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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Louis Gagne & Marie Gagnon

2010. Louis Gagne & 2011. Marie Gagnon

7/7/1651, Louis born in Quebec, Canada; d/o 4020. Louis Gagne & 4021. Marie Michel.

8/1/1659, Marie born in Quebec, Canada; d/o 3672. Jean Gagnon & 3673. Marguerite Cochon.

1666 census of Comte de Montmorency; Louis lives with his widowed mother and siblings.

1666 census of Beaupre: Marie lives with her parents and siblings.

11/3/1672, Nicolas Gamache and Louis Gagne were parties in the Concession of the Gamache seigniory by Jean Talon. “We certify to all concerned that after this, Nicolas Gamache, who has served us faithfully in the Army over many years, will be permitted to retire on his land, here or somewhere else that he finds well-suited. We further decree that he has given us much satisfaction with his zeal and commitment.” They were granted 42 arpents on the St Lawrence.

4/2/1675, Louis bought half of his family’s property in Sainte-Anne-du-Petit-Cap from his mother.

7/6/1679, Louis sold his family land back to his mother.

2/9/1678 in Chateau Richer, Louis married Marie. All parents listed. Marie’s father deceased. Attending: Pierre Gagnon, Joseph Gagnon, Jean Picard.

1681 Census of Beaupre [Comte de Montmorency], Louis 30, Marie 22, daughter Marie 3, son Pierre 2.

4/4/1686, Louis had a contractual arrangement with Jean Boucher.

1/11/1689, Louis’ seigniory arrangement with Nicolas Gamache ended. Louis’ name became Louis Gagne dit Bellavance, land owner of La Fresnaye.

6/24/1698, Louis, age 47, died in Chateau Richer.

7/24/1722, Marie, age 63, died in Quebec.

(S) PRDH Family #4716.

Children of Louis and Marie:

i. Marie Gagne, born 11/22/1678 in Ste Anne de Beaupre, Canada.
6/17/1702, Marie contracted to marry Jean Poulin.

ii. Pierre Gagne, born 1/25/1680 in Ste Anne de Beaupre, Canada.
11/2/1705, Pierre contracted to marry Marguerite Poulin.
4/25/1748, Pierre died in St Michel de Bellechasse.

iii. Denis Gagne, born 3/6/1682 in Ste Anne de Beaupre, Canada.
11/11/1715 in St Francois, I.O., Denis married Angelique Dion dit Guyon.
6/19/1728, Denis died in St Francois, I.O.

iv. Francois Gagne, born 1/12/1685 in Ste Anne de Beaupre, Canada.
1/19/1711, Francois contracted to marry Francoise Poulin.

v. Marguerite Gagne, born 2/29/1688 in St Joachim, Canada.
11/5/1705, Marguerite contracted to marry Pascal Poulin.

vi. Marie Madeleine Gagne (1005), born 1689, Madeleine born in Quebec, Canada.

vii. Marie Therese Gagne, born 4/15/1700 in St Francois, I.O.
12/14/1729, Therese died at Hotel Dieu de Quebec.

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