant of Blake castle. (S) Chron. Hist., V1, Toone, 1828, P77. [The year of the Battle of Tochar Cruacháin Brí Eile in Ireland –  Gaelic forces of Uí Failghe, led by Murchadh Ó Conchobhair, against the Normans.]

11/1385 at parliament, the Duke of Lancaster, an enemy of Robert de Vere, petitioned [successfully] to have John removed from Lathom and Knowsley, part of the Duke’s palatinate, because he had acquired the lands in right of his wife without properly notifying the Duke. [The Duke eventually returned the lands to John.]

3/2/1386, Protection with clause volumes for one year … going to Ireland on the king’s service … John de Stanley, knight … with 60 men-at-arms and 180 archers … supplying the place of Robert de Veer, marquess of Dublin. (S) CPRs.

1386-1410, John a member of the Privy Council to the king.

2/18/1389, Grant, for life, … to John de Stanley, knight, [warden of Berwick-upon-Tweed] of a plot of land in Ireland called ‘Blakecastell,’ … (S) CPRs.

8/13/1389, Power for John de Stanley, knight, whilst the king’s justiciary in Ireland, to present … beneficies … which shall become vacant … (S) CPRs.

8/20/1389, John “Monseigneur Johau Stanley avera la guarde de la terre d’Irelande” in minutes of the Privy Council.

~1390, Isabel coheir to her niece Ellen Lathom.

2/20/1391, Order to John de Stanley, justiciary of Ireland, to cause the castle of Cragfergus in Ulster to be put into a proper state of defence with men, victuals and artillery, … being so wasted by attacks from the Irish enemies of the king … (S) CPRs.

1394, John appointed Justice of Chester.

1395-96, Parties to Indenture: John Stanley, knight, Nature of Service: Custody of Roxburgh castle. (S) UKNA.

1397, John’s older brother, William, died with heirs.

1397, John purchased multiple manors from John, Lord Strange.

1397, John and Isabel received a papal indult for a portable alter.

1398, John and Isabel received a papal dispensation for being related by 3rd and 4th degrees.

5/11/1398, John Stanley, knight, keeper of the castle of Rokesburgh. (S) CPRs.

3/4/1399, Appointment of John Stanley, controller of the household … so long as he shall stay in Ireland. (S) CPRs.

9/29/1399, Imprisoned Richard II resigned as king of England.

10/13/1399, Henry IV crowned king of England.

1/7/1400 at Terbok, Henry son of Henry of Terbok, to Thomas of the Ryding, … -- Witn: Sir John of Stanley, Sir Nicholas of Haveryngton, Sir Gilbert of Halsale, Henry the Norreye, Nicholas Blundel. (S) UKNA.

2/23/1400, … king’s knight John Stanley, lieutenant of Ireland. (S) CPRs.

7/21/1401, John, by letters of privy seal, called to an assembly at Westminster.

7/21/1403, John, a Royalist, wounded in the throat at the Battle of Shrewsbury in Shropshire. The first occasion where massed troops armed with the longbow were pitted against each other on English soil. The Percys had about 14,000 men, King Henry is believed to have had more. Henry “Hotspur” Percy and his brother Thomas were killed. [7000 horse were said to be looted after the battle.]

9/13/1403, Henry, prince of Wales, duke of Aquitaine, … at Kelyngworthe granted John de Stanley, his knight, steward of his household, the offices of steward of Maclesfeld and surveyor of the forest … and master forester … (S) CPRs.

1404, John appointed steward, surveyor, master forester, and rider of the hundred and forest of Macclesfield.

12/1404, Sir John created Knight of the Garter (S) The Order of the Garter, Collins, P292.

1405, John Stanley, Steward of the king's household. (S) UKNA.

1405, John and Roger Leke commissioned to seize the city of York and the Isle of Man. [Confiscated from Henry de Percy.]

