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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jean Rabouin & Marguerite Leclerc

2006. Jean Rabouin & 2007. Marguerite Leclerc

2/12/1639, Marguerite baptized in Dieppe, Normandie, France; d/o 4014. Jean Leclerc & 4015. Perette Brunel.

1639, Jean born in St Nicolas, La Rochelle, France; s/o 4012. Francois Rabouin & 4013. Marguerite Chassay.

4/11/1656 in La Rochelle, France, Jean signed his contract to work in New France.

Jean traveled to New France.

10/13/1661 in Chateau Richer, Marguerite 1st married Nicolas Leblond, s/o Jacques. Both origins given, no parents named. Attending Claude Guyon, Jacques Delaunay.

10/28/1663 in Quebec, Jean 1st married Marguerite Ardoin. [9 children.]

2/11/1669, Marguerite confirmed at Ste Famille, I.O.

1/9/1677, Nicolas Leblond died.

1677, Marguerite Ardoin died.

9/8/1678 in Ste Famille, I.O., Jean, widower and resident of St Pierre, I.O., married Marguerite Leclerc, widow and resident of Ste Famille, I.O. Both previous spouses listed and deceased. Attending: brothers David Asselin and Jacques Asselin, Jean Rioux.

2/12/1704, Marguerite, age 65, died in Ste Famille, I.O.

3/17/1706, Jean’s marriage to Catherine de Belleau, widow of Vincent Poirier annulled.

7/6/1706 in St Jean, Jean married Marie Mineau.

12/7/1707, Jean, age 69, died in St Jean I.O., Quebec.

Children of Jean and Marguerite:

i. Marguerite Rabouin (1003), born 11/19/1679 in Ste Famille, I.O., Quebec, Canada.

ii. Jean Baptiste Rabouin, born 10/28/1681 in Ste Famille, I.O., Quebec, Canada.
10/26/1698, Jean died in Ste Famille, I.O.

iii. Jeanne Rabouin, born 1/9/1683 in Ste Famille, I.O., Quebec, Canada.
11/26/1703 in Ste Famille I.O., Jeanne married Etienne Corriveau, s/o 2044. Etienne Corriveau & 2045. Catherine Bureau.
6/15/1750, Jeanne, age 67, died in St Vallier.

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