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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lord William de Moleyns & Margery Bacon

1477544. Lord William de Moleyns & 1477545. Margery Bacon

1332, William born in England, s/o 2955088. Sir John de Molyns & 2955089. Egidia Maudit.

1336, Margery born in Norfolk, England, heiress & d/o 2955090. Sir Edmund Bacoun & 2955091. Margery Poynings.

3/6/1336, Margery’s father died.

2/16/1338, Licence for John de Molyns to enfeoff Robert de la Hay, … of the manors of Dachette, Fulmere and Brehull, co. Buckingham, Henle, co. Oxford and Henle, co. Surrey, … for the said John and Egidia his wife … with remainders … to John son of the said John de Molyns, and to William brother of the said John son of John, in tail male, … (S) CPRs.

1346, John de Moleyns holding the manor of Weston Turville, enfeoffed his son John de Molyns and his wife Joan for themselves and the heirs of their bodies, with remainder to William the brother of the feoffee.

1346-47, William’s older brother John died.

1348, Margery’s mother died.

4/12/1339, Release by John Fitz Bernard …, to Sir John de Molyns, knight, and Egidia his wife, William their son and his heirs, of all his right and claim in the manor of Adynton, co. Buckingham. (S) CCRs.

6/1349, The Plague reached Dorset, and had spread across England by the end of 1349.

1352, William a king’s yeoman, and Knight of the Shire.

[––William & Margery––]

Bef. 3/12/1352, William married Margery, age 15.

10/13/1352, To escheator of Norfolk and Suffolk. Order to cause William son of John de Molyns, the king’s yeoman, and Margery his wife, daughter and heir of Edmund Bacoun, tenant in chief, to have seisin of all the lands which Margery de la Beche, late Edmunds wife, held in dower … Margery is of full age … at Ditton, co. Buckingham, … (S) CCRs.

3/12/1353, IPM of Margery, late the wife of Nicholas De La Beche, sometime wife of Edmund Bacoun. Essex: Hathfeld Peverel. The manor (extent given) held for her life, whereof a capital messuage with certain lands &c. is held of the king as of the honour of Huntyndon by service of a sixth part of a knight’s fee, and other lands &c. are held of the earl of Hereford by service of 12d. yearly or a pair of gilt spurs. She died at Cales, 20 March, 23 Edward III. Margery Bacon, aged 15 1/2 years, married to William son of John de Molyns, knight, is daughter and heir of Edmund Bacoun. (S) CIsPM.

4/27/1353, Wheras Walter de Mauny, knight, … granted to John de Molyns, knight, … manor of Chardesle, … with remainders in tail male to William, his son, and to John brother of the said William, who has since died without heir male of his body, … (S) CPRs.

9/9/1355, King Edward and Henry, duke of Lancaster, sail for Normandy from Plymouth, with the Black Prince who had been appointed lieutenant in Gascony; to oppose raids by the count of Armagnac.

10/10/1355, William, chivaler, going to France for a month.

By 11/15/1355, King Edward returns to England; leaving his son to attack other areas.

3/30/1356, IPM of Edmund Bacoun and Margery his wife. Writ to the sheriff of Essex. Whereas, after taking the fealty of William son of John de Molyns, who married Margery daughter of the said Edmund, who was said to be his sole heir, as well for all the lands and tenements which Margery de la Beche (2955091 – 2nd husband’s name), deceased, sometime wife of the said Edmund, held … by an inquisition afterwards taken it was found that John son of John de Burgherssh, deceased, tenant in chief, a minor in the king’s wardship, is another of the heirs of the said Edmund … William son of John de Molyns and Margery his wife say that no lands late of Edmund Bacon delivered to them are held of the king in chief, except a parcel of the manor of Hatfeld Peverel, … (S) CCRs.

10/26/1356, Order to escheator in the county of Essex … Margery Bacoun, wife of William son of John de Molyns, was the daughter and heir of Edmund Bacoun, and of full age, lately took the fealty of William, believing Margery to be the sole heir of Edmund. … which Edmund held in his demesne as of fee, as well as those which Margery late the wife of Edmund held in dower or otherwise for life of the inheritance … it has been found by later inquisitions that John, son of John de Burgherssh, deceased, and of Maud, his wife, likewise deceased, another daughter of the said Edmund, is a kinsman and other heir of the said Margery daughter of Edmund. (S) CFRs.

By 1357, William’s father John imprisoned in Nottingham castle, and his mother Egidia in Cambridge castle.

8/18/1357, To the Keepers of the lands of John de Molyns, in the King’s hands. Order to pay to William de Molyns, son of the said John, 50 marks for the maintenance of John and Egidia his wife, and of the said William and Margaret his wife. (S) CCRs.

