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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Baron John Botetourt & Maud Fitz Thomas

2498728. Baron John Botetourt & 2498729. Maud Fitz Thomas

~1260, John Buteturte born in England, s/o 4997456. Sir Guy Botetourt & 4997457. Ada ?.

1270, Maud born in England, d/o 4997458. Sir Thomas Fitz Otes & 4997459. Beatrice de Beauchamp.

11/16/1272, Edward I succeeded Henry III as King of England.

Bef. 3/23/1274, Maud’s father died. The heir was her older brother, age 9. [The older brother, Otes Fitz Thomas, would die without children, and Maud and her sister would become his heirs.] (S) UKNA, BCM.

8/19/1274 at Westminster abbey, Edward I crowned king of England.

6/8/1275, Grant to Maurice de Croun, king’s kinsman, of the custody, during the minority of the hiers, of the lands and heirs of Thomas son of Otto, deceased, with the marriage of the heirs, … saving to Hugh son of Otto, brother of the said Thomas, land and rent … (S) CPRs.

Bef. 7/12/1281, Maud’s remarried mother died.

1282, John fought in campaigns in Wales as a squire of the household.

[––John & Maud––]

Bef. 6/1282, John, Lord of Mendlesham through marriage to Maud. (S) The Dormant and Extinct Baronage of England, Banks, 1808, P53.

12/1282, King Edward defeated Llewelyn ap Gruffydd at the battle of Radnor in eastern Wales.

1283, King Edward continued his Welsh campaign, capturing and executing Dafydd, brother of Llewelyn; completing the conquest of Wales.

~1285, John married Maud.

10/28/1286, IPM of Anselm de Gurney. Gloucester: … The wood of Deresle held of Sir John Botetourte, rendering 9d. yearly. (S) CIsPM.

1288, John holding land of Cam manor at a rent of 13s. 4d., which was reduced to 6s. 8d. a year. (S) UKNA, BCM.

1/3/1291, Commitment during pleasure to John Buteturte of the castle of St. Briavels and the forest of Dene, [Gloucestershire]. (S) CFRs.

4/28/1292, Appointment of John Buteturte to the custody, during the minority of the heir, of the lands late of John de Drayton, tenant in chief, with the marriage of the heir. (S) CPRs.

4/1293, John present in parliament: “Whereupon the aforesaid John Botetourte, who is present, and who was the chief of the aforesaid justices, states …” (S) Parliament Rolls, 2005, Edward I, m1, 13.

11/26/1293, Commission of oyer and terminer to John Buteturte and Peter de Campania, touching trespasses lately committed upon men from Hoyland of Florence, … in the port of Blakene, co. Norfolk. (S) CPRs.

1294, King Edward involved in a long war to protect lands in Gascony from Philip IV of France.

11/24/1294, Protection …, for the sailors, mariners and others of Great Yarmouth, going on the king's service to sea and by the sea coasts with William de Leyburn, captain of all such sailors, or with John Buteturte, sub-captain. (S) CPRs.

1295, Maud age 26, coheir to her brother Otes Fitz Thomas.

1295, John and William Leyburn named “admirals”, the first use of the term in England.

7/1295, John in command of troops sent to Gascony.

10/4/1295, IPM of Isabel late the wife of Simon de Bello Campo. Bedford: Wottone. The manor  held in dower, by the assignment of the said Simon with the consent of William de Bello Campo his father, of the heirs of the barony of Bedford. As for the heirs of the said barony, Roger, aged 30 and more, son of Maud de Moubray sister of the said Simon, Joan the wife of Ralph Paynel, aged 30, daughter of Ela sister of the said Simon, Isabel the wife of Simon de Pateshulle, aged 24, daughter of Ida daughter of the same Ela, and Elizabeth the wife of John de Horbur’, aged 34, daughter of the same Ela, are parceners of the inheritance with the heirs of the body of Beatrice sometime sister of the said Simon. This Beatrice was married first to Thomas son of Otto, who had by her a son named Otto, now deceased, and a daughter named Maud now aged 26 years and the wife of John Botetourte: after the death of the said Thomas she was married to Sir William de Montecanyso of Edwardestone who had by her a son named William, who if he survives, as the jury believe, is 12 years of age and more. And because the aforesaid Otto survived his mother Beatrice, the jury are doubtful whether her heir by her first or second husband is her heir of the barony, to whom with the other heirs aforesaid the said manor ought to revert. (S) CIsPM.

1296, John still in Gascony, commanding 94 ships.

