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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sir John de Saint Philibert & Ada Botetourt

2110866. Sir John de Saint Philibert & 2110867. Ada Botetourt

1292, John born in England, s/o 4221732. Hugh de St. Philibert & 4221733. Alice de Blakenham.

~1295, Ada born in England, d/o 2498728. John Botetourt & 2498729. Maud Fitz Thomas.

11/1304, John’s father died; the king taking custody of Hugh’s estate while John was a minor.

1/15/1305, Grant to Margaret, queen of England, the king’s consort, of the custody during the minority of the heirs of the lands late of Hugh de Sancto Philiberto, tenant in chief, … with the marriages of the heirs … (S) CPRs.

7/6/1305, King Edward I, representing John, took part of the manor of Sulham after John’s uncle Benedict de Blakenham sold it to Agnes de Somery (2498731). [John’s father Hugh owed Benedict money for rent of lands. John retained half including La Hyde and Tilehurst.]

2/24/1308 at Westminster, Edward II crowned king of England.

1309, John de Drakensford was appointed Guardian of the land and heir of Hugh de Philibert [John].

1313, John did homage and took livery of his lands.

[––John & Ada––]

~1313, John married Ada.

12/1/1313, Writ to escheator, to take the proof of age of the said John, son and heir of Hugh de Sancto Philiberto, who was born at Soleham, co. Berks, and baptized in the church there, as is said, and says he is of full age. (S) CIsPM.

1/18/1314, Order to cause John de Sancto Phileberto, son and heir of Hugh de Sancto Phileberto, to have seisin of his father's lands. (S) CCRs.

1316, John had a charter of free warren in his lands in Norfolk, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Essex, and Suffolk.

1317, John de St. Philibert obtained a grant of free warren in his demesne lands in Sulham and Cresswell.

1318, John held a lordship at Rackheath Magna. (S) Hist. of the Co. of Norfolk, 1809, P449.

4/1323, John de Sancto Philiberto and Ada his wife, pl.  John Botetourt and Maud his wife, def. The manor of Chigenhale Trenchefoill.  Cons. 100 marks of silver. (S) Feet of Fines, Essex.

1324, John paid 100s. relief for the manor of Thormenton, Gloucestershire.

6/17/1324, John de Sancto Phileberto, going on the king’s service to the duchy [of Aquitaine], has letters nominating … (S) CPRs.

7/1/1324, Grant in free marriage by Ranulph de Albo Monasterio, knt, to Gaudin, his son and heir, and Alice, daughter of Sir John de Sancto Philiberto, of all his lands and tenements in the vills of Caluetone in Rydale and Sowrby by Thryse, …. Witnesses …, Sir Richard de Campo Arnulpho, Sir George de Thorp, …Hugh de Sancto Philiberto … (S) Yorkshire Deeds, 1909.

10/24/1324, Licence for John Botetourt and Maud his wife to grant the manor of Chigenhale Trenchefoill, co. Essex, held in chief, to John de Sancto Pliliberto and Ada his wife, … (S) CPRs. [Hugh de Sancto Philberto going with John.]

2/1/1327, Edward III crowned king of England.

1327, John de St. Philbert attended the 1st parliament of Edward III held at Westminster. (S) Notitia Parliamentaria, Willis, 1730, P27.

2/21/1329, Grant to John son and heir of Hugh de Sancto Philberto, the he and his heirs shall hold rent free the land in the manor of Bray within Wyndesore Forest, which Edward I leased to the said Hugh, in fee, … (S) CPRs.

7/26/1329, William de Barentyn, nephew (nepos) and heir of Drogo de Barentyn, acknowledges that he owes to John de Sancto Philberto, knight, £600; to be levied, …, of his lands and chattels in co. Essex. (S) CCRs.

1329, John settled the manor on himself, and Ada his wife, and his son Thomas [Thomas apparently died before his father.]

5/1331, John de St. Philibert a member of the jury in which Thomas de Berkele is accused of the murder of King Edward II. (S) Cobbett’s Complete Collection of State Trials, V1, 1816, P55.

1331, John de St. Philibert obtained licence to settle the manor of Bray on his son John and Joan, d/o Robert de Ufford, on the occasion of their marriage.

1331, John appointed Mayor of Bordeaux, France, with £100 given for traveling expenses.

12/21/1331, Thomas, earl of Norfolk, leased the manor of Longebenyton, co. Lincoln, for 5 years to John de Sancto Phileberto, … (S) CPRs.

Bef. 2/22/1333, Sir John died in Gascogne, France; Ada surviving; son John age 6.


1333, Widow Ada was awarded land in Farmington and the advowson of the church as part of her dowry. (S) Hist. of Gloucester, V9, 2001, Farmington.

1341, Robert de Staunton sues Ada, formely wife of John de St. Philbert for a messauge … Ada stated she held the tenements in question for her life of the inheritance of John, son and heir, … and that the said John was under age … (S) Collections for a History of Staffordshire, V11, 1890, P105.

8/13/1343, Ada, relict of the baron, lord of St. Philibert. Request that her confessor may give her plenary indulgence at the hour of death. (S) Petitions to the Pope, 1896, V5, 2 Clement VI (f. 108d).

(S) Plantagenet Ancestry, P718. (S) A Genealogical History of the Dormant …, Burke, 1866, P469. (S) Battle Abbey Roll, Abbey, 1889, P23. (S) Sulham, A Hist. of the Co. of Berkshire: V3, 1923, pp. 428-430.

Children of John and Ada:

i. Maud de Saint Philibert (1055433), born ~1314 in England.

ii. Margaret de St. Philibert (15211313), born ~1323 in England.

iii. John de St. Philibert, born 1327 in England.

1331, John 1st married to Joan, d/o Robert de Ufford.

By 1349, John married Margaret, d/o Lord Hugh de Saint John. [No surviving children.]

1351, Sir John de St. Philibert, the son, released to Sir Richard de Plays [husband of his sister Margaret] and his right in the manor of Chelsworth.

1359, John died. [His infant son, John, died in 1361.]

2/16/1362, … Margaret late the wife of John de Seynt Philbert, knight, the manor of Shirbourn Seint Johan … (S) CPRs.