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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Noel Mailloux & Therese Louise Marcoux

1792. Noel Mailloux & 1793. Therese Louise Marcoux

3/25/1666, Noel born in Quebec, New France; s/o 3584. Pierre Mailloux dit Desmoulins & 3585. Anne Delaunay.

5/16/1666 in Quebec, Noel baptized.

1/23/1667, Therese born in Beauport, Canada; d/o 3586. Pierre Marcoux & 3587. Marthe Rainville.

1667 census of Charlesbourg; Noel, age 2, living with his parents.

1667 census of Beauport; Louise, age 1; living with her parents.

1681 census of Quebec; Noel, age 16, living with his parents.

1681 census of Beauport; Louise, age 15; living with her parents.

1/12/1682 in Beauport, Therese 1st married Joachim Gagne, s/o 4020. Louis Gagne & 4021. Marie Michel. Louise’s parents promise to pay them 300 pounds at the end of the three years. In return, Joachim Gagné and Louise promise to work for the profit of her parents.

11/30/1683, Louise’s father co-signs for the purchase of a lot of land for Joachim Gagné in front of the village of St-Michel, between the lands of Jean Lespinay and Jacques Ménard. Pierre promises to pay the cost of 150 pounds.

2/7/1688, Joachim died.

11/7/1690 at Beauport, La Nativite, Quebec, Noel married Therese, a widow, in a civil wedding. Neither was able to sign. Noel was a resident of Quebec, Therese of Beauport. Therese’s 1st husband is identified as deceased. Noel’s parents are identified. Attending: Joseph and Jean Baptiste Mailloux – brothers of Noel, Therese’s father Pierre Marcou, brother Jean Marco.

11/3/1693, Noel attended the wedding of Pierre Crete & Marthe Marcoux, sister of Therese.

Aft. 6/11/1699, Noel and Therese received a distribution of funds from half of her father’s estate.

2/5/1719 at Beauport, Noel, a “procureur fiscal” was present at the wedding of his son Pierre.

Aft. 12/19/1721, Noel and Therese received a equal distribution of funds from her mother’s estate.

1724, Noel, Captaine of Milice of Beauport.

7/10/1735, Therese, age 68, died in Beauport.

1/9/1753, Noel, age 86, died in Beauport; buried the next day.

Children of Joachim and Therese:

i. Jean Baptiste Gagne, born 10/27/1682 in Beauport, Canada.
1/7/1708 in Quebec, Jean married Marie Francoise Marchet, d/o Jean Baptiste.

ii. Genevieve Gagne, born 3/16/1684 in Beauport, Canada.
1/7/1711 in Beauport, Genevieve married Thomas Touchette.
1/19/1723, Genevieve, age 39, died in Beauport.

iii. Etienne Gagne, born 3/15/1686 in Beauport, Canada.
11/23/1711 in Ancienne Lorette, Etienne married Marie Angelique Gely.
11/23/1754, Etienne, age 68, died in Acienne Lorette.

Children of Noel and Therese:

i. Pierre Mailloux (896), born 1/26/1693 in Beauport, Canada.

ii. Marie Mailloux, born 6/1/1694 in Beauport, Canada. [Died an infant.]

iii. Marie Mailloux, born 9/8/1695 in Beauport, Canada.
11/16/1716 in Beauport, Marie married Raphael Giroux.
6/19/1772, Marie, age 77, died in Quebec.

iv. Marie Louise Mailloux, born 5/12/1697 in Beauport, Canada.
11/16/1716 in Beauport, Louise married Louis Vachon dit Laminee, s/o 1794. Vincent Vachon dit Laminee & 1795. Louise Cadieux dit Courville.
2/14/1723, Louise, age 26, died in Hotel Dieu, Quebec.

v. Germain Mailloux, born 3/11/1699 in Beauport, Canada.
4/25/1724 in Beauport, Germain married Marie Madeleine Giroux.
3/11/1777, Germain died in Beauport.

vi. Jean Mailloux, born 6/23/1701 in Beauport, Canada.
8/26/1727 in Beauport, Jean married Genevieve Chevalier, d/o Michel.

vii. Madeleine Mailloux, born 3/9/1703 in Beauport, Canada.
8/26/1727 in Beauport, Madeleine married Louis Giroux.
2/25/1732 in Beauport, Madeleine married Mathurin Brochu, s/o 1944. Jean Brochu & 1945. Marie Francoise de Launay.

viii. Noel Mailloux, born 8/15/1707 in Beauport, Canada.
8/26/1727 in Beauport, Noel married Charlotte Chevalier.

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