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Monday, June 21, 2010

Lord John Filoll & Margaret le Walissh

1901328. Lord John Filoll & 1901329. Margaret le Walissh

1345, Margaret Walshe born in England, heir & d/o 3802658. Roger le Walshe.

~1350, John Fyllol born in Dorset, England, s/o 3802656. William Fillol & 3802657. Mary ?.

10/26/1375, John Walsh, Margaret’s brother, died, leaving a 9-month old daughter Joan as his heir.

10/30/1375, Roger Walsh, Margaret’s father, died.

[––Margaret & Adam––]

Margaret 1st married to Adam Soydon.

By 1375, Adam died.

11/26/1375, Writ for IPM of Roger le Walssh in Dorset: Langeton in Purbyk. The manor, … Estchikkerel. The manor, … Stokke. The manor, … All he held jointly with Joan his wife, lately deceased. … He died on Tuesday before All Saints last. Margaret relict of Adam Soidon, aged 30 years and more, is daughter and heir of the said Roger and Joan. (S) CIsPM.

12/23/1375, Order to John atte Hale, escheator in the county of Dorset, … Roger le Walssh held … as of fee tail the manors of Langton in Purbik, Estchikerell and Stokke, co. Dorset, jointly with Joan, late his wife, deceased, … a toft in the manor of Langton Purbik which is held of the king in chief … Margaret, late the wife of Adam Soydon, is daughter and next heir of the said Roger and Joan, and of full age, to deliver the said manors and toft to Margaret, as the king, for 40s. paid by her, has respited her homage. (S) CFRs. [Her brother was deceased, and her baby neice was not identified in the proceedings.]

 [––John & Margaret––]

~1376, John married Margaret.

7/16/1377, Richard II crowned king of England.

2/2/1378, IPM [writ of mandamus] of Roger Walssh at Dorset. He held the manor of Stokke Coylard in his demesne as of fee, but during his life demised it to William Latymer and Margaret, his wife, for life, at a yearly rent of 10 marks, with reversion to himself and his heirs. … 2 salterns (salinis) in Middelbere … Stokke Coylard. The manor … Estchykerell. The manor … John Fillol and Margaret, his wife, Philip Soydon and Henry Frere, parson of Estchykerell, have been in possession of the manor of Estchykerell, title not known. (S) CIsPM.

1388, John Fyllol witnessed a deed in Dorset. (S) Proof of age of John Plecy, 7/14/1409.

6/12/1390, Thomas Beauchamp of Ryme to Walter Clopton and William Percy knights … manor of Wambroke … co. Dorset … Witnesses: Walter Romesey, Stephen Derby knights, John Fyloll, … (S) CCRs.

9/20/1390, John gifted his son William and his wife Joan the manor of Wynterbourne.

1/28/1393, Inquisition, co. Dorset before escheator … John Walissh, son and heir of Roger Walissh, at his death held … by a grant … to Ingram le Walssh and Hawise, his wife, …, ancestors of the said John, son of Roger, son of John, son of the said Ingram and Hawise, which manor the said Roger, father of the said John, in his lifetime demised to William Latymer and Margaret, his wife, for their lives, except the advowson, at the yearly rent of 10 marks, … William for the last 10 years did not pay the said rent of 10 marks to anybody, and that previously to that time John Fylol after the death of the said John, son of Roger, always received it, and after the said William's death entered on the manor of Stokke and has ever since received the issues and profits thereof, by what title they know not. (S) CFRs.

2/16/1393, Exemplification, at the request of John Fauntleroy the younger, and Joan [Margaret’s niece], his wife, daughter and heir of John Walissh, son of the said Roger Walissh, … John Fyloll and Margaret, his wife, … have occupied the manor of Estchikerell since the death of the said John, but by what title they know not … (S) CPRs.

7/4/1396, Exemplification, at the request of John Fyloll and Margaret, his wife, kinswoman of the within-named Joan, daughter and heir of John Walisch, son and heir of Roger Walisch, …  an inquisition … John de Walisch died Friday before St. Simon and Jude, 49 Edward III [1375] … Ingram le Walssh and Hawise his wife ancestors of the said John, son of Roger … (S) CPRs.

Margaret died.


John married 2nd Alice ?.

1398, John acquired Langton Matravers in Purbeck  the manor, of John Fauntleroy and Joan his wife by a fine, by which they granted it to John Filoll for life, with remainder to William Filoll and Joan his wife and the heirs of their bodies ... (S) IPM, Dorset, 4/23/1403.

10/25/1398, John’s father died. (S) Proof of age of Thomas Romesey, 2/27/1412.

9/30/1399, Henry IV succeeded Richard II as King of England.

1400, By a custom called “methom” … to be supplied [with food] … In 23rd Ric. II. John Filoll, a resident tenant of the manor of Langton … refused to supply the food demanded … he brought an action against … in the superior court …”. (S) History and Description of Corfe Castle, Bond, 1883, P136.

3/12/1403, John of Langton, Walshe in Pureck, Dorset died. (S) UKNA, IPM.

4/23/1403, IPM, Dorset. John Filoll held Langton Matravers in Purbeck ... annual value £10. Stockley in Bere Regis, 2 virgates, jointly with his wife, Alice who survives. Southcombe, Winterborne Muston, Winterborne Zelston, Mapperton and Morden, £24 rent from the manors, which are held by William Filoll and Joan his wife. His son and heir William age 23 and more. (S) IsPM, Henry IV, 759.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P328.

Family notes:

·         1434 IPM of Joan, widow of William Fyloll (950664): [Continues deed of 1354.] William Filoll had issue John Filoll and died, and Mary died. John Filoll granted the remainder to the manor and advowson – described as all manors, lands, tenements, meadows, pastures, rents and services which William Percy and Mary then held – to William Filoll his son and Joan his wife. William Percy died [1407] without heir of his body.

Child of John and Margaret:

i. William Fillol (950664), born 1380 in England.

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