Wednesday, June 23, 2010

2495296 Chambernoun-Valletort

2495296. Richard de Chambernoun & 2495297. Joanna Valletort

~1250, Richard born in England, s/o 4990592. Lord Henry Chambernon.

~1260, Joanna born in England, 23640580. Richard of Cornwall & 23640581. Joan Valletort. [And half-sister to James de Okeston.]

1275-82, Richard as “Ricardus de Chambernun”, recorded as a tenant of the manor of Inswork. (S) Book of Fines, II, P1298.

10/4/1286, Richard as “Richard de Chambernon, son of Dom Henry de Chamb'noun,” terminated a Plea brought by him in City Court against Master Henry de Bollegh, Archdeacon of Cornwall.

10/17/1289, “Thomas de Sicca Villa, lord of Lantogh, knight … Richard de Chambernon …” (S) UKNA.

6/11/1290, “Roger de Ingepenne, knight … Richard de Chambernon …” (S) UKNA.

Richard died.

Bef. 1319 Joan died. (S) Son Richard holding Inceworth.

(S) A Gen. and Heraldic History of the Commoners, Burke, 1835, P271. (S) Wadham College, Oxford, Jackson, 1893.

Child of Richard and Joan:

i. Richard Chambernon (1247648), born ~1280 in England.