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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sir Robert Latimer & Katherine Hull

3802224. Sir Robert Latimer & 3802225. Katherine Hull

1316, Robert Latymer born in Dorset, England, s/o 7604448. John Latimer & 7604449. Joane de Gouis.

~1325, Katherine born in England, heir & d/o §§Sir Robert de Hull.

1/24/1327, Edward III, age 14, succeeded Edward II as King of England.

[––Katherine & Andrew––]

Katherine 1st married Sir Andrew Turberville.

1338, Robert heir to his older brother John.

10/13/1338, Order to the escheator on this side Trent … John Latymer held in his demesne as of fee a messuage, 90 acres of land, … in Lasham, co. Southampton, … and that Robert le Latymer, his brother, is his next heir and of full age, to deliver the premises to Robert, he having done fealty. (S) CFRs.

5/1/1346, Robert’s mother died.

6/11/1346, IPM of Joan, late the wife of John Latymer. Dorset: … Deuelyssh. The manor, …, held for her life … with remainder to Robert Latymer son of the said Joan … Robert Latymer, her son, aged 30 years and more, is her next heir. (S) CIsPM.

6/20/1346, To Thomas Cary, escheator in co. Dorset. Order not to distrain Robert son of Joan late the wife of John Latymer, knight, for his homage and fealty, and not to intermeddle further with 4 messuages and 4 carucates of land in Swanewych, … in that county, …  Joan at her death held the said tenements in service, in chief, … the said Robert her son is her next heir and of full age, and the king has taken his homage and fealty. (S) CCRs.

1/12/1347, Sir Andrew Turverville, having served in France in the retinue of Richard Talbot, returned to England because of his grevious illness. (S) Coll’s Hist. of Staffordshire, V18, 1897, P106.

1348, The Black Death entered the west countryside of England [likely entering through Bristol].

7/16/1349, Andrew Turbervill a collector of the 15th and 10th in Dorset. (S) CFRs.

By 1350, Andrew died.


By 1352, Robert knighted.

2/25/1352, Robert Latymer, knight, … to collect outstanding fines in Dorset. (S) CFRs.

11/8/1352, IPM of John Latymer. Wolkenstede. He held no lands &c. of the king in chief because, 7 years before his death, he alienated all his tenements called Noubrich in the parish of Wolkenstede to William Filol and Mary his wife and their heirs. He died 8 years ago. Robert Latemer, knight, is his brother and heir.

1/26/1354, Robert Latymer … to collect outstanding fines in Dorset, and distribute them to townships and hamlets in the county. (S) CFRs.

8/1/1357, Robert Latymer, 'chivaler,' on a commission to levy fines granted to the king associated with persons arrested and released from prison in the county of Dorset, (S) CFRs.

5/14/1358, Robert Latymer, 'chivaler,' and Ivo de Chiltecombe, collectors of the 10th and 15th in Dorset. (S) CFRs.

 [––Robert & Katherine––]

By 1360, Robert married Katherine.

3/21/1361,Commission of peace, … William, earl of Salisbury, Guy de Bryan, … Robert Latymer, John Mundene … in the county of Dorset. (S) CPRs.

5/24/1361, Sir Robert Latymer a witness to the founding of the Munden chantry. (S) Munden’s Chantry, Bridgport; Wood-Legh, 1936, Borough Archives.

2/8/1361, Order to cause Robert Latymer and John de la Hale, Dorset, whom the king caused to be summoned to the parliament holden at Westminster on Sunday before the Conversion of St. Paul last, of the commons of the county for their expenses in coming to the said parliament, abiding there and returning thence, to have £13 12s for 34 days. (S) CCRs.

2/18/1361, Robert Latymer and John de la Hale, of Dorset, to receive £13 12s. for 34 days attending parliament at Westminster as knights of the shire. (S) CCRs.

3/21/1361, Commission of peace … Robert Latymer … county of Dorset. (S) CPRs.

8/1361, Katherine died. (S) IPM of 6/12/1383, (S) CFRs.


