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Sunday, June 27, 2010

M: 84

84. William Harrod Dowden & 85. Nancy Chambers

1804, Nancy born in KY; d/o 170. John H Chambers & 171. Margaret Feamster.

5/9/1809, William born in Clark Co., IN; s/o 168. James M Dowden & 169. Rachel Harrod.

1820, (S) 1820 Census, IN, Jackson Co. William, age 10-16, lives with his parents.

9/16/1830, William married Nancy in Monroe Co., IN.

1830, (S) 1830 Census, IN, Owen Co., Wayne & Montgomery. William age 20-30, married, wife 20-30, no children, lives next to his father [and possibly an uncle Zachriah Dowden.]

3/18/1837, “William Harrod Dowden” of Monroe Co., IN, registered 63.1 acres at the Vincennes, IN, land office . (S) Certificate No. 7140.

2/1/1839, William, of Monroe Co., registered 40 acres at the Vincennes land office.

1840, (S) 1840 Census, IN, Monroe Co. William, age 30-40, has a wife, age 30-40, 3 sons under 10, and a daughter under 5. They live next to his parents.

1840, William sold land in Monroe Co. to Jas Buskirk.

2/20/1844, William and Nancy sold land to John Chambers. [Likely her brother.]

Nancy died in Jackson Co., IN.

William farmed out his 6 children to relatives; daughter Margaret went to David Chambers, brother of Nancy.

7/6/1846, William married 2nd Mary Polly Harrell, his first cousin.

Aft. 1848, they moved from IN.

By 1857, they lived in IO.

6/8/1870, (S) 1870 Census, IO, Jackson Co., Sabula. William gives his age as 50, and is a fisherman. Polly, age 45 keeps house. George, age 22, works on a steamboat.

6/1/1880, (S) 1880 Census, IO, Jackson Co., Monmouth. William, age 71, works in a sawmill. Polly, age 59, keeps house. Multiple Dowden relatives live nearby.

By 2/1884, they moved to Jackson Co., IO, where Polly died.

9/2/1886, William died in Jackson Co., IO.

Children of William and Nancy:

i. Thomas Jefferson Dowden (42), born 9/17/1831 in Monroe Co., IN.

ii. James M Dowden, born 11/4/1833 in Monroe Co., IN.

iii. Emily Ann Dowden, born 9/27/1835 in Monroe Co., IN.
9/9/1852, Emily married Isaac Edward.
3/5/1905, Emily died in Greene Co., IN.

iv. John Montgomery Dowden, born 2/27/1837 in Monroe Co., IN.

v. Mary Ellen Dowden, born 9/20/1840 in Monroe Co., IN.
Mary married Marshall Baker Bradley.

v. Margaret Letitia Dowden, born 2/20/1844 in Jackson Co., IN.
2/15/1863, Margaret died in Harrodsburg, Monroe Co., IN, of Typhoid fever.

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