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Thursday, July 29, 2010

M: 2034

2034. Barthélémy Gandin & 2035. Marthe Cognac

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1601–1606, Marthe born in St Etienne de Marans, France; d/o §Guillaume Cognac & §Yves Pinssoneau.

1608, Barthelemy born in France.

10/9/1613, Barthelemy baptized in Chapelle Sainte Maguerite, La Rochelle, France; s/o §Louis Gandin & §Marie Francois. The godfather was Barthelemy Barbier, the godmother Madeleine Mondot.

6/5/1643 in La Rochelle, Barthelemy, a “cooper” signed a 3-year contract at 90 livres per year to work in New France. He was also granted return passage after the contract ended.

Barthelemy returned to France.

1/20/1647 in La Rochelle, France, Barthelemy married Marthe.

Bef. 1/30/1649, Barthelemy and Marthe traveled back to New France.

By 1651, Barthelemy and family lived in Sillery.

11/3/1665, Barthelemy and Marthe residents of Notre Dame de Quebec. (S) Wedding of daughter Genevieve.

1666 census of Quebec; Barthelemy 58, Marthe 60, son Jean 16, daughter Marguerite 14.

1667 census of Ste Foy; Barthelemy 60, Marthe 66, son Jean 18, daughter Marguerite 16.

5/29/1689, Marthe, age 97, died in Neuville [St Francois de Sales.]

3/19/1697, Barthelemy, age 84, died in Neuville.

Children of Barthelemy and Martha:

i. Genevieve Gandin (1017), born 1/30/1649 in Quebec, Canada.

ii. Marguerite Jeanne Gandin, born 7/30/1651 in Sillery, Canada.
1/8/1668 in Sillery, Marguerite married Pobert Page, s/o Raymond.
3/10/1717, Marguerite, age 66, died in Neuville.