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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

G22: 2955052

2955052. Lord Gilbert de Haukwode

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Gilbert, a tanner, resided at Hedingham, his manor at Gosfield let to a tenant.

1314-5, Gilbert in litigation with John Graveshale over 300 acres of land and 18 acres of meadow associated with the dowery of his daughter Johanna.

1327, in the Lay Subsidy, Gilbert ranked 7th of 45 families in wealth for Sible Hedingham, and 8th of 52 in Finchingfield.

1329, Gilbert and Walter Roughley of Sible of Hedingham and John de Nunthey of Halstead collected debts of £408.

1336, Gilbert a witness to a grant of the rector of Bradwell.

Gilbert of Hedingham Sible and of Gosfield, Essex held manors under the Earl of Oxford.

7/18/1340, Gilbert wrote his will: to be buried in the church of Sible Hedingham, … sons John the elder, John the younger, Nicholas, … to John senior a cart, 6 horses, 2 oxen, 10 quarters of wheat and 10 quarters of oats, … to John junior 20£.100s. and a bed … daughters Agnes married to Thomas Ruby, and Joan married to John Gravashale, Alice and Margaret “spinsters”, executors – the 2 sons named John …

Bef. 10/10/1340, Gilbert died. (S) Will proved.

(S) Gen. Memoirs of the Extinct Family of Chester of Chicheley, Waters, 1878. (S) John Hawkwood, Caferro, 2006, P34.

Family notes:
• 1341-42, John de Haukwode, son and heir of Gilbert de Haukwode to John le Somenour of Wethersfield: Release of his right in the land, etc., of which John de Longwode died seised in Langham and Stratford, and which the grantor, the grantee, and Hugh le Clerk of Sible Hedingham (Hengham Sibile) inherited from John de Longwode: Essex, Suff. (S) UKNA.

Children of Gilbert and ?:

i. John Hawkwood (1477526), born ~1325 in Essex, England.
[2nd son of the same name.]

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