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Monday, June 28, 2010

2498690ii Burghersh-Verdun

Bartholomew de Burghersh & 2498690ii. Elizabeth de Verdun

1304, Bartholomew born in England, 3rd s/o Robert de Burghersh & Maud de Badlesmere.

1306, Elizabeth born in Ireland, d/o 2498690. Lord Thebaud de Verdun & 5910379. Maud de Mortimer.

6/11/1320, Elizabeth married Bartholomew.

10/1321 at Leeds, Bartholomew taken prisoner as part of a larger assault on the city for denying entrance to the Queen on a previous visit. His mother’s brother was the Lord of Leeds, and his aunt Margaret de Clare was the one who had turned the Queen away. Bartholomew was sent to Dover, and then to the Tower in London.

3/16/1322, Bartholomew captured in the Earl of Lancaster’s revolt at the battle of Boroughbridge. Queen Isabela arranged for his release.

1327, Bartholomew named Constable of Dover Castle, and Warden of the Cinque Ports.

11/20/1327, Bartholomew, identified by King Edward III as “beloved Bartholomew de Burghersh, Constable of Dover”, was commisioned with another lord to escort Edward’s future Queen Philippa of Hainault to England.

10/4/1328, Bartholomew, as an envoy of King Edward, was sent to the Mayor of London to inquire into his conduct at a meeting in which the Earl of Lancaster had publicly aired his grievances against the royal family.

10/16/1328 at Salisbury, the King instructed “Chancellor Burghersh” to open Parliament in his name.

9/12/1329, King Edward sent Bartholomew and William de Montague to Avignon, France [then the seat of the Papacy] to meet with Pope John XXII.

10/18/1330 at Nottingham castle, Bartholomew, along with Queen Isabella and her lover Roger Mortimer and others, interrogated the young King Edward and some of his friends about their recent activities in defiance of Roger.

10/19/1330, King Edward and his knights captured the Queen, Roger and Bartholomew. Roger was executed soon afterwards. Bartholomew sent to the Tower with the Queen.

11/28/1330, before the King and Parliament, Bartholomew was stripped of his chancellorship.

1334, Bartholomew was again in the graces of the King and was named Treasurer. He became a chief advisor to the King and adminstered the Queen’s dower lands in Ponthieu.

1339, Bartholomew named Admiral of the Cinque ports.

1341, Bartholomew, Baron of Burghersh; heir to his brother Henry, Bishop of Lincoln and Lord Treasurer.

8/1343, Bartholomew a member of an important retinue sent to the Pope.

6/22/1344, Bartholomew de Burghersh with earls and the king in the new chamber at Westminster, before the ninth hour, when the king sealed certain letters. (S) CPRs.

8/26/1346, Bartholomew fought at the Battle of Crecy in the King’s division.

9/1346, Bartholomew at the year-long seige of Calais [a foothold for England in France that would be held for 200 years.]

1348, Bartholomew named Warden of the Cinque ports.

6/27/1355, Bartholomew named Chamberlain of the Household and Constable of the Tower of London.

7/1/1355, Appointment of the king’s son Thomas, … Richard, earl of Arundel, and Bartholomew de Burgherssh, constable of Dover Castle and wardin of the Cinque Ports, as guardians of the realm and the king’s lieutenants there, during his absence for the expedition of the war with France. (S) CPRs.

8/3/1355, Bartholomew died at Dover, Kent; buried at Grey Friars in London.

5/1/1360, Elizabeth died, buried with Bartholomew.

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