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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Abraham Methot & Marie Madeleine Mezeray

1860. Abraham Methot & 1861. Marie Madeleine Mezeray

1642, Abraham born in St-Germain du Pont-Audemer, Bernay, Rouen, France; s/o §Jacques Methot & §Francoise Auzou ou Anjou.

1658, Madeleine born in Quebec, Canada; d/o 3722. Rene Mezeray dit Nopces & 3723. Nicole Gareman.

1666 census of Comte de Quebec [Sillery Cap Rouge]; Marie, age 8, lives with her family.

1667 census of Ste Foy; Marie Madeleine, age 9, lives with her family.

Abraham traveled to New France.

11/5/1670, Pierre Lambert received a grant from Bishop Laval on one side of Abraham.

7/16/1673 in Sillery, Abraham married Madeleine, a resident of Gaudarville, parish of St Michel, Sillery. All parents listed. Abraham’s father listed as deceased. Attending: Philippe Guyon, Charles Gingras, Rene LeDuc.

5/16/1674, Chastel Michel obtained a grant from Abraham and Pierre Lambert.

1681 Census: Abraham, Jacques, Anne, Marie Francoise, and wife Marie Madeleine; 5 arpents of land in Lauzon, 6 cattle, 2 guns.

7/23/1696, Abraham bought a home near Hotel Dieu.

9/10/1706, Abraham, age 64, died in St Nicolas; buried the next day.

2/24/1721, Abraham listed as deceased in the wedding of son Joseph.

7/24/1740, Madeleine, age 84, died in Quebec.

Children of Abraham and Madeleine:

i. Francoise Methot, born 12/29/1675 in Sillery, Canada.
11/10/1698 in St Nicolas, Levis, Francoise married Jean Bourassa, s/o Jean.
11/24/1754, Francoise, age 79, died in Lauzon.

ii. Marie Anne Methot, born 1678 in Quebec, Canada.
8/17/1712 in St Nicolas, Levis, Anne married Jean Baptiste Hamel, s/o Jean.
6/3/1749, Anne, age 71, died in Ste Croix.

iii. Rene Methot, born 5/25/1682 in Lauzon, Canada.
8/8/1706 in St Nicolas, Levis, Rene married Marie Francoise Lambert, d/o Marie Normand, d/o 3724. Jean Normand & 3725. Anne Lelaboureur.
12/9/1746, Rene, age 64, died in St Nicolas.

iv. Abraham Methot, born 4/25/1687 in Lauzon, Canada.
4/23/1713 in Ste Foy, Abraham married Therese Masse, d/o Pierre Masse & Jacqueline Pain.
11/17/1749, Abraham, age 62, died in Quebec.

v. Agnes Charlotte Methot, born 1/25/1695 in St Nicolas, Canada.
10/30/1714 in Cap Sante, Agnes married Jean Baptiste Noel Tousignant dit Lapointe.
1/11/1773, Agnes, age 78, died in Lobiniere.

vi. Charles Methot, born 5/5/1699 in St Nicolas, Canada.
3/7/1720 in Quebec, Charles married Marie Genevieve Hedouin, d/o Pierre.
10/25/1771, Charles, age 72, died in Repentigny.

vii. Joseph Methot (930), 5/5/1699 in St Nicolas, Levis, Canada.

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