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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nicolas Bouchard & Anne LeRoy

1936. Nicolas Bouchard & 1937. Anne LeRoy

1637, Nicolas born in Antilly les Marais [Berneveu], La Rochelle, Aunis, France; s/o 3872. Clement Bouchard & 3873. Louise Brillard.

1653, Anne born in St Hillaire sous Romilly, Nogent sur Seine, Sens, Bourgogne, France; d/o 3874. Pierre le Roy & 3875. Anne Fleury.

3/3/1657 at Lagorde, La Rochelle, Nicolas contracted to work in New France.

2/2/1660, Nicolas confirmed in Chateau Richer.

1667 Census, Nicolas, age 30, resident of Cote de Beaupre, 2 arpents in valeur.

9/15/1670, Nicolas signed his contract to marry Anne.

9/30/1670 in Ste Anne de Beaupre, Nicolas, age 33, married Anne, age 17. Both origins given. All parents named. Attending: Michel Bouchard – brother of Nicolas, Claude Poulin, Jean Picart.

1681 Census of Berthier en Bas:, Nicolas, Anne, Angelique, Agnes, Pierre, and Nicolas [a son that must have died young] live in Bellechasse. Nicolas has a gun, 2 cows, five arpents of land. Their neighbors were 3716. Jean Jacques Bernier dit deParis & 3717. Antoinette Grenier.

1/22/1684 in Cap St Ignace, parents Nicolas and Anne, godfather Nicolas Gamache, and godmother Marie Caron present for the baptism of their son Nicolas.

1684, Nicolas died in Cap St Ignace.

5/6/1684, Anne Leroy, widow of Nicolas Bouchard, godmother to Anne Thibault, d/o 1814. Francois Thibault & 1815. Elisabeth Agnes Lefebvre.

10/8/1685 in Quebec, widow Anne married Claude Guimond, s/o Louis Guimond & Jeanne Bitouset. [6 children.]

11/1/1719, Anne, age 66, died in Cap St Ignace.

Children of Nicolas and Anne:

i. Marie Angelique Bouchard, born 2/17/1673 in Ste Anne de Beaupre, Canada.
2/14/1692 in Cap St Ignace, Angelique married Louis Bosse.
11/16/1722, Marie, age 49, died in Cap St Ignace.

ii. Agnes Bouchard, born 3/19/1675 in Cap St Ignace, Canada.
11/17/1701 in Cap St Ignace, Agnes, age 26, married Joseph Morin, s/o Alphonse Morin & Marie Madeleine Normand.
3/27/1758, Agnes, age 83, died in St Thomas.

iii. Elisabeth Agnes Bouchard, born 10/6/1677 in Cap St Ignace, Canada.
7/13/1699 in Cap St Ignace, Elisabeth, age 22, married Charles Fournier, s/o Guillaume Fournier & Francoise Hebert.
3/27/1758, Elisabeth, age 81, died in St Thomas.

iv. Pierre Bouchard, born 11/25/1679 in Cap St Ignace, Canada.
5/10/1709 in St Thomas, Pierre, age 30, married Marie Catherine, s/o Simon Fournier & Catherine Rousseau.
6/21/1758, Pierre, age 79, died in Montmagny.

v. Ignace Bouchard, born 2/23/1682 in Cap St Ignace, Canada.
10/23/1712 in St Etienne, Ignace, age 30, married Jeanne, d/o Noel Roy & Jeanne Therese Casse.
9/12/1733, Ignace, age 51, died in Berthier.

vi. Nicolas Bouchard (968), born 1/16/1684 in Cap St Ignace, Canada.

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