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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lord John Deyncourt & Joan Grey

1901418. Lord John Deyncourt & 1901419. Joan Grey

2/28/1382, John Deincourt born in Middleham, Yorkshire, England, s/o 3802836. Lord William Deincourt & 3802837. Alice de Nevill.

10/15/1381, John’s father died, his older brother Ralph the heir.

11/7/1384, John heir to his brother Ralph.

7/1386, Joan born in Oxford, England, heir & d/o 3802838. Sir Robert de Grey & 3802839. Joan Bellew.

1388, Joan heir to her father of the manor of Cogges in Oxford. (S) Cogges: Manors, A Hist. of the County of Oxford: V12, 1990. [Dower rights were assigned to Elizabeth, 2nd wife of her father.]

7/4/1399, Henry Bolingbroke [1st cousin of Richard II] landed at Ravenspur; then proceeded through the Lancastrian lands in the north and took York. [Henry IV invaded while Richard II was in Ireland. John likely supported this invasion because he was knighted as part of the coronation ceremonies, and created a King’s knight.]

10/12/1399, John knighted in London.

10/13/1399, Henry IV crowned king of England.

12/9/1399, Joan heiress to her uncle Sir Richard Grey of the manor of Olton, co. Warwick.

By 1400, John married to Joan.

4/17/1400, Writ for IPM of Richard Grey, knight. Warwick: He held the manor of Olton … for life by the grant of Robert Grey of Rotherfield, knight, his father, with remainder to the heirs of Robert. … by knight service, annual value £10. He died on 9 Dec. 1399. Joan wife of John Deyncourt, knight, daughter of Robert Grey of Rotherfield, is heir, aged 13 years and more. (S) CIsPM.

2/1401, John married Joan.

2/27/1401, Order to give John Deyncourt and Joan his wife, daughter and heir of Robert Grey of Rotherfelde knight, seisin of the said Robert's lands; as the said John has proved the said Joan's age before the escheator. … seisin of the manor of Elton [Warwickshire] …  that Richard Grey knight at his death held that manor for life by gift of Robert Grey of Rotherfelde knight his brother, with reversion to the right heirs of Robert, … (S) CCRs.

2/20/1402, Writ for IPM of Ralph Deyncourt. Buckingham: The manor of Wooburn was taken into the king’s hands owing to the death of William Deyncourt, who held in chief of Richard II, and the minority of Ralph his son and heir, who died in the king’s ward. It is held of Henry bishop of Lincoln as one knight’s fee, annual value £16. Ralph died on 7 Nov. 1384. John Deyncourt, knight, his brother and heir, is aged 20 years and more. Nottingham: The manor of Granby wa… by knight service, annual value £34. Derby: … manor of Holmesfield … by foreign service, annual value £15 …; but William Deyncourt, his father, long before he died, granted Ralph de Nevel, knight, … a rent of 100 marks from this manor …  also held the manor of Elmton … by foreign service, annual value £6. … Holmesfield, … £15. Elmton, … £6. Northampton: … 17 virgates of land … £10. Lincoln: The manors of Blankney and Branston … £42. (S) CIsPM.

7/16/1403, Writ for proof of age of John Deyncourt, knight, brother and heir of Ralph Deyncourt, son and heir of William Deyncourt, deceased. Ralph earl of Westmorland, who held two parts of the lands, was summoned to attend the proof. William Coupland, aged 56 years and more, John Waghen, 55 and more, and William Carter, 50 and more, remember that John Deyncourt, knight, was born at Middleham on 28 Feb, 1382 and baptised on 1 March in the church there, because … (S) CIsPM.

7/21/1403, Battle of Shrewsbury in Shropshire. The first occasion where massed troops armed with the longbow were pitted against each other on English soil. The Percys had about 14,000 men, King Henry is believed to have had more. Henry “Hotspur” Percy and his brother Thomas were killed. [7000 horse were said to be looted after the battle. John (highly-likely) participated in this battle.]

2/18/1405, John had livery of his father’s lands.

10/6/1405, Pardon to the king’s knight John Dencourt and Joan his wife, daughter and heiress of Robert Gray, knight, of 33£ 11s. 8d due to the king for the relief of Bertholomew Grey, knight son and heir of John Grey, knight, … Robert Grey, knight, late brother and heir of the said Bartholomew, … (S) CPRs.

1/20/1406, John Dayncourt on a commission of peace in Derbyshire. (S) CPRs.

5/11/1406, John, knt., died. “Deincourt, Joan [de Grey], who was the wife of John, kt, Lord, Oxon.” (S) UKNA, (S) CPRs, 1/28/1409. [IPM in Northamptonshire, Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, Buckinghamshire.]

