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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Augustin Blais & Marie Angelique Mercier

250. Augustin Blais & 251. Marie Angelique Mercier

6/14/1739, Augustin born in Berthier sur Mer, Montmagny, Quebec, Canada; s/o 500. Jean Baptiste Blais & 501. Marie Marguerite Roy.

1748, Angelique born in Berthier en Bas, Canada; d/o 502. Augustin Mercier & 503. Marie Anne Joly. [Based on marriage date and birth of next child.]

10/7/1765 in Berthier en Bas, Quebec, Augustin married Angelique. All parents named. Both fathers were present at the wedding. Attending: Augustin’s uncles Louis Blais and Michel Blais; Angelique’s uncle Pierre Mercier, and her cousin Joseph Mercier.

9/1/1820, Angelique, age 70, spouse of Augustin Blais, died in Berthier en Bas; buried 3 days later.

8/26/1823, Augustin, widower of Angele Mercier, age 88, died in Berthier sur Mer; buried 2 days later.

(S) PRDH: Family #42820.

Children of Augustin and Angelique:

i. Augustin Blais, born 8/16/1766 in Berthier, Quebec;
4/16/1788 in Berthier, Quebec, Augustin married (1) Marie Josephe Mercier.
1/17/1804 in Berthier sur Mer, Montmagny, Quebec, Augustin married (2) Marie Anne Dion.
2/27/1865 in Berthier, Quebec, Augustin died;

ii. Jean Baptiste Blais, born 12/16/1767 in Bertheir, Quebec.

iii. Marie Angelique Blais, born 10/31/1769 in Berthier, Quebec.
9/27/1790, Marie married Jean Francois Chretien.
11/12/1866, Marie died in Vaudreuil, Quebec.

iv. Augustine Blais, born 3/24/1772 in Bertheir, Quebec.

v. Jean Baptiste Blais, born 5/4/1774 in Berthier, Quebec;
1/27/1801 in Berthier, Quebec, Jean married (1) Marie Josette Corriveau.
10/3/1802 in Berthier en Bas, Quebec; Jean married (2) Marguerite Mercier.
1/18/1813 in Berthier en Bas, Quebec, Jean married (3) Genevieve Marcoux.
7/26/1836 in St. Henri, Quebec, Jean married (4) Marie Dufresne.

vi. Marie Charlotte Blais (125), born 6/8/1775 in Canada.

vii. Marie Genevieve Blais, born 5/19/1777 in Bertheir, Quebec, Canada.
6/22/1797 in Bertheir, Quebec, Marie died.

viii. Francois Blais, born ~ 1780 in Quebec, Canada.
1/20/1801 in Berthier, Quebec, Francois married Bridgette Bulteaux.

ix. Joseph Blais, born 1783 in Quebec, Canada.
9/15/1807 in Montmagny, Quebec, Joseph married Marguerite DesTroisMaisons Picard.

x. Francoise Blais, born ~ 1785 in Quebec, Canada.
11/23/1824 in Berthier, Quebec, Francoise married Andre Proulx.

xi. Marguerite Blais, born ~ 1787 in Quebec, Canada.
2/23/1813 in Berthier, Quebec, Marguerite married Jacques Lesard.

xii. Marthe Blais, born ~ 1789 in Quebec, Canada.
6/15/1819 in Berthier, Quebec, Marthe married Joseph Boulet.

xiii. Michel Blais, born ~ 1791 in Quebec, Canada.
2/22/1808 in Berthier, Quebec, Michel married Constance Cote.

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