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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pierre Boulet & Marie Josephe Courteau

498. Pierre Boulet & 499. Marie Josephe Courteau

1719-20, Pierre born in Montmagny, Canada; s/o 996. Pierre Boulet & 997. Marie Louise Langlois.

12/26/1726, Josephe born in Montmagny, Canada; d/o 998. Joseph Courteau & 999. Felicite Robin.

10/20/1742, Pierre signed the marriage contract to marry Josephe.

10/29/1743 in Montmagny, Pierre married Josephe. Neither was able to sign. Pierre’s father Pierre was present. Both of Josephe’s parents were deceased. Pierre’s uncles Jacques and Charles Boule were also present; as well as his cousin Jacques Morin.

1763, by the Treaty of Paris, Canada east of the Mississippi river became the British territory of Quebec.

9/1/1770, at wedding of daughter Marie Joseph, residence given as St Thomas de la Pointe a la Caille.

12/15/1792, Josephe, age 66, died in Cap St ignace; buried the next day.

2/10/1803 in Cap St Ignace, Pierre, age 85, died; buried the next day.

(S) PRDH Couple & Family #23597.

Children of Pierre and Marie:

i. Marie Anne Josephe Boulet (249), born 8/13/1744 in Montmagny, Canada.

ii. Marie Therese Boulet, born 5/28/1746 in Montmagny, Canada.
7/29/1747, Therese died.

iii. Pierre Boulet, born 7/17/1748 in Montmagny, Canada.
10/5/1790 in Cap St Ignace, Pierre married Marie Angelique Fournier.

iv. Martin Boulet, born 3/20/1750 in Montmagny, Canada.

v. Jacques Boulet, born 3/5/1752 in Montmagny, Canada.
2/12/1755, Jacques died.

vi. Jean Baptiste Boulet, born 4/9/1754 in Montmagny, Canada.

vii. Marie Victoire Boulet, born 12/16/1755 in Montmagny, Canada.
10/13/1784 in Cap St Ignace, Victoire married Pierre Fortin dit Bellefontaine.

vii. Marie Bridgitte Boulet, born 7/1/1757 in Montmagny, Canada.
1/12/1779 in Cap St Ignace, Bridgitte married Louis Etienne Gagne dit Belavance.

viii. Marie Marguerite Boulet, born 8/16/1760 in Montmagny, Canada.
2/9/1790 in Cap St Ignace, Marguerite married Joseph Magloire Fortin dit Bellafontaine.

ix. Charlotte Boulet, born 5/25/1763 in Montmagny, Canada.
2/23/1784 in Montmagny, Charlotte married Andre Fortin dit Bellafontaine.

x. Alexis Boulet, born 2/7/1766 in Montmagny, Canada.

xi. Paul Boulet, born 11/10/1767 in Montmagny, Canada.

xii. Marie Francoise Boulet, born 8/19/1770 in Montmagny, Canada.
2/4/1793 in Cap St Ignace, Francoise married Francois Fournier.

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