8/18/1361, Order to escheator in county Northampton to take into the king's hand the lands whereof Katharine de Latymer who held in chief, was seised in her demesne as of fee on the day of her death. (S) CFRs.

9/4/1361, Robert, knt. of Duntwich [Duntish] co. Dorset, died.

9/8/1361 at Cerne, Dorset, IPM of Robert Latymer. Dorest: Deuelissh. The manor … He died on 4 September, 35 Edward III. … Robert his son is his heir. (S) CIsPM. [See IPM of 6/12/1383]

7/15/1362, Robert Latymer, “now deceased”. (S) CPRs.              

[––Post Mortem––]

1377, IPM at Monteacute, co. Somerset: Katherine, who had been the wife of Robert Latymer, chivaler, held the manor of Stoket juxta Monteacute, with appurtenances, of John Streat (738674), knight, by service of a pound of pepper, value per annum in all issues 4 marks, which manor had passed, as mentioned in the former inquisition, to Robert Latymer, and William Latymer his uncle occupied it and received the profits thereof. (S) CIsPM.

7/3/1382, To escheator in Somerset. Order to give Robert Latymer, son and heir of Robert Latymer knight, seisin of his father's lands; … Order to give the said Robert the son seisin of a moiety of the manor and advowson of Childocford; as it is found that Katherine who was wife of Robert Latymer knight at her death held the premises, and that Robert their son, then within age, is her next heir. (S) CCRs.

6/12/1383 at Dorchestre, Writ for IPM of Robert Latymer, Knight. Dorset: Swanwych and Godelyngton in Purbyk. A knight’s fee, … Dountyssh. 2/3rds of the manor … He died on 28 August, 35 Edward III. Robert Latymer, aged 21 years and more, is his son and heir. The custody of his lands and the marriage of his heir was committed by Edward III to Robert, late bishop of Salisbury, at a yearly rent of £20; and the bishop committed his estate therein to William Latymer for the same rent to be paid to the king. The said William has occupied the premises and received the issues by the above title until now. (S) CIsPM.

6/12/1383 at Montacute [Somerset], Writ for IPM of Katharine, late the wife of Robert Latymer, Knight. Somerset: Stoket by Montacute. The manor, … She died on Tuesday before St. Leonard, 35 Edward III. After her death William Turbelvyll, aged 12 years, entered as her son and heir by Andrew Turbervyll, knight, her first husband, and died without heir of himself. After his death John Rocheford, of full age, entered into the manor as his kinsman and heir, and enfeoffed thereof in fee simple Robert Latymer, son of Robert Latymer, and William Latymer, as next friend of the said Robert, has occupied it and received the profits and issues thereof. (S) CIsPM.

(S) A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Commoners of Great Britain, Burke, 1835, P681. (S) Delineations of Fonthill and its Abbey, Rutter, 1823, P118. (S) A Topo. Hist. of Surrey, Brayley, P137.

Family notes:

·         1317, Robert de Hull held the manor of East Stoke and presented to the church of Acford Superior. 1327-8, Robert de Hulle, querent, and William Quarel and Robert de Bannebury, deforciants; for (land in Dorset) and for the manor of Est Coker [East Coker, Somerset]; … Robert, knt. of Childockford, East Pullham, … co. Dorset. (S) The Gentleman’s Mag., 1822, P319.

Child of Andrew and Katherine:

i. William Turbervill, born 1350 in England.

By 1382, William died without issue, John Rocheford, of full age, his heir.

Children of Robert and Katherine:

i. Robert Latimer (1901112), born 5/22/1361 in Deuelyssh, Dorset, England. [Heir]

ii. John Latymer, born ? in Dorset England.

3/16/1399, To the escheator in Somerset and Dorset. … Order to give the said Eleanor, who was wife of Roger de Mortuo Mari late earl of March and Ulster, livery of such as are in his bailiwick of the knight's fees and parts of fees of her husband which the king has assigned to her in dower, … one knight's fee in Deuelysshe held by John Latymer and Joan his wife at 100s. … (S) CCRs.

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