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Saturday, June 26, 2010

38 Couch-Bowen

38. Emanuel “Bud” Couch & 39. Sarah Wilson Bowen

6/24/1850, Sarah born in Wilmington, Duplin Co., NC; d/o 78. Stephen Bowen & 79. Mary Ann Wilson.

5/11/1851, Emanuel born in Dade Co., MO; s/o 76. Benjamin Couch & 77. Celia Caroline Hall. [Emanuel’s gravestone indicates birth in 1850; but the census and Bible record indicates 1851.]

Sarah moved with her family to Grayson Co., TX.

6/28/1860, (S) 1860 Census, LA, Winn Parish, Winnfield. Sarah live with her parents.

6/29/1860, (S) 1860 Census, MO, Dade Co., Polk. Emanuel lives with his parents.

1862, Emanuel moved with his family to Grayson Co., TX.

4/26/1869, Emanuel married Sarah [aka Sally] in Grayson Co., TX.

11/21/1870, (S) 1870 Census, TX, Grayson Co., Whitesboro. Emanuel and Sarah live near other family members – no children. Emanuel is a laborer. [May Ann Friday, likely Mary Ann – Sarah’s sister, lives with them.] They live next to Sarah’s parents.

By 1878, the family moved to Van Buren Co., AR.

1879, the family moved to the Indian Terr. (OK).

By 1883, the family moved to Montague Co., TX.

By 1890, the family moved to Mountainburg, AR.

By 1892, the family had moved to Durwood, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Terr.

1900, they live in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Terr. on a rented farm.

1902, Emanuel and his wife and 4 children moved by covered wagon to Texowa [later Davidson], OK in the Commanche Nation to help settle the land won by their eldest son.

4/24/1910, (S) 1910 Census, OK, Kiowa Co., Mountain Park. They live on a farm they own. Sarah has had 6 children, 5 still living. Son George lives with them.

4/21/1930, (S) 1930 Census, TX, Hidalgo Co. Emanuel and Sarah are living with their son James on his farm. James’ wife is not listed. Emanuel and Sarah both give their age as 79.

10/17/1930, Sarah died in Hildago Co., TX; buried at Donna.

3/1932, Emanuel was living with his son James when James died at Donna, TX.

Emanuel went to live with his son George.

3/30/1934, Emanuel died while living with his son George in Davidson, Tillman Co., OK; buried in the Davidson Cem.

(S) Emanuel Couch family Bible [believed to be first owned by Sarah.] (S) A Diamond Jubilee, History of Tillman County, 1976.

Children of Emanuel and Sarah:

i. James Avery Couch, born 8/27/ 1875 in Grayson Co., TX.
8/6/1901, James a winner in the lottery for land in southwest OK.
9/27/1903, James married Florence Ophelia Dacus, 2/4/1883-4/11/1937; buried with James.
3/21/1932, James died in Donna, Hildago Co., TX; buried in Davidson Cem., Tillman Co., OK.

ii. Nancy Ellen Couch (19), born 4/16/1878 in Van Buren, AR.

iii. Luther R Couch, born 6/2/1880 in the Indian Terr.
1/1898, Luther died at age 17 in Durwood, OK.

iv. Ruth Laura Couch, born 12/17/1883 in Montague Co, TX.
By 1903, Laura married Thomas Aaron Baxley; born 1884 in TX.
(S) 1910 Census, OK, Comanche Co., Zella.
4/12/1917, Laura died in Fort Worth, TX; buried in Frederick Cem., Tillman Co., OK.

v. Lemuel Leonard Couch, born in 1/4/1890 in Mountainburg, AR.
~1910, Lamuel married Mary G ?, born 1894 in TX. (S) 1920 Census, OK, Tillman Co.
11/30/1933, Lem died; buried in Davidson Cem., Tillman Co., OK.

vi. George Delmer Couch, born 8/30/1892 in Durwood, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Terr.
George married Dora Agnes Graham, born 1912 in OK.
(S) 1930 Census, OK, Tillman, Red River. They have a son James E, age 10/12.
9/7/1965, George died in Kern, CA.