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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

2110858 Lyons-St. Liz

2110858. Lord John de Lyons 2110859. Alice de St. Liz

~1295, John born in England, s/o 4221716. Sir John de Leons & 4221717. Margerie de Oakley.
~1305, Alice de Lorico born in England, heir & d/o §William de St. Liz, esq., of Warkworth.

11/16/1318, Commission of oyer … on complaint … that John son of John de Lyouns of Werkeworth and Henry de Hokle, with others, assaulted him at Bobenhul by Coventre, co. Warwick, … (S) CPRs.

1319, Alice’s father made over to her “all his goods moveable and immoveable in his manor of Beckbrok, with investiture or livery of his lands.” (S) Battle Abbey Roll, P216.

1319, John, son of Lord John, Kt., to Alice, daughter of Will de Licio.

2/1/1327 at Westminster, Edward III, age 14, crowned king of England.

1328, Alice living.

1330, Dispensation from the prior and brothers of St. Augustine of Northampton to John and wife Alice for the souls of ancestors: John and wife Margerie [parents], Richard and wife Emma [grandparents], Roger de Lions [great grandfather].

1331, Release to John de Leouns pasture and fishing rights which William de St. John recovered from Margerie, mother of the said John.

1332, John founded a chantry at Warkworth church for 2 secular priests of Chalcombe.
1332, John received a writ of military summons.
6/28/1334, Commission of oyer and terminer to William de Shareshull, John de Lyouns and John Brune, … Oxford. (S) CPRs.
1335, John living.
1336, Sir John de Lyons and John Trymenel had licence to grant to the Hospital of St. Leonard for Lepers of Bannebury, land in Grymesbury. (S) The History of Banbury, Beesley, 1841, P79.
10/20/1337, Commission of oyer and terminer to William de Shareshull, John de Lyouns and John de Wardyngton, … co. Northampton. (S) CPRs.
4/1/1338, Commission of oyer and terminer to William de Shareshull, John de Lyouns and John de Hegham, … county of Nottingham. (S) CPRs.
8/3/1338, Commissions of array and peace … overseers appointed … John de Lyouns and Peter fitz Waryn … county of Northampton. (S) CPRs.
9/5/1339, “… Creditor: John de Lyons, knight, lord of Warkworth [Sutton Hundred, and Great Preston, Fawsley Hundred, Northants …” (S) UKNA.
10/6/1340, Appointment … of John de Lyouns and Simon de Norwicz to arrest John Ward of Great Billyng, … and to imprison them in the Tower of London … (S) CPRs.
7/1346, Sir John taxed for half a knight’s fee in Warkworth to fund the knighting of the Prince of Wales. (S) The History of Banbury, Johnson, 1862, P256.
1346, John, knt., Lord of Warkworth, Northampton died. (S) Effigy of Sir John de Lyons in Warkworth Church.
(S) The Baronetage of England:, 1771, P536. (S) Lyon Memorial, Lyons, 1905, P435.

Family notes:

·         3/1/1311, Protection for William de Lorico, going beyond seas on the service of queen Isabella. (S) CPRs.

• There are multiple John de Lyouns/Lysens/Lyuns/Lyons in the records of this time in other counties. A John de Lyouns is in records long after 1346.

Child of John and Alice:

i. Elizabeth Lyons (1055429), born ~1325 in England. [Heir]