2/1/1296, To escheator this side of Trent, Order to deliver to John Buteturte, who is in the king's service in Gascony, and Maud, his wife, the following purparty of the manor of Wotton, co. Bedford, which belonged to Simon de Bello Campo, tenant in chief, and which Isabel, late the wife of the said Simon, held in chief of the inheritance of Roger de Moubray, Ralph Paynel and Joan, his wife, Isabel, late the wife of Simon de Pateshull, John de Horbury and Elizabeth, his wife, and the said John Buteturte and Maud, the heirs and parceners of the lands that belonged to Simon on the day of Isabel's death … if Roger, Ralph and Joan, Isabel, John and Elizabeth come to the king's court … (S) CCRs.

7/30/1297, John Buteturt of Essex a mainprise for Richard Syward, a prisoner in the Tower, that he would cross with the king to foreign parts. (S) CFRs.

4/16/1298, John Botetourt, keeper of the forest of Dene. (S) CCRs.

1298, John created a Knight Banneret.

7/22/1298, John at the battle of Falkirk, the defeat of William Wallace. The Scots defensive position was strong, but based on spearmen with support of some cavalry and archers. Edward’s armored knights were repulsed by the amassed spear points. Edward brought up his Welsh longbowmen. They cut gaps into the Scottish ranks through which the mounted English knights could charge. The Scots were routed, but Wallace escaped.

1298-99, John served on 4 commissions of oyer and terminer.

1300, John de Tunstall in the retinue of John Buteturte in Scotland. (S) Hist. of Lancaster, V8, 1914, Cantsfield.

1300, Siege of Caerlaverock castle in Scotland.

2/12/1301 in Lincoln, John was a signer of the baron’s letter to Pope Boniface VIII.

1302, John keeper of the king’s castle of St. Briavels. (S) UKNA.

6/9/1302, Order to the same to deliver to John Buteturte and Maud his wife, sister and heir of Otto, son and heir of Beatrice de Bello Campo (Maud’s mother), sometime the wife of William de Monte Canisio (d.1302), the lands which William held by the courtesy of England of the inheritance of Beatrice, John having done homage. (S) CFRs.

1302, Maud sole heir to her sister Joan, wife of Guy Ferre, inheriting the office of coiner of the Mint as well as a third of the barony of Bedford. (S) CCRs, 11/12/1373.

1302, ‘domini Johannes Buttetort’ among the judges sitting in London. (S) Annales Londonienses.

4/10/1303, To John Buteturte, supplying the king's place in Galloway. Order to cause to be delivered to Walter son of Walter de Bello Campo, tenant in chief … (S) CCRs.

1304, John led a raid into Nithsdale, Scotland with 130 calvary, and 1,770 infantry.

1304, John, at the king’s command, assisted Robert Bruce with movement of a siege engine by ship. [Bruce was working with the English at this time.]

4/6/1305, John Buteturte, … to enquire … touching those who by reason of their power and lordship have taken and take others into their protection for their gifts, and touching those who have extorted money by threats from anyone … in the counties of Gloucester, Northampton, Oxford, Berks, Bedford, Buckingham, Essex, Hertford, Rutland, Cambridge and Huntingdon. (S) CFRs.

9/1305, John, created Baron by writ, and summoned as a royal councilor.

9/1306, John and John of Menteith conducted a successful siege of Dunaverty castle in Kintyre, Scotland. John had a contigent of 3 knights and 11 squires. [They used 2 siege engines.]

7/7/1307, Edward II became king on the death of his father.

1307, John commanded another raid into Scotland.

8/23/1307, Commitment during pleasure to John Botetourte of the keeping of the castle of St. Briavels and the stewardship of the forest. (S) CFRs. [Held until the following March.]

1308, John summoned to parliament as a Baron. (S) Proc. Suffolk Inst., V5, 1886, P255.

3/15/1309, Thomas le Latimer acknowledges that he owes to John Buteturte £100; to be levied, in default of payment, of his lands and chattels in co. Northampton. (S) CCRs. [Same date, £100 owed to John by John Pecche.]

3/16/1310, John nominated as one of the Barons of the Lords Ordainers in London, but he did not accept the position. (S) Parliament Rolls, 2005, Edward II.

4/10/1310, Order to acquit John Botetourte of £267 12s. 0d., which he owes to the exchequer for the time of the late king, for a loan made to him in the late king's wardrobe, and for various debts of the time when he held the bailiwick of St. Briavels, the king having pardoned him the same. (S) CCRs.

5/1311, John Botetourt delivered a draft of the Lords’ Ordainers Ordinances to the king. (S) Parliament Rolls, 2005, Edward II, 1311 August.

10/1/1311, John Botetourt, Governor of Framlingham Castle. (S) CFRs.

12/18/1312, Order to the escheator on this side Trent to deliver to Henry de Percy his lands and goods … mainprise … John Buteturte of Suffolk … (S) CFRs.

1313-1317, John’s father died.

10/16/1313, Pardon to John Boteturte, adherent of Thomas, earl of Lancaster, … whether on account of the capture, detention, or death of Peter de Gavaston, … (S) CPRs.

