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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bishop William de Strikland & Isabel de Warcop

1477574. Bishop William de Strikland & 1477575. Isabel de Warcop

1336, William born in Sizergh, Westmorland, England, younger s/o 5910374. Sir Thomas de Strickland & 5910375. Cecily de Welles.

~1340, Isabel born in England, d/o §§Thomas Warcop, of Warcop, Westmorland.

4/1366, William de Strickland, rector of Stapleton, became the rector of Ousby in Cumberland. (S) Hist. & Antiq. Cumberland, V1, Jefferson, 1840, P256.

1375, Charter: John, Duke of Brittany, William Strickland … 6 arces of waste in the town of Penrith. (S) UKNA.

6/21/1377, Richard II, age 10, succeeded Edward III as King of England.

1377, The petitioners ask that, as Mercer and many other Scots were taken and arrested, they should not be released until the Musgraves and others are released, who are imprisoned in Dunbar Castle by the earl of Dunbar of Scotland … Thomas de Musgrave, … William de Strickland, … (S) UKNA.

1378, William’s father died, the eldest son Walter the heir.

11/12/1383, Commission to Henry Percy, earl of Northumberland, and others who opposed William de Strikeland, appointed by the Bishop of Carlisle to collect the clerical subsidy in his diocese, when he came to Penrith, co. Cumb., and used such threats to him that the dared not collect it there. (S) Stricklands of Sizergh Castle, Scott, 1908, P49.

5/1384, Sir Walter Strickland [eldest brother of William], on a commission of oyer and terminer about poaching on the estates of William Strickland, parson of Rothbury.

11/21/1386, Pardon of 13s 4d paid to the King by William de Strieland to him for acquiring a fee from John, duke of Brittany, … a messuage and … in Penreth, Soureby, and Scotby, and a fishing in the waters of Eden and Amot, and for entering thereon without a licence. (S) Stricklands of Sizergh Castle, Scott, 1908, P49.

1387, Demise: William de Strickland, clerk, Sir William Clyde chaplain, a toft in Penrith. (S) UKNA.

1388, William chaplain to Thomas Appleby, Bishop of Carlisle, presented to the church of Horncastle.

12/20/1390, Inquest taken at Kirkeby in Kendale, … before Walter de Stirkland, the escheator, by the oath of …, who say that Thomas de Roos, chivaler, died …

1393, Demise. William de Strickland, clerk. … A toft next to the grange of the vicar of Penrith. (S) UKNA.

1395, William de Strickland founded a chantry at Penrith with perpetual support to a priest who instructed the youth in the liberal arts of music and grammar with an annual salary of £6. (S) Endowered Grammar Schools, V1, Carlisle, 1818, P191.

1396, William elected to the Bishopric of Carlisle, but rejected by the Pope.

2/12/1397, William given license to crenellate Penrith castle; primarily because of attacks by the Scots.(S) Medieval Knighthood, Church, 1994, P158.

3/18/1397, Richard II delivered the temporalities of the see of Carlisle to Thomas Merks.

1399, William given license to dig for stone within the forest at his own cost; as well as to create a courtyard [barmkin] large enough to take in the townspeople.

1399, The Pope appointed William as Bishop of Carlisle [as historical events quickly complicated the situation.]

7/4/1399, Henry Bolingbroke [1st cousin of Richard II] landed at Ravenspur; then proceeded through the Lancastrian lands in the north and took York. [Henry IV invaded while Richard II was in Ireland.]

1399, With the capture of King Richard in Wales, his supporters, including William, were temporarily imprisoned.

9/29/1399, Richard II, a prisoner in the Tower, abdicated his crown to Henry. [William, as well as the Bishops of Bath and Wells, Coventry and Lichfield, Hereford, and Worcester had not supported the imprisonment.]

9/30/1399, Henry IV succeeded Richard II as King of England.

10/28/1399, The King ordered the Abbot St. Albans Bishop to deliver Bishop Thomas Merks to appear before the King and Council. [Who was ‘late in paying his conical duty to his metropolitan’.] William was present at the Parliament when this writ was issued.

8/24/1400 at Cawoed castle, William consecrated Bishop of Carlisle by the Archbishop of York.

11/15/1400, King Henry delivered the temporalities of the see of Carlisle to Wm. Strykland and wrote a letter to the Pope justifying his conduct.

1400-19, William, Bishop of Carlisle.

1401, Robert Lowther contributed to the building of the choir of the Cathedral of Carlisle with his father-in-law William Strickland.

9/20/1401, William one of the commissioners who negotiated peace with Scotland. (S) Privicy Council of England, V1, Nicolas, 1834, P168.

5/9/1402, William [and others] directed to arrest persons asserting that Richard II was still alive. (S) UKNA.

10/24/1402, Pardon at the supplication of the king’s kinsman Henry, earl of Northumberland, to William, Bishop of Carlisle, on account of the 2 escapes of the same person from his prison. (S) CPRs.

5/20/1403, IPM of Maud widow of Roger Clifford, knight. Westmoreland: … William Stirkland and his heirs, 7s.5d. for half the manor of Waitby, similarly held, extending at 60s. … (S) CIsPM.

1403, William commissioned to dedicate and consecrate a chapel, and a cemetery to be used for free burial, at Loweswater in the parish of St. Bees. (S) Cal. of Reg. of Richard Scrope, Swanson, Pt2, 1985, P33.

5/9/1404, William present at the translation of St. John of Bridlington.

1404, William granted the office of Constable of Rose Castle.

1406, Bishop Strickland was one of the prelates who signed and sealed the act of succession, which entailed the crowns of England and France upon the king's four sons. (S) Hist. & Topo. Cumberland & Westmorland, Whellan, 1860, P107.

6/30/1407, Probate-note relating to will of person unnamed, for will proved before William, Bishop of Carlisle, in his chapel at Rose Castle. (S) UKNA.

3/20/1413, Henry V succeeded Henry IV as King of England.

4/2/1418, William [Strickland], bishop of Carlisle, to Henry V: request for the presentation of his nominee to Arthuret Church in Cumberland. Dated at Rose. (S) UKNA.

5/25/1419, William wrote his will, naming son-in-law Robert Lowthat an executor.

8/30/1419, William, Bishop of Carlisle, died at Rose castle; buried in the north aisle of Carlisle Cathedral.

(S) Visitation of Yorkshire, Fowler, 1881, P250. (S) The Irish & Anglo-Irish Landed Gentry, O’Hart, 2000, P216. (S) Bishops of Carlisle, Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1300-1541: V6: Northern province, 1963. (S) Hist. of Parlaiment, Roskell, 1993. (S) English Hist. Soc., Iss12, 1846, P14.

Child of William and Isabel:

i. Margaret Strickland (738787), born ~1365 in England. [Heir]

[Margaret born before her father entered the clergy.]

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