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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jean Baptiste Brochu & Marie Agathe Roy

486. Jean Baptiste Brochu & 487. Marie Agathe Roy

8/22/1728, Jean born in Bellechasse, Canada; s/o 972. Jean Baptiste Brochu & 973. Dorothee Allaire. Jean was baptized the same day.

2/22/1738, Marie born in St Vallier, Canada; d/o 974. Joseph Noel Roy & 975. Agathe Fradet.

4/10/1756 at St Vallier, Jean married Marie, all parents recorded.

1763, by the Treaty of Paris, Canada east of the Mississippi river became the British territory of Quebec.

1783, Jean became the guardian of the children of Olivier Nicolle & Marie Louise Brochu, his half-sister.

11/21/1785 at St Vallier, Jean present at the marriage of his daughter Marie Marguerite.

5/7/1811, Jean, age 83, died at St Vallier, Bellchasse, Qubec.

1/16/1812, Marie died at Bellchasse, Qubec.

(S) PRDH: Childrens’ births; Family #33430.

Children of Jean and Marie:

i. Marie Agathe Brochu, born 2/1/1757 in St Vallier, Canada.
11/21/1785, Agathe married Remi Leclerc.

ii. Jean Baptiste Brochu, born 7/24/1758 in St Vallier, Canada.
10/13/1783 at St Vallier, Jean married Marie Ursule Bouchard, d/o 484. Pierre Bouchard & 485. Marie Ursule Agnes Roi/Roy.

iii. Joseph Jean Brochu, born 9/24/1760 in St Vallier, Canada.
2/21/1786 at St Charles, Joseph married Marie Anne Poliquin.

iv. Francois Brochu, born 12/13/1762 in St Vallier, Canada.
1/17/1774, Francois died in St Vallier.

v. Pierre Brochu, born 12/12/1764 in St Vallier, Canada.
9/15/1766, Pierre died in St Vallier.

vi. Marie Marguerite Brochu (243), born 3/3/1767 in St Vallier, Canada.

vii. Marie Therese Brochu, born 5/18/1769 in St Vallier, Canada.
11/24/1788, Therese married Jacques Berlanger, s/o Jacques & Marie Rousseau.

viii. Andre Brochu, born 1/1/1772 in St Vallier, Canada.
10/1/1793 at St Michel, Andre married Marie Anne Tanguay.
11/14/1836, Andre, age 64, married Angelique Langlois.

ix. Jean Charles Brochu, born 2/26/1774 in St Vallier, Canada.
10/11/1802 in St Vallier, Charles married Marie Louise Harp.

x. Michel Brochu, born 7/19/1776 in St Vallier, Canada.
2/1/1803 at Berthier en Bas, Michel married Francoise Quirouette.

xi. Thomas Brochu, born 9/2/1778 in St Vallier, Canada.
2/7/1800, Thomas married Euphrosine Lemieux.

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