9/24/1359, John de Moluns, ‘chivaler,’ now detained in the prison of Notingham castle, shall stay henceforth with his wife Egidia in safe keeping in Cambridge castle, his has appointed William de Molyns, son of the said John, … to receive him … bring him to Cambridge castle … (S) CPRs.

10/1359, William de Molyns and others in the forest of Clare [Buckingham] met John Watche, who had divers rolls and muniments touching the lord king both concerning divers articles of which John de Molyns was indicted before the lord king. And when they saw that John Watche had with him those documents and that Watche was a minister and of counsel against John de Molyns, they threatened him. From fear Watche swore that he would be of counsel and aid of the John de Molyns. Thereafter they broke into a royal manor and into the tower "ubi secreta dicti Johannis extiterunt". (S) King’s Council, T1359 A.

By 6/30/1360, William heir to his father. [His mother given a general pardon after his father’s death.]

1361, A partition of Edmund Bacon's property was made between his heirs, making the division between Moleyns and Burghersh. Gresham went to Margery.

5/14/1362, To … escheator in Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk. Order to deliver to William son of John de Molyns, and Margery his wife, the manors of Gressham co. Norfolk and Olton co. Suffolk for the purparty of Margery, and to John de Mohun and Joan his wife the manors of Hatfeld Peverell and Wytham co. Essex for the purparty of John son of John de Burgherssh, to hold in name of wardship until his lawful age according to the king's commission to the said Joan; … finding of an inquisition … Margery who was wife of Edmund Bacon at her death held in dower and otherwise for life of the heritage of the heir of the said Edmund certain lands in Hatfeld Peverell …, and that Margery Bacon, whom William son of John de Molyns has taken to wife, was daughter and heir of the said Edmund and of full age, and believing … that the said Margery was sole heir of Edmund, … on the finding of another inquisition, … John, son of John de Burgherssh deceased tenant in chief and of Maud his wife likewise deceased another daughter of Edmund, a minor in the king's wardship, is cousin and another heir of Edmund, … the king should be contented of the value of the issues thereof for the time that William and Margery occupied the same, rendering at the exchequer £53 9s. 8d. a year … by their assent the king assigned to William and Margery the said manors of Gresham and Olton and to John son of John de Burgherssh the said manors of Hatfeld Peverel and Wytham, the manors of Brune co. Cambridge and Kyngeseye cos. Bukingham and Oxford for his purparty, saving to Margery wife of William and to John son of John their action concerning the partition of other lands of that heritage (if any), and rendered their purparty to William and Margery his wife, having at another time taken the fealty of William. (S) CCRs.

1364-65, “Parties: Rex v Wm de Molyns, kt Subject: Wendover manor, claimed by Robert de Fiennes of France in accordance with the treaty with John late King of France. County: Bucks.” (S) UKNA.

1366, A partition of the lands late of Sir Edmund Bacon between William Molyns and Margery his wife, and John Burghersh and Maud his wife [niece of Margery]. (S) Hist. Co. Norfolk, Armstrong, 1781, P15.

1/21/1367, William’s mother died.

1/26/1367, IPM of Gilles (Egidia) late the wife of John de Molyns. … Buckingham: She held the premises for life by a fine levied in the king’s court to her and John de Molyns her late husband, with remainders to John their son and the heirs male of his body, and to William, brother of the said John son of John. Because the said John brother of William died without heir male of his body, after the death of John and Gilles [Egidia] all the premises shall remain to William … (S) CIsPM.

1367, Sir William de Molyns, going to France, enrolled an indenture for 4 feoffees of his lands under the condition that the feoffees made arrangements for his and his ancestors’ souls, and that they enfeoff his heir Richard with a remainder. (S) Development of the Modern Trust, Breach, 2018, P224.

11/22/1367, William de Molyns, ‘chivaler,’ going beyond the seas from Dover with 5 persons, 6 horses, and £100 for his expenses. (S) CPRs. [Peter of Castile had appealed to the Black Prince for help in a war of succession in Castile. There were no known battles involving English forces.]

11/26/1367, Roger de Puttenham attorney for William de Molyns, ‘chivaler,’ going beyond the seas by the king’s licence. [Roger was previously associated with William’s father.] (S) CPRs.

2/26/1367, Order to escheator of Buckingham … Egidia late the wife of John de Molyns held in chief in fee tail on the day of her death the manors of Aston Bernard and Ilmere, co. Buckingham, by the service of being the king's falconer, … and that William de Molyns, knight, is their son and next heir, and of full age,—to deliver the manors to the said heir, as the king has taken his homage and fealty. (S) CFRs.

2/6/1369, William de Molyns, ‘chivaler,’ staying in parts beyond the seas … (S) CPRs.

1369, William inherited Weston Molyns from Sir Michael Poynings, husband of deceased Joan, widow of John Molyns [his older brother.] (S) Hist. of Buckingham, V2, 1908, P365.

