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Sunday, June 20, 2010

G21: 1477618 Stafford-Grenville

1477618. Sir Humphrey de Stafford & 1477619. Alice Grenville

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~1340, Humphrey born in England, s/o 2955236. Sir John Stafford & 2955237. Margaret Stafford.
~1345, Alice born in England, heir & d/o 2955238. Sir John Grenville & 2955239. Margaret ?.
1348, the Black Plague began to spread in Europe. [England would loose about a third of its population, France about a fourth.]
1349, on the death of her father, the wardship of Alice was given to Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford.
8/8/1361, Protection with clause volumes, for one year, for … going to Ireland in the king’s service in the company of Lionel, earl of Ulster. … Humphrey de Stafford. … (S) CPRs.
Bef. 1365, Humphrey of Amblecote, Bramshall, and Perton, Staffordshire 1st married Alice, possessor of Suthwyke manor, and patronage of the church of St. John Baptist in the parish of North-Bradley, Wiltshire; the manors and advowsons of Clutton and Farnburgh, Somerset; and the manor of Burmington, Warwick.
1372, Humphrey holding Burmington manor in right of his wife.
1377, After a long suit brought by Margaret de Stafford, wife of Sir John de Hardeshull, Humphrey de Stafford awarded Birmingham. (S) A History of the County of Worcester, V3, 1913.
7/16/1377, Richard II crowned king of England.
11/18/1386, Humphrey de Stafford, knt., appointed Sheriff of Somersetshire and Dorsetshire.
1379, “Writ to: Sheriff of Somerset Sent by: Chancery Endorsement: Humphrey de Stafford, Sheriff.” (S) UKNA.
1382, “Writ to: Sheriff of Somerset Sent by: Chancery. Endorsement: Humphrey Stafford, Sheriff.” (S) UKNA.
11/1/1383, Humphrey de Stafford, knt., appointed Sheriff of Staffordshire.
4/22/1386, “Writ to: Sheriff of Staffs Sent by: Chancery. Endorsement: Humphrey de Stafford, Sheriff.” (S) UKNA.
Aft. 6/15/1386, Humphrey married 2nd, Elizabeth D’Aumarle of Woodbury, widow of Sir John Maltravers. [No children.]
12/1388, Humphrey de Stafford, knt., appointed Sheriff of Staffordshire.
1391, Humphrey and Elizabeth leased the manor of Alfreston, Hampshire, to Thomas d’Aumarle.
9/29/1399, Imprisoned Richard II resigned as king of England.
10/13/1399, Henry IV crowned king of England.
4/4/1403, William Besyll was notified by Westminster, after the deaths of Sir William Asthorpe and King Richard II, with Humphrey de Stafford, knight, William Stourton, Thomas Bonham, and the sheriff of co. Wilts. to, “inquire concerning the information that much waste, ruin, dilapidation and destruction has many times been committed as well in the castle and barton or manor of Marlborough.”
11/22/1405, Humphrey de Stafford, the elder, knt., appointed Sheriff of Somersetshire and Dorsetshire.
9/1406-9/1407, Humphrey Stafford and William Hankeford, knights, …, Robert Grey, Ed…, Robert Veel, … to grant the manor of Bromley Castle [in Stoke Abbas], …, to the abbot and convent of Abbotsbury, retaining the manor of Hooke …. Dorset. (S) UKNA.
4/9/1413, Henry V crowned king of England.
10/15/1413, Elizabeth died.
10/31/1413, Humphrey died; both buried in the Abbey Church of Abbotsbury.
 (S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P832. (S) Strife of the Roses and Days of the Tudors in the West, Rogers, 2003, PP139-40. (S) List of Indexes, V9, Public Record Office.
Children of Humphrey and Alice:
i. Humphrey Stafford, born ? in England.
Humphrey “with the silver hand” married his step-sister Elizabeth.
1403, Humphrey holding Burmington manor.
1409, Humphrey delivered his minor nephew, James Audley, to custody of the king.
5/27/1442, Humphrey died.
ii. Elizabeth Stafford (738809), born ~1375 in England.
Natural Child of Humphrey and Emma:
iii. Archbishop John Stafford, born ? in England.
1413, John made LLD at Oxford.
1425, John, Bishop of Bath and Wells.
1436, Elizabeth, her son James, and her brother John Stafford, Bishop of Bath and Wells sued over the manors of Nether Stowey and Honeybare, … Somerset.
1443, John Archbishop of Canterbury and Lord Chancellor to King Henry VI.

1452, John died; buried in Canterbury Catherdral.