5/14/1406, It is found by inquisition, of his office taken before … escheator in Essex, that John Deyncourt knight died seised of the reversion of the manor of Upmynstre … John Deyncourt died on Monday after Allhallows 17 Richard II, and that Roger Deyncourt is his son and next heir, and at the date of that inquisition was within age and in ward of the king … (S) CCRs.


7/15/1406, Joan assigned her dower lands.

5/1/1407, Licence, for 20 marks paid in the hanaper by Joan Deyncourt, daughter and heiress of Robert Grey of Rotherfeld, ‘chivaler,’, deceased, for her to enfeoff Alesia late the wife of William de Eyncourt, ‘chivaler,’, … of the manor of Duston, co. Northampton, held in chief, …  with successive remainder to William Deyncourt her son … Alesia and Margaret his sisters … (S) CPRs.

6/15/1408, Indenture of covenants of Vicars choral of Collegiate Church of St. Mary of Suthwell, to find a vicar chaplain to say a daily mass for souls of John, Lord Deyncourt and wife Johanna, for salvation of Alice, Lady Deyncourt while alive and for soul after, for souls of John de Bellew and Hugh de Anneslay; … lands formerly belonging to Bellew were wrongly said to be held of the King in capite, being merely in his custody for minority of Lord Deyncourt. (S) UKNA.

7/29/1408, Joan releases to Alice, Lady Deyncourt, … the manor of Bedale with the advowson of the church.

11/16/1408, Joan died.

4/13/1409, Writ for IPM of Joan widow of John Deyncourt, knight. York: She held … [totals £167, 171s, 50d] … She died on 16 Nov. 1408. William her son and heir is aged 5 years and more. Oxford: The manor of Rotherfield Greys … £30. Northampton: … £30 … (S) CIsPM.

 (S) A Gen. and Heraldic Dic. of the Peerages of England, Burke, 1831, P168. (S) The Early Hist. of Bedale, McCall, 1907.

Family notes:

·         There are many “John Deyncourt” persons, some knights, contemporary. Many records can be eliminated because of wives or other family members.

·         7/4/1433, Alice late the wife of William Deyncourt, knight, the elder, who held in dower and otherwise for life after the death of the said William (of the inheritance of Alice wife of William Lovel knight and Margaret wife of Ralph Cromwell, knight, the sisters and heirs of William Deyncourt knight the son and heir of John Deyncourt knight the brother and heir of Ralph Deyncourt the son and heir of the said William Deyncourt knight the elder) certain lands which are held of the king in chief; Lincoln; Derby; Northampton; Lincoln. (S) CFRs.

·         8/11/1433, Order to the escheator county Lincoln to make a partition into two equal parts … lands … which Alice late the wife of William Deyncourt, knight, the elder, … in dower of the inheritance of Alice (whom William Lovel, knight, has taken to wife), one of the sisters and heirs of William Deyncourt, knight, the son and heir of John Deyncourt, knight, the elder, and Margaret wife of Ralph Cromwell, knight, the other sister and heir … the king has taken homage and fealty from William Lovell by reason of his having issue by Alice his wife, and the fealty of Ralph Cromwell. (S) CFRs.

Children of John and Joan:

i. William Deyncourt, born 1403 in England.

1/28/1409, Revocation of letter patent granting Alesia [de Nevill] late the wife of William Deyncourt the keeping of the body of William Deyncourt son and heir of John Deyncourte, ‘chivaler,’ and all his lands during minority, … (S) CPRs.

William married Elizabeth Beaumont.

William died.

1422, “Deincourt, William (Deyncourt), son and heir of John, kt, Lord Deincourt, and his wife Joan [de Grey]; and assignment of dower for Elizabeth [Beaumont] Deyncourt, widow of William: Oxon, Northants, Lincs, Notts, Derb, Bucks” (S) UKNA.

2/1/1423, Alice and Margaret sisters and heirs of William son and heir of John Deyncourt knight and of Joan his wife, who died within age in ward of the late king, ought not by reason of any statute or by the common law to be married without licence of the now king, they shall not so marry. (S) CCRs.

1448, Elizabeth died, leaving William’s sisters as her heirs.

ii. Alesia Deincourt (950709), born 1405 in England.

iii. Margaret Deincourt, born ? in England.

Margaret married Ralph, Lord Cromwell, of Tatshall.

3/11/1446, Margaret given ‘a gilt cup’ in the will of Lady Joan Bardolf (1901423).

1448, Margaret a coheiress with her sister Alesia to Elizabeth, wife of their brother William.

1455, Margaret died; her sister Alice her heir.

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