11/26/1369, Order to John de Evesham, escheator in the counties of Oxford and Wilts, … Agnes late the wife of John Mauduyt held in chief in joint feoffment with her said husband, deceased, divers manors and lands in the said counties by knight service, with reversion after her death to William de Molyns, son and heir of John de Molyns and Gilles, his wife, who is of full age, by virtue of certain fines levied in the king's court with the king's licence,—to deliver the premises to William, as the king has taken his homage and fealty. (S) CFRs.

11/29/1369, “Dominus William de Molyns” a witness to a quitclaim. (S) UKNA.

8/24/1370, Order to deliver in dower to Joan the king's mother the knights' fees and parts of fees of Edward prince of Wales etc. which the king has assigned to her ... one knight's fee in Adynton held by William Molyns knight at 100s. (S) CCRs.

1371, “To the same Keeper, by the hands of Sir William de Molyns, Knight, by divers tallies raised this day, delivered to the same Willliam, for the expenses of himself, his men at arms, and archers, going with him in the retinue of the Lord the King beyond the sea.” (S) Issue Roll of Thomas de Brantingham, Bishop of Exeter, Lord High Treasurer.

6/1371, An English fleet of 14 transports and 36 warships was badly beaten at sea by the Spaniards off of La Rochelle, including the loss of £20,000.

11/1/1372, Sir William mentioned in a feoffment of William de Saunderton. (S) UKNA.

1372-73, “Particulars of the account of William Molyns of wages of soldiers engaged at sea and other expenses.” (S) UKNA.

By 1374, William and Margery had sold the rights to Bacons manor in Essex. (S) Hist. of Essex, V10, Cooper, 2001, P80.

6/4/1374, John, son of John Lenueysey, and Elizabeth, his wife, querents … And the manor of Hogenorton' [Oxfordshire] shall remain to William de Molyns, knight, and his heirs, to hold of the lord king and his heirs for ever. (S) Feet of Fines, 288/50/756.

7/14/1375, Reynold de Grey of Ruthyn knight, to William de Molyns knight. Recognisance for 1,000 marks, to be levied; in default of payment, of his lands and chattels in Bedfordshire. (S) CCRs.

5/26/1376, William de Molyns, son and heir of John Molyns, founder a chantry of the altar of St. Katharine in Burnham abbey, in the diocese of Lincoln, remiss in presenting to the chantry. (S) CPRs.

1/7/1377, William a godfather to his grandson William Molyns (369386) at the St. Stephen Colmanstret church in London. (S) Proof of age of William.

7/16/1377, Richard II crowned king of England.

4/29/1377, William de Molyns on a commission of array in Buckingham. (S) CPRs.

11/12/1377, Commission of oyer and terminer … William de Molyns, knight, … (S) CPRs.

6/8/1378 at Stoke Pougeys, Richard de Molyns, eldest son of Sir William de Molyns knight, to William Forde clerk, ... Confirmation with warranty of a charter indented whereby his said father granted to them for their lives the manors of Somerforde, Lee and Gore co. Wiltesir and Swirford co. Oxford, ... (S) CCRs.

11/16/1378, Writ de expensis for ... Bukinghamshire. William de Molyns knight and Thomas Sakeville knight for 34 days service to attend parliament. (S) CCRs.

1379, William the assessor of taxes in Bucks.

1379, Sir William de Molyns had 3 retinue archers with taxes paid in the county of Oxfordshire. (S) Service Patterns of English Archers, Gibbs, 2015.

1380, “Grantor: William de Molyns, knight. Grantee: Thomas Sekyndon, clerk, … Subject: Grant of the reversion of the manor of Hook Norton.” (S) UKNA.

10/14/1380, William Molyns and his fellows, guardians of the peace and justices of oyer and terminer in Buckinghamshire. Writ ... (S) CCRs.

2/14/1381, Sir “William Molyns, knight: Oxfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Warwickshire, Wiltshire, Buckinghamshire” died, his heir his son Richard. (S) IPM at New Sarum, (S) UKNA.

2/16/1381, Writ for IsPM of William Molyns, Knight. Oxford: He held Henle on Thames. … including an enclosure called ‘le Park,’ a fishery in the Thames, a gildage of merchants called ‘gyldeselver,’ a weekly market on Thursday, and a yearly fair …, held of the king in chief. Broughton. … held of the king in chief by knight’s service, to wit, by serjeanty. He died on 14 February last. Richard de Molyns, knight, aged 22 [21-26 years in various inquisitions] years and more, is his son and heir. Norfolk: Cresham. The manor, held of the earl of Arundel, as of the honor of Castelacre, by service of 2 knights’ fees, of the right and inheritance of Margery, his wife, who is still living. Suffolk: Olton manor in right of Margery. Warwick: Wodkote … Wilts: Whitele manor … Buckingham: [many manors given.] (S) CIsPM.