1315, John, as Admiral, and as a commissioner of array, reported that those recruited were “feeble chaps, not properly dressed, and lacking bows and arrows.”

10/16/1315, … the king lately appointed John Bottetourt to select 23 ships and a certain number of men to man along the sea coast … (S) CPRs.

1315-16, “… pay £40 to John de Botetourt for his allowance as Keeper of the sea in Scotland.” (S) UKNA.

1317, John de Bottetourt summoned to parliament as a Baron.

5/18/1318, Commission of oyer … on behalf of John Buteturte and Matilda his wife complainants, that … came to Tureteshale, co. Norfolk, where the said Matilda and some of the servants were lodged … expelled the said Matilda and the servants from the inn, carried away goods … (S) CPRs.

10/5/1318, Commission of oyer and terminer William de Monte Acuto and John de Buttetourt, touching the death of Geoffrey de Sutton … (S) CPRs.

3/13/1322, John de Haustede is appointed to take into the king's hand all the lands, goods and chattels of John de Botetourt the elder in the counties of Suffolk and Essex. [John a supporter of the Marcher Lords in rebellion.]

3/16/1322, John fought as a household banneret at the battle of Boroughbridge, Yorkshire; fighting with Thomas, Earl of Lancaster and the Marcher Lords, who lost against King Edward II and the Dispensers.

1322, Sir John de Butetort lord of Little Elingham, Norfolk. (S) Ess. Tow. Topo. Hist. of Norfolk, V2, 1805, Elingham-Parva. [Held by his father in 1315.]

10/8/1322, John pardoned for his rebellion with a fine of £1000.

3/13/1323, Release of John Botetourt from his bond for life to find for the king 20 men at arms to go on the king’s service … (S) CPRs.

1324, John sold Little Elingham, Norfolk, to Robert de Bures. [Likely to raise money for his fine.]

10/24/1324, Licence for John Botetourt and Maud his wife to grant the manor of Chigenhale Trenchefoill, co. Essex, held in chief, to John de Sancto Pliliberto and Ada his wife, … (S) CPRs.

11/25/1324, John, Knt. of Upton, Ellingham, and Kerebrook, Norfolk, died; his grandson John heir. (S) UKNA.


12/10/1324, IPM of John Botetourt. Bedford: Dilewik. The manor. … John, son of Thomas son of the aforesaid John, aged 7, is his next heir. Suffolk: Mendlesham. The manor held jointly with Maud his wife, who survives, for their lives … Norfolk: Great Kerbrok. The manor held jointly … He died on 25 November last. Huntingdon: Hamerton. The manor … in right of ––– sometime his wife who was one of the heirs of John de Burgo, by service of a pair of white gloves. Essex: [multiple manors] … (S) CIsPM.

1/16/1325, Order not to intermeddle further with the manors of Great Kerbrok, co. Norfolk, Mendelesham, co. Suffolk, Hamerton, co. Huntingdon, Belcham William, Gestyngthorp, Gosfeld, and Ovyton, co. Essex, and to restore the issues thereof to Matilda, late the wife of John Botetourt, as the king learns by inquisition taken by the escheator that John and Matilda were enfeoffed jointly of the said manors. (S) CCRs.

3/20/1326, Chirograph, indented … the manor of Beauchamp Williame … of which manor Maud, late the wife of John Bottetourte, has acknowledged herself by this indenture, to hold the 8 parts … (S) Ancient Deeds, V5, 1906, Essex, A.11335.

12/1/1326, Commitment during pleasure to Maud Boutetourt of the keeping of the manor of Iselhamstede, co.  Buckingham, late of Hugh le Despenser the younger. (S) CFRs.

1327, Maud sued Robert, son of John Botetort and others.

5/28/1328, Maud sold the hereditary office of coiner to her son-in-law William le Latimer. (S) CPRs.

11/12/1328, Licence for Matilda, late the wife of John Botetourt, to grant William de Latymer and Elizabeth, his wife … (S) CPRs.

11/1328, Maud died.

11/27/1328, Order to the sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk to take into the king's hand the goods and chattels late of Maud Boutetourt, deceased. (S) CFRs.

 (S) English Armies in the Middle Ages, Prestwich, 1996, P55. (S) Edward I, Prestwich, 1997, P153. (S) Plantagenet Ancestry, P136. (S) Proceedings of the Suffolk Inst., V5, 1886, P255.

Family notes:

·         John a falconer to King Edward I.

Children of John and Maud:

i. Thomas Botetort (1249364), born ~1288 in England.

ii. Ada Botetort (2110867), born ~1295 in England.

iii. Otes Botetourt (5910020), born ~1310 in England.

iv. Elizabeth Botetourt, born ? in England.

Elizabeth married William le Latimer.

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