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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nicolas LeRoy & Jeanne Lelievre

1940. Nicolas LeRoy & 1941. Jeanne Lelievre

3/22/1634, Jeanne born in France; d/o 3882. Guillaume Lelievre.

5/25/1639, Nicolas born in St Remi de Dieppe, Normandie, France; s/o 3880. Louis Leroy & 3881. Anne Lemaistre.

2/27/1658 in St Leonard Honfleur, Normandy, Nicolas married Jeanne.

5/1662, Nicolas, his wife Jeanne, his widowed mother Anne Lemaistre, and sons Louis and Nicolas sailed from La Rochelle on the ships Garden of Holland and Golden Eagle to New France; a trip lasting 4 months. [Generally the ships made multiple stops.]

9/22/1662, Nicolas and family arrived in Quebec where they were greeted by his father-in-law, Guillaume Lelievre, who arrived 3 years earlier.

10/6/1663, Nicolas settled on the coast of Beaupre near Montmornecy Falls by a concession of Guillaumette Hebert, the widow Couillard.

6/8/1664, Nicolas officially acquired his land in an area now called Boischatal.

1666 census: Nicolas has a domestic Jean Briere.

1667 census: Nicolas owns 4 cattle and 7 arpents of cleared land.

1669, a neighbor, Jacques Nourry, assaulted 5-year-old Marie Jeanne.

8/9/1669, Nicolas and Jeanne swore a warrant for the arrest of Jacques Nourry. Three doctors gave their opinion during a confrontation between the violator and his victim. The next day, the Assistant Attorney General gave his summary to the Sovereign Council.

8/12/1669, “The Sovereign Council has decided and does declare that the said, Jacques Nourry, is guilty of the act and convicts him of having violated the said, Marie Leroy and in reparation, does condemn him to be hanged and strangled on the gallows; then his body taken to a public place, where his head shall be severed and placed on a post; this to give thought to those who would avoid marriage. Three hundred livres in civil damages to be given to the said Marie Leroy, also another one hundred livres in damages; a third to go to the hospital and two thirds to the council for the court costs.”

Nicolas moved his family to Beaumont on the south shore.

8/13/1676 at La Durantaye, Nicolas godfather to Anne Catherine Molleur dit Lallemend.

1681 census of St Michelle de Bellechasse [La Durantaye]: Nicolas 37, Jeanne 40, Children: Guillaume 14, Jean 8, Baptiste 3, Elisabeth 10; 8 cattle, 20 arpents of land, a gun. 2 sons had farms nearby.

8/1/1681, Nicolas and Jeanne confirmed by Laval.

4/27/1690, Nicolas and Jeanne residents of Seigneurie de Cortier, Paroisse de St Joseph, Eveche de Quebec. (S) Wedding of son Noel.

1690, Nicolas died in La Durantaye.

2/8/1694 in Quebec, Jeanne married 2nd Francois Molinet.

11/11/1728, Jeanne died in St Vallier de Bellechasse.

Children of Nicolas and Jeanne:

i. Louis Roy, born 11/26/1658 in Dieppe, Normandie, France.
5/26/1682 in Lauzon, Quebec, Louis married Marie Ledran.
1713, Louis died in Beaumont.

ii. Nicolas Roy (970), born 3/24/1661 in Dieppe, Seine Maritime, Normandie, France.

iii. Noel Roy (1002), born 1663 in Beaupre, Quebec, Canada.

iv. Marie Jeanne Roy, born 8/15/1664 in Beaupre, Quebec, Canada.
7/31/1679 in Quebec, Jeanne married Jean Gautreau.
Marie married 2nd Jean Fournier.

v. Guillaume Roy, born 1665 in Beaupre, Quebec, Canada.
1689 in La Durantaye, Guillaume married Angelique Bazin.
4/4/1743, Guillaume died in Quebec.

vi. Anne Roy, born 2/6/1668 in Chateau Richer, Canada. [Died an infant.]

vii. Jean Roy, born 10/12/1669 in L'Ange Gardien, Quebec, Canada. [Died an infant.]

viii. Marie Elisabeth Roy, born 5/18/1671 in L'Ange Gardien, Quebec, Canada.
10/24/1691 in Beauport, Elisabeth married Zacharie Turgeon.

ix. Jean Roy, born 7/8/1674 in L'Ange Gardien, Quebec, Canada.
4/29/1694 in St Laurent, I.O., Jean married Catherine Nadeau.

x. Jean Baptiste Roy, born 10/20/1678 in Beaupre, Quebec, Canada.
11/17/1698 in St Michel, Jean married Marguerite Bazin.
10/17/1701 in St Michel, Jean married Claire Catrin.

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