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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Baron Robert de Mortimer & Joyce la Zouche

2498732. Baron Robert de Mortimer & 2498733. Joyce la Zouche

1252 , Robert de Mortuo Mari born in England, heir & s/o 4997464. Hugh de Mortimer & 4997465. Agatha de Ferrers.

~1255, Joyce born in England, heir & d/o 4997466. William la Zouche & 4997467. Maud de Hobridge.

[––Joyce & Nicholas––]

Joyce 1st married to Nicholas de Whelton.

8/19/1274 at Westminster abbey, Edward I crowned king of England.

Bef. 9/1274, Robert’s father died.

1274, “Hugh de Mortuo Mari (Mortimer) of Richard's Castle: Herefordshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire” died; his inquest showed he held 32 ½ knight’s fees of Burford; and son Robert was 22 and more years old. (S) UKNA.

12/25/1274, Order to the escheator on this side Trent to deliver to Robert de Mortuo Mari, son and heir of Hugh de Mortuo Mari, deceased, tenant in chief, the lands late of his said father, ho having done homage. (S) CFRs.

 [––Robert & Joyce––]

~1274, Robert married Joyce.

12/1275, IPM: Hugh de Mortuo Mari of Richard’s Castle held the manors of Wychbold, Cotheridge, and Home Castle in Worcester … Robert de Mortuo Mari his son and next heir of the age 22 years and more.

1/24/1277, Protection with clause volumus, until Midsummer, for the following going to Wales on the king's service: … Robert de Mortuo Mari of Richards Castle. (S) CPRs.

2/5/1277, Grant to the commonalty of the county of Salop, that their courtesy and aid of horses and arms and other their power to Henry de Lascy, earl [of Lincoln], and Roger de Mortuo Mari and others, who have gone on the king's service to the parts of Wales against Llewellin son of Griffin, prince of Wales, and his accomplices in rebellion, given not on account of any service due to the king, but spontaneously on their part, … (S) CPRs.

6/1277, King Edward was in Chester where he cleared a road through a dense forest, and started construction on the castles of Flint and Rhuddlan. King Edward made forays into the Welsh lands of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd, prince of Wales, capturing Snowdonia and the isle of Anglesey.

7/1/1277, Robert de Mortuo Mari of Richards Castle summoned to muster with horse and arms at Worcester to march against Lewellyn. (S) CPRs.

7/17/1277, Power, until 15 August, to Robert de Mortuo Mari to receive into the king’s peace all Welsh willing to come in : after receiving security for their good behavior. (S) CPRs.

3/25/1282, Robert de Motuo Mari to support Roger de Mortuo Mari in support of Roger de Clifford who had been attacked by Welsh malefactors [led by Davydd ap Llywelyn] by night at the castle of Hawardyn and captured. (S) Cal. of Various Chancery Rolls, 1277-1326.

6/28/1283, Robert de Mortimer summoned to Shrewsbury by writ from Rhuddlan to the king to hold a colloquium to ordain what should be done with David, brother of Llewellyn, formerly prince of Wales. (S) The Titular Barony of Clavering, 1891, P16.

12/1282, King Edward defeated Llewelyn ap Gruffydd at the battle of Radnor in eastern Wales.

10/28/1283, Robert de Mortuo Mari, in Little Wodeham, 1 knight’s fee assigned to Eleanor, the king’s mother. (S) CPRs.

1283, King Edward continued his Welsh campaign, capturing and executing Dafydd, brother of Llewelyn; completing the conquest of Wales.

12/1283, Robert de Mortuo Mari one of the sureties of Geoffrey de Geneville and Matilda, his wife, and Peter their eldest son for a debt of £1200 to William de Valencia. (S) CCRs.

12/16/1283, Order to acquit Robert de Mortuo Mari of £287 10s. 7d. due to the exchequer for his own debts and the debts of William la Zuche, Henry de Farleye, and Hugh de Mortuo Mari, as the king has pardoned him this sum for his good service in the expedition to Wales. (S) CCRs.

1284, Robert held the Barony of Burford in capite for 3 knight’s fees.

8/6/1285, The underwritten have acquittance of the common summons in co. Northampton: Robert de Mortuo Mari. (S) CCRs.

2/20/1286, Licence, for life, for Robert de Mortuo Mari to hunt with his own dogs the fox and hare, badger and cat, in the forest of the county of Essex, whenever he will except in the fence month. (S) CPRs.

4/7/1287, Robert, Baron of Richard’s castle, died holding over 30 knights fees.” (S) IPM, 7/22/1287.


5/6/1287, Order to deliver to Joyce (Jocosa), late the wife of Robert de Mortuo Mari, tenant in chief, the manors of Coderigge, co. Worcester, and of Burford, co. Salop, to hold in tenancia until the king shall cause dower to be assigned to her. (S) CCRs.

7/22/1287, Writ of plenius certiorari de feodis for Robert de Mortuo Mari. Oxford: Crudynton. A moiety of the manor … Somerset: Merch. The manor, … Kyngeston. The manor, … Gloucester: Olynton. The manor … Northampton: … Hereford: … Richard's Castle. The advowson of the church … Warwick: … Salop: … Worcester: … (S) CIsPM.

10/25/1287, Order to the escheator on this side Trent to deliver to Joyce, late the wife of the said Robert de Mortuo Mari, the manor of Norton by Daventre, …  Roger de Whelton, … enfeoffed thereof William la Zuche, father of the said Joyce, and that Robert and Joyce satisfied Margery therefor, that it might the more quickly enter the inheritance of Joyce, assigning to Margery the manor of Ambreden late of the inheritance of the said Robert, to hold for life in exchange for her said dower. (S) CFRs.

11/12/1287, Order to deliver to Joyce [Jocosa], late the wife of Robert de Mortuo Mari, tenant in chief, the advowsons of the churches of Bureford and Yeddeford … (S) CCRs.

1289, Joyce died.

3/13/1289, “Joice late the wife of Robert de Mortuo Mari (Mortimer): Devon” died. (S) UKNA, IPM.

(S) Antiquities of Shropshire, Eyton, 1857, P319. (S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P55. (S) Shropshire: Its Early Hist. & Antiq’s, Anderson, 1864, P298.

Children of Robert and ?:

iii. Isabel de Mortimer, born ~1273 in England.

1/18/1291, Order to deliver to Isabel, daughter of Robert de Mortuo Mari, deceased, tenant in chief, the manor of Huntebere, to be held by her according to the feoffment thereof made to her by Joyce (Jocosa), late the wife of the said Robert, as the king learns by inquisition … that Joyce in her widowhood enfeoffed Isabel, Robert's daughter, of the said manor, which Joyce held in socage of her own inheritance of Matthew son of John, and that Isabel continued her seisin thereof for 3 whole weeks until Master Henry de Bray, late escheator this side Trent, took the manor into the king's hands after Joyce's death because Robert's heir was a minor in the king's wardship. (S) CCRs.

Children of Robert and Joyce:

i. Hugh de Mortimer (121689202), born 1275 in England.

ii. William la Zouche de Mortimer (1249366), born 1277 in England.

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