1/15/1406, Licence for the king’s knight John de Stanley, steward of the household, to crenellate a house which he has built in the town of Lyverpole, co. Lancaster [called “The Tower”.] (S) CPRs.

1406, After the forfeiture of Henry Percy, Earl of Northumbeland, the Isle of Man given to Sir John Stanley, Steward of the king’s household, on condition “of rendering to our heirs the future Kings of England, two falcons on the days of their coronation”. [The family held the Isle until 1736 when it again came under the rule of the crown – but still self governing.]

2/22/1407, Grant to the king’s knight John de Stanley, steward of the household, that each year during his life he may buy 500 quarter of wheat, 1000 quarters of malt, 20 tuns of wine and as much salt and fresh fish as can suffice for the victualling of his household and his castle and peel in the Isle of Man, and take the same from Ireland to England or to the said Isle. (S) CPRs.

1408, Grant to the Barons of Faversham, at their petition, ... that the Mayor and Barons shall enjoy their franchises and liberties without challenge. Witnesses: ..., Henry, Price of Wales, Edward, Duke of York, brother of the King, John Somers, Chamberlain, Edmund Earl of Kent, and Thomas Earl of Arundell, William de Roos de Hamelak, Richard Grey de Codenore, John Tiptoft, Treasurer, and John Stanley, Steward of the Kings Household, Knights. (S) UKNA.

8/10/1409, John appointed Lieutenant of Ireland, superceding the king’s son the Duke of Lancaster. [After a decisive defeat the Privy Council decided a seasoned soldier and leader was needed.]

11/12/1409, Grant of market to Thomas [Arundel] Archbishop of Canterbury. Witnesses: ..., Henry Prince of Wales, first born son, Edward Duke of York, John Earl of Somerset, chamberlain, Thomas Earl of Arundel, Ralph Earl of Westmoreland, William de Roos of Hamelak, Richard Grey of Codenore, John Tiptoft, treasurer, John Stanley, steward of the household, master John Prophete, keeper of the privy seal. (S) UKNA.

5/12/1411, Sir John Stanley to Robert de Derby of Liverpool and Roger Penketh. (S) UKNA.

1411, John received a papal indult to celebrate mass before daybreak.

4/9/1413, Henry V crowned king of England.

6/29/1413, John again appointed Lord Deputy of Ireland for 6 years, by King Henry V. (S) 12 Henry IV, P130, 1834.

7/10/1414, Minutes of the Council. ‘The Treasurer and Chamberlains to be commanded to pay Sir John Stanley, for the expences of his voyage to Ireland £120. (S) 12 Henry IV, Pg-VII, 1834.

10/1413, John landed at Clontarf, Ireland.

1/6/1414, John died at Ardee, Ireland; buried at Burscough Priory, Lancanshire.

10/26/1414, Isabel died.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P770. (S) Legislation of Three of the Thirteen Stanleys, Kings of Man, Mackenzie, 1860. (S) Hist. of the Co. & Duchy of Lancaster, V2, 1870, P271. (S) A Hist. of the Co. of Lancaster: V2, 1907, P412.

Family notes:

·         John, Lord of Mann, by feudal authority, delivered the Isle from Papal authority. [The Isle was a center of Druidism who were its primary teachers.]

·         By 1337 William de Stanley born in Chester, England.

·         1361, William Stanley of Stanley and Stourton, forester of Wirral Forest. Wife Alice de Mascy d/o Hamon de Mascy of Timperley, Cheshire. [There are multiple possibilities for Alice's father.]

·         1397 at Chester, William de Stanley, senior, age 60 years and more, makes oath [proof of age of William de Venables] … Richard de Mascy of Sale, aged 60 years and more, and Hugh de Coton, age 50 years, and others testify to the same date. (S) East Cheshire, V1, Earwaker, 1877, P47.

·         1397, William de Stanley died.

Child of John and Isabel: [4 sons, 2 daughters]

i. John Stanley (738740), born 1384 in England.

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