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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pierre Melancon & Marie Rosalie Blanchard

1806. Pierre Melancon & 1807. Marie Rosalie Blanchard

1670, Pierre born in Grand Pre, Acadie; s/o 3612. Pierre Melancon & 3613. Marie Marguerite Anne Mius.

1674, Rosalie born in Port Royal, Acadie; d/o 3614. Martin Blanchard & 3615. Francoise Leblanc.

1686 Acadian Census, Baye des Mines: Pierre, age 16, living with his parents.

1686 Acadian Census, Port Royal: Rosalie, age 12, living with her parents.

1693 census of Minas, Pierre, age 22, lives with his parents.

1693 census of Port Royal, Rosalie, age 18, lives with her parents.

1695 in Port Royal, Pierre married Rosalie.

1701 Census of Grand Pre, Pierre Melason Sr, his wife, 2 boys, 2 girls, 20 arpents, 23 cattle, 20 sheep, 18 hogs, 2 guns.

1707 census of Minas, Pierre Melanson, his wife, 6 girls less than 12, 5 arpents, 4 cattle, 5 sheep, 6 hogs.

1714 Census of Port Royal: Pierre Melason and wife, children: 2 males, 4 females.

1752 Census of : Pierre Melançon, native of l'Acadie, aged 80 years, his father-in-law, lives with him; 4 oxen, 2 cows, 1 calf, 1 mare, 7 ewes, and 4 pigs. The land was given to them verbally by Monsieur de Bonnaventure. On it they have made a clearing for the sowing of two bushels of wheat in the coming spring. [They live next to Jacques Naquin, age 51, widower of Jeanne Melacon.]

1752, Pierre, age 82, died on Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia.

Children of Pierre and Rosalie:

i. Elisabeth Melacon, born 1696 in Acadie.
1714 in Acadie, Elisabeth married Ambroise Bourque.

ii. Marie Madeleine Melancon (903), born 1697 in Port Royal, Acadie.

iii. Cecile Melacon, born 1704 in Acadie.
1750 in Acadie, Cecile married Joseph Hebert, s/o Marguerite, d/o 1800. Antoine Landry & 1801. Marie Thibodeau.

iv. Francoise Melacon, born 2/27/1709 in Grand Pre, Acadie.
10/4/1724 in St Charles les Mines, Grand Pre, Francoise married Joseph, s/o Pierre Theriault & Marie Bourg.
[Note: 4/9/1766, Joseph died in St Martin, LA.]

v. Pierre Melacon, born 1/8/1712 in Grand Pre, Acadie.
1734 in Grand Pre, Pierre married Elisabeth Theriault, d/o Pierre & Marie Bourg.
11/8/1739, Pierre, age 27, died in Grand Pre.

vi. Joseph Melacon, born 1716 in Grand Pre, Acadie.
1/20/1738 in Grand Pre, Joseph married Madeleine Hebert, d/o Marguerite, d/o 1800. Antoine Landry & 1801. Marie Thibodeau.
8/19/1748 in Grand Pre, Joseph married Marguerite, d/o Germain Hebert & Anne Caissie.
7/7/1763, Joseph and his family had been deported and was being held in Annapolis, MD.
12/29/1786, Joseph, age 70, died in St Gabriel d’Iberville, LA.

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