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Friday, August 6, 2010

G22: 3802616 Courtenay-Dawnay

3802616. Sir Edward de Courtney & 3802617. Emmeline Dawnay

1329, Emmeline, heir & d/o 7605234. Sir John Dawney & 7605235. Sibyl de Treverbyn.
1331, Edward born in England, 3rd s/o 7605232. Hugh Courtenay & 7605233. Margaret de Bohun.
Edward, Prince’s Bachelor to Edward, the Black Prince.
1347, Emmeline age 18 when her father died.
6/10/1351, “Debtor: William, the son of Nicholas Daunee of Devon. Creditor: Edward de Courtney, knight [of Devon]. Amount: £60.” (S) UKNA.
At Lambeth, Edward, knight, attended the wedding of William de Montague, 2nd Earl of Salisbury, and Elizabeth de Mohun. (S) Testamenta Vetusta, V1, Nicolas, 1826, P14.
9/1/1354, Edward de Courtenay, going beyond seas, has letters nominating … (S) CPRs.
9/9/1355, King Edward and the Black Prince, sail for Normandy from Plymouth; the Prince appointed lieutenant in Gascony to oppose raids by the count of Armagnac.
10/1/1355, Landing in Calais, King Edward proceeds on raids into Pas de Calais, Artois and Picady.
9/26/1356, Prince Edward, the Black Prince, captured King John II of France at the battle of Poitiers; as well as killing 2000 French knights.
10/1359, Prince Edward with his father King Edward, sailing from Sandwich to Calais with 1,100 ships, again invaded France, eventually taking Saint-Florentin and Tonnerre. They reached Paris, setting the suburbs on fire, before turning back to Brittany [King Edward decided a siege of Paris was not feasible.]
4/16/1362, Acknowledgement of the receipt … from Edward le Despenser, lord of Glamorgan, Edward de Courteneye, … knights, … of 3,600 marks wherein they were bound to the king … (S) CPRs.
1/1366-1/1367, Demise by Sir Edward le Courtenay, knight , and Emma his wife, daughter and heiress of Sir John Damme, knight, to William le Hopere of Kyngeston next Yevele and Joan, his wife, of cottages and land in Kyngeston …, which cottages had descended to the said Edward and Emma upon the death of John Basset her kinsman, paying 4s. yearly. (S) UKNA, E 326/1817.
2/4/1367, Edward de Courtenay, going beyond seas with the king’s licence, has letters nominating … (S) CPRs.
2/2/1368, Licence for Edward de Courteney, ‘chivaler,’ and his two brothers to cross from the port of Dover to Gascony to the parts of Prues with 17 persons, 20 horses, … a letter of exchange … for 130£ payable to him and his brothers at Calais. (S) CPRs.
By 4/1371, Edward died before his father.
2/28/1370, Emmeline died.
1/1371-1/1372, IPM of Emmeline, widow of Edward de Courtenay, knight: Somerset, Devon, Cornwall. (S) UKNA.
(S) Wadham College, Oxford, Jackson, 1893. (S) The Peerage of Ireland, 1789, P73. (S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P238.
Children of Edward and Emmeline:
i. Margaret Courtenay (2097249), born ~1355 in England.
ii. Edward Courtenay, born 5/3/1357 in England.              
Edward, 11th Earl of Devon.
1381, Edward accompanied Anne of Bohemia from Gravelines, France to London to be married to King Richard II.
12/5/1419, Edward, “the blind Earl”, died.
iii. Hugh Courtnay (1901308), born aft. 1358 in Wales.