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Sunday, June 27, 2010

M: 74

74. Jessee H Kyle & 75. Emily Skaggs

1804-1810, Jessee born in GA; s/o §Samuel L Kyle & §Susanna ?.

1824, Emily born in TN. (S) Census.

1837, Jesse 1st married Elizabeth Morrow.

By 1838, Jessee married Elizabeth and were living in AL.

(S) 1840 Census, AL, Marshall Co. Jessee is listed as age 30-40, with 2 sons under the age of 5, and a wife age 20-30.

By 1843, the family lived in AR.

Elizabeth died.

6/9/1846, Jessee married Emily in Tishomingo Co., MS.

By 1847, the family lived in MS.

9/12/1850, (S) 1850 Census, MS, Itawamba Co. Jessee is a farmer with land valued at $500. Jesse indicates he was born 1810 in AL. [James G Kyle, born 1820 in AL, and his family live next to Jessee.]

8/15/1860, (S) 1860 Census, MS, Itawamba Co., Marrietta. Jessee “Kile” and Emely are farmers. Children Martha – Andrew are listed. Jessee has land valued at $1400 and a personal estate of $2085. Neither Jessee or Emely can write; the oldest 5 children can write.

(S) 1860, MS, Territorial Census. Jessee has a wife and 5 children; and 2 slaves, one male, one female.

[4/15/1870, Prentiss Co. formed from Tishmingo Co.]

8/27/1870, (S) 1870 Census, MS, Prentiss Co., Boonville. Jessie, age 60, is a farmer with land valued at $600 and a personal estate of $1245. Emily, age 45, is keeping house. Last 10 children at home.

1870, Emily died in Booneville.

1870, Jesse died in Booneville.

Children of Jessee and Elizabeth:

i. James M Kyle, born 1838 in AL.

ii. Walton O Kyle, born 1840 in AL.

iii. Anna M Kyle, born 1843 in AR.

iv. Martha S Kyle, born 1845 in AR.

Children of Jessee and Emely:

v. Thomas C Kyle, born 1847 in MS.

vi. Diana Zuba Kyle, born 11/4/1848 in MS.
1/19/1872, Diana married James Lafayette Cheves.
(S) 1880 Census, TX, Wise Co. James and “Dyanah” have 3 children; and Diana’s 3 youngest sisters live with them.
9/29/1909, Diana died in Mansville, Johnston Co., OK.

vii. John W Kyle, born 2/1850 in MS.
(S) 1880 Census, MS, Prentiss Co. John, a farm laborer, is married to Martha E ?, born 1861 in SC. They have 2 sons. [They are the only Kyle family still in Prentiss Co.]

viii. Susan Elizabeth Kyle (37), born 4/13/1854 in MS.

ix. Pleasant O Kyle, born 1856 in MS.

x. Andrew Jackson Kyle, born 1859 in MS.
11/3/1882, Andrew married Catherine S Donaldson in Wise Co., TX.

xi. Modeina J Kyle, born 1861 in MS.

xii. Tandy F Kyle, born 1862 in MS.
(S) 1920 Census, MS, Quitman Co. Tandy married Carrie ?, born 1868 in MS.

xiii. Sophie Algerine Kyle, born 1866 in MS.

xiv. Ada B Kyle, born 6/1870 in Boonville, MS. [twin]

xv. Ida B Kyle, born 6/1870 in Boonville, MS. [twin]

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