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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lord William Parr & Elizabeth de Roos

1477592. Lord William Parr & 1477593. Elizabeth de Roos

~1350, William de Par born in England, s/o 22955184. William de Parr & 22955185. Katherine ?.

1355, Elizabeth born in Lancashire, England, heir & d/o 2955186. John de Roos & 2955187. Katherine de Strictland.

1357, Elizabeth age 2 at the death of her father.

5/12/1359, “Catherine, widow of John, son of Thomas de Roos of Kendal, states that although she was jointly enfeoffed with her husband of the manor and town of Cargo, after John's death the Escheator seized it into the King's hand … People mentioned: John [de Roos (Ros)], late husband of petitioner; Thomas de Roos (Ros), knight, of Kendal; …; Elizabeth [de Roos (Ros)], daughter and heir of John de Roos; Margaret de Roos (Ros);” (S) UKNA.

1370, IPM of Thomas de Lathom: He was seised of 'the homage and service of Sir John de Parr, of Robert son of Henry de Parr, and of William de Parr, who held their tenements in Parr by knight's service … also of the service of Robert son of Alan de Parr, … Sir John and Robert de Parr held between them half the manor, for which they would pay 5s.; William's part, therefore, belonged to the other half of the manor … [Could be record of his father.]

6/21/1377, Richard II, age 10, succeeded Edward III as King of England.

[––William & Elizabeth––]

1381, William married Elizabeth, becoming Lord of Kendal in right of his wife.

6/1387, King Richard II made secret dealings with France that would have given France all of England's possessions in northern France, including Calais. The ‘Lords Appellant’, the Duke of Gloucester (Thomas of Woodstock) and the Earls of Arundel, Warwick, Derby (Henry Bolingbroke, later Henry IV) and Nottingham, learned of and opposed the negotiations.

8/1387, The Lords Appellant found guilty of treason in the English courts. [Armies were formed and several battles fought.]

12/27/1387, The army of the ‘Lords Appellant’ reached the Tower where King Richard II had barricaded himself. The leading Appellants met with King Richard, seized him, and threatened to execute him for his dealings with France. [Ultimately they decided against it, instead forcing him to call a session of Parliament, where many were convicted and executed.]

11/1388, Deliver documents to William Parre for the voyage of certain envoys of the king. (S) CCRs. [King Richard continued negotiations with France, with the Truce of Leulinghen being signed 6/18/1389.]

11/30/1390, Elizabeth’s grandfather died leaving her as heir.

12/6/1390, Writ for IPM of Thomas de Roos of Kendale, knight. Westmorland: He was seised in fee tail, to him and the heirs of his body, … [8 manors, , multiple hamlets, and very many (50+) tenements] … He died on 30 November last. Elizabeth wife of William del Parr, knight, aged 25 years and more, is his kinswoman and next heir, to wit, daughter of John de Roos, his son. (S) CIsPM.

12/20/1390, Inquest taken at Kirkeby in Kendale, … say that Thomas de Roos, chivaler, died seised in fee tail to him and his issue of a 4th part of the manor of Kirkeby in Kendale with the members, held of the king in chief by the service of the 4th part of a knight's fee, worth £40 yearly. … which is extended yearly to 40s. He died 30 November last and Elizabeth wife of William del Parr, knight, is kinswoman and next heir, namely daughter of John de Roos, son of the said Thomas de Roos, and she is aged 25 years and upwards, which same William del Parr and Elizabeth have issue.

1/25/1391, Order to escheator in the county of Westmoreland, to cause William del Parre, knight, and Elizabeth his wife, daughter of John Roos the son of Thomas de Roos of Kendale, 'chivaler,' and kinswoman and heir of the said Thomas, to have full seisin of all the lands which Thomas held on the day of his death ; as the king has taken the homage and fealty due from William by reason of his having issue by Elizabeth. (S) CFRs.

1392, Sir William Parr granted the lordship of Ayron and Royan, North Wales. (S) Community, Class and Careers, Bennett, 2003, P180.

1395, Elizabeth died. (S) Inquest at Kirkeby in Kendale.


1396, Licence for William de Parr to buy 240 quarters of corn in Ireland and ship it to England for the expenses of his household and tenants in the parts of Kendale.

2/3/1399, Sir William Parr named an executor and legatee in the will of John of Gaunt, Duke of Guyenne and Lancaster. (S) Notes & Queries, 1883, P45.

9/30/1399, Henry IV succeeded Richard II as King of England.

7/4/1399, Henry Bolingbroke [1st cousin of Richard II] landed at Ravenspur; then proceeded through the Lancastrian lands in the north and took York. [Henry IV invaded while Richard II was in Ireland.] Sir William Parr and Thomas Langley, executors of John of Gaunt, joined Henry’s retinue. (S) Community, Class and Careers, Bennett, 2003, P212.

9/30/1399, Henry IV succeeded Richard II as King of England.

1400, Sir William Parr, Knt., with the Bishop of St. Asaph sent to Spain and Portugal to announce the ascension of King Henry IV. [King Henry sent ambassadors to Rome, France, Spain, and Germany to strengthen his claim to the crown.] (S) Portfolio: 2nd Ed., Gregson, 1824, P40. (S) Notes & Queries, 1883, P45.

12/2/1401, Writ of supersedeas, … at suit of Thomas earl of Worcester …  William Par knights, … executors of John son of the king of England late duke of Lancastre, for detinue of £90 10s. (S) CCRs.

1403, Richard de Belingham of Burnolleshed in Kendale granted …. Witnesses: William Parr, Walter de Strickland, Ralph de Layborn, knights.

1404, John de Wyndesore held of William de Parr, "chivaler," a moiety of the hamlet of Dillacre.

10/4/1404, Sir William died, seised of the advowson of the hospital of St Leonard, near Kirkby in Kendall, which is worth as much as 40s. per annum. [1407 John de Parr died seised of the same.]

10/16/1404, IPM at Kirkeby in Kendale. By the oath of Walter de Stirkland, chivaler, …, Robert de Burgh, …, who say that William de Parr, chivaler, in right of Elizabeth his wife, deceased, kinswoman and heir of Thomas de Roos, chivaler, and daughter of John de Roos, son of the same Thomas, died seised of a 4th part of the manor of Kirkeby in Kendale with the members held of the king in chief by the service of the 4th part of a knight's fee, worth £40 yearly. … Burgages in Kirkeby in Kendale held of William de Parr, chr., in right of Elizabeth his wife, … [many listed] …

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P643. (S) Hist. of Co. Lancashire, V3, Ferrar, 1907. (S) Barony of Kendal, V1, Farrer, 1923.

Child of William and Elizabeth:

i. John Parr (738796), born 1382 in England.

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