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Friday, July 9, 2010

Jacques Carbonneau & Genevieve Martin

1012. Jacques Carbonneau & 1013. Genevieve Martin

12/7/1674, Jacques born in Ste Famille, I.O., Quebec, Canada; s/o 2024. Esprit Carbonneau & 2025. Marguerite Landry.

9/12/1674, Jacques baptized in Ste Famille. Godparents were Jacques Perrot and Gabrielle Barre, wife of Guillaume Landry.

12/21/1678, Genevieve born in Ste Famille, I.O., Quebec, Canada; d/o 2026. Pierre Martin & 2027. Marie Buot.

1681 Census of Ste Famille, I.O., Jacques, age 7, lives with his family.

1681 Census of Ste Famille, I.O., Genevieve, age 2, lives with her family.

3/9/1689, Jacques and Genevieve both confirmed in St Francois, I.O.

10/10/1697 in Ste Famille, I.O., Jacques, age 23, contracted to marry Genevieve, both residents of St Francois, I.O. All parents named.

12/9/1708, Jacques, age 34 and a cultivateur, died in St Michel. Attending the burial were Alexandre Dalere and Pierre Bissonet.

10/14/1709 in Berthier, Genevieve married 2nd Jean Blais, s/o 2000. Pierre Blais & 2001. Anne Perrault. [7 children.]

4/30/1727, Genevieve, age 49, died in Ste Anne d’Yamachiche.

Children of Jacques and Genevieve:

i. Jacques Augustin Carbonneau, born 1698 in La Durantaye, Canada. [Died an infant.]

ii. Angelique Carbonneau, born 4/6/1700 in St Michel, La Durantaye, Canada.
2/25/1727 in Yamachiche, Maskinonge, Angelique married Pierre Heroux.
11/13/1783, Angelique died in Yamachiche, Maskinonge, Canada.

iii. Jacques Carbonneau, born 1/25/1702 in La Durantaye, Canada.
10/23/1725 in Ste Anne de Beaupre, Jacques married Jeanne Guimond; d/o Joseph & Anne Pare, d/o 3652. Robert Pare & 3653. Francoise Lehoux.
12/6/1740, Jacques, age 38, died.

iv. Jean Baptiste Carbonneau (506), born 8/18/1704 in La Durantaye, Canada.

v. Genevieve Carbonneau, born 4/4/1707 in St Thomas, La Durantaye, Canada.
1/14/1731 in Yamachiche, Maskinonge, Genevieve married Pierre Gelinas.
1/15/1776, Genvieve, age 69, died.

vi. Alexis Carbonneau, born 7/15/1709 in La Durantaye, Canada.
11/26/1731 in Yamachiche, Maskinonge, Alexis married Marie Francoise Gelinas.
4/29/1752, Alexis, age 43, died in Yamachiche.

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