3/16/1381, To Thomas de Illeston escheator in Wiltesir. Order in presence of Richard de Molyns, son and heir of William Molyns knight, [or his attorney] to assign dower to Margery who was wife of the said William of whom the king has commanded an oath to be taken that she shall not marry without the king's licence. (S) CCRs.

3/24/1382, Margery de Molyns borrowed £200 from Simon de Burley, knight of London. (S) UKNA.

1382, Margery, widow of Sir William de Moleyns, received £100 as a recognizance for Oxfordshire holdings in reversion of Sir Philip de la Vache.

1/6/1384, At Great Missenden, Lady Margery Molyns the godmother of Bernard, son and heir of Edmond Mussenden. (S) Proof of age of Bernard, 1/28/1407.

8/1/1385, [Margery] Lady Moleyns delivered bread and wine to the baptism of John Arundel in Dachet, Buckingham. On the same day she sent John Sperman to London to find John’s father. (S) Proof of age of John Arundel, 8/12/1406.

1387, Margery settled lands in Gresham, originally settled on her father Edmund Bacon, on Thomas de la Lynde.

12/1388, King Richard II, wanting more control of his government, caused a revolt of many of his lords. Many lords were banished from court. Those to appear in the next parliament were William Zouche of Harringworth, Hugh Burnell, John Beaumont, and Aubrey de Vere. Also banished, but not required to appear in parliament, were Lady Joan Mohun [Joan, d/o Bartholomew Burghersh] and Margery, widow of Sir William Moleyns. (S) Chronica Maiora, Walsingham, 2005, P261.

2/1/1391, Grant to Margery, late the wife of William de Molyns, knight, of the custody of two-thirds of all the lands and tenements late of Ralph Basset of Weldon, knight, during the minority of Richard, his son and heir … (S) CPRs.

11/1391, Edward Burdaut, servant of Lady Molyns; Thomas Chaunceys, servant of Lady Molyns; William Spelyng (Spelling), servant of Lady Molyns; [Margery de Moleyns], Lady Molyns (Moleyns); (S) UKNA.

2/27/1392, Grant to Henry Dust, servant of the king's kinswoman Margaret, lady de Molyns, of the goods and chattels to the value of 10 marks forfeited by Thomas Pays of Colbrok [Bucks] because of his outlawry. (S) CCRs. [As a ‘kinswoman’ Margery is related to the King through her mother in the Dammartin-Bardolf family lineage.]

4/6/1392, Pardon, at the supplication of the Lady de Molyns, to John Qilden ... contempts whereof he is impeached by the malice of certain of his enemies in the county of Buckingham ... (S) CCRs.

7/1395, Thomas, Archbishop of York, and Edward, Earl of Rutland to Margery late the wife of Sir William Molyns, knight : Lease, for life, of the manor of Langley Marish : ( Bucks. ). (S) UKNA.

1/2/1396, Grant, as a gift from the king, to Margery, lady de Molyns, … (S) CPRs.

5/12/1396, Indenture between Margery, late the wife of William Molyns, knight, and Thomas, archbishop of York, and Edward, earl of Rutland … manor of Langlee Marreis, … (S) CPRs.

10/16/1397, Grant to Margery Molyns of the keeping of the lands late of Richard Molyns, tenant of the king in chief, (except those in Aston and Baunton, co. Oxford), to hold the same until the full age of William, Richard's son and heir, rendering yearly at the Exchequer as much as may be agreed upon between her and the king's council. (S) CFRs.

5/19/1399, Inspeximus and confirmation to Margery, late the wife of William Molyns, knight, enlarging it into a grant for her life, of an indenture between Thomas, late archbishop of York, and Edward, duke of Albemarle, when earl of Rutland, of the one part, and the said Margery, of the other, … manor of Langlee Marreis, … (S) CPRs.

6/1/1399, Margery died. [Her son and heir Richard died before her.]

[––Post Mortem––]

7/3/1399, IPM of Margery at Colbrook, Buckingham: Possessions held in dower by Margery, who was the wife of William De Molyns, Chivaler, deceased; the reversion belonging to William Molyns, son of Richard Molyns, and heir of the said William Molyns, her death ... heirship, namely William Molyns, son of Richard, son of said William and Margery.

7/14/1399, IPM of Margery wife of William Molyns. Wilts: She held the under-mentioned manor in dower, of the inheritance of William son of Richard Molyns. Lee. The manor, held of the abbess of Shaftesbury. She died on 1 June, 22 Richard II. William son of Richard Molyns, knight, aged 21 years and more, is her heir. (S) CIsPM.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P574. (S) Notes & Queries for Somerset and Dorset, 1899, P337. (S) 8 Papers Relating to Claims to the Baronies of Botreaus, 1870, P31, P103.

Child of William and Margery:

i. Richard de Moleyns (738772), born 1